Love Not Hate: Love On Trial

So I posted this at 1030 this morning, and then I posted it to Facebook.  Now it is no longer on WordPress and it can not be found on Facebook.  I think the forces are out for people not to read this one.

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As with humans, the birds keep repeating history instead of learning from it. Catch up on their history with the links below.

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Some of the birds were in pain

Some of the birds cried in the rain

Another shooting, another tragedy

An opioid epidemic to escape reality

Nothing in their world was making sense

Every bird suspicious and on defense

One question asked by the birds of prey and the birds of love

Where is the eagle? Why has he abandoned us?

All of you were born with a heart to love

The cardinal, blue jay, vulture, warbler, the dove

But love has gone away over the last few years

While anxiety has increased, and with that fears

What can we do? The birds ask as depression looms large

Darkness has overcome the land as it seems no one is in charge

Then out of nowhere the eagle lands

Only to be taken into the trial to take his stand

“Where have you been?” the birds proclaim

On vacation or don’t care,” his reputation they try to defame

They all throw words of hate at him, both birds large and small

The birds all say you said would love and stay and defend us all

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Then the eagle looks at the birds scattered around, clears his throat and boldly speaks

“Your schools, your courts, your homes and some of your churches, you asked me to leave

I say love all and teach acceptance

But you preach intolerance

While the poor become poorer and the rich become more prosperous

Have I ever said not to help the least of us?

I ask you to lend a hand, to help each other out

But you scream hate and racist remarks you shout

I ask you to pick a brother up when he is down

But you use your beaks and claws to stomp him in the ground

I ask you to protect each other with your lives

But you kill each other with words as sharp as knives

I ask you not to store possessions but to give to those in need

But instead of sharing most of you would rather bleed

I give each of you a light inside yourselves to change all of our kind

But each of you denies that light, instead, acting as if you are blind

You ask where have I been? I say I have never left

I will even go so far as to say you have never been more blessed

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But what have you done with all these blessings

That’s a good question, many of you will be left guessing

But some of you will recognize the truth

I have given it all to the elders to teach all the youth

Parkland, Las Vegas, El Paso, Dayton. When will it stop?

I tell you when you love and all this hate you drop

You place me here on trial

But you, my friends, are in denial

I was there when the bullets took your loved ones away

I was there when you cried those tears of pain

I was there when the questions came

I was there when it was I who you blamed

I was there even though you have asked me to leave

I was there in your moments of joy and your moments of grief

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I was there in the deaths of the battlefields

I was there, protecting you with my shield

I was there when it didn’t rain in your barren lands

I was there when food was bountiful in your hands

I was there in every misfortune and every blessing

I was there when your tongues cursed me and when they were professing

I was there in those moments you felt uninspired

Yes, I was there when those shots were fired

Now I have answered your question on where was I

And I have said that hate is the answer to the question why

But I leave you with this when you wonder if I am here at all

Where is the love? Where are you all birds big and small?

Where is the compassion, empathy, and kindness? Listen to what I say

Fight for love, do not let the land be taken over by the birds of prey!”

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A Constant In A World Of Changes

Change (verb) – to become different, to make someone or something different, to become something else

I was talking to my daughter Kylie the other day and I said something like it ain’t that far to walk. She told me where we live, not from where I am from – small town in Southeastern Ohio –  that we use proper grammar here.

I told my mom this story and she told me ain’t is now in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. That had me thinking what else has been added. Words that have been added this year are emoji, meme, twerk, and photobomb along with 1696 other words. Some of last years words were hashtag, selfie, tweep, and crowdfunding were among the 1900 new words added. Merriam-Webster also updates definitions of words as the way we use them changes.

Did you know they also take words out of the dictionary? Does that mean we should no longer use them? Words like cassette player, hodad, tattletale gray and nephoscope.

Change can be good. A lot of us try to avoid change because we are comfortable where we are, doing what we do. Change can be stressful. Loss of a loved one or a job. Birth of a child or new relationship. Move to a new house or city. Change can hurt a relationship if two people are changing in the opposite ways, or not changing at all.

A life without change can be boring. A life with too much change can be miserable. We change as we get older, we change as we mature. We change because of the people we are around – choose your friends wisely. We change because of our mistakes we make, and hopefully learn from. We change with the environment we live and where we live.

Have you ever tried to change someone? We can not change someone. We can show them, we can talk to them, we can be an example for them but in the end, they have to want to change. Even when we want to change, our will to change may not be enough to change us because of our sinful nature. Only God can change someone. God has changed my wife. God has changed me. Two and a half years ago we were on the brink of divorce.

Two things that will never change is God and His Word. God’s word will never change. God wants all people to read his word so it has been translated to many different languages but it will not change. For example, in English we have the King James Version which was translated back in 1611 A.D. It is still widely used today. Since then our language has developed and changed, so the translations have been updated to make The Bible more readable.The Old Testament is the beginning of time, the coming of the Messiah. The New Testament about the life and crucifixion of the Messiah. That doesn’t change in any language or update. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 1947 and some of the scrolls have been dated to be as old as from 125BC. When comparing a copy of Isaiah from 125BC with the Isaiah in the Masoretic Text the prophesies of Jesus were the same. Just as it is in our bibles today.

I am not good with change. I am pretty set in my ways and routines. However, I thank God every day that He loved me enough to forgive me, to change me. I would not be who I am today without God changing me.

Have a great day! No matter what changes life throws at you today, let God be the constant in your life.

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