Tonight Feels Different

The stars shine a different light

They seem to be a little more bright

These city streets always filled with noise

But tonight all I hear is your voice

I walk these streets, your hand in mine

It seems like I’ve done this a million times

But tonight feels different

Somehow the Dj seems to know

To play our song on the radio

I sing along, mostly out of tune

I sing our song to the moon

People look at me like I’ve lost my mind

They don’t know this love took me so long to find

That’s why tonight feels different

When we are apart

You take my heart

Its impossible to explain

How I feel when you call my name

My stomach is filled with butterflies

Every time I look in your eyes

But tonight feels different

You walk across the room and you shine so bright

It’s like  God gave you your very own spotlight

We dance, a little off beat

We kiss, your lips so sweet

We walk, hand in hand

I think I am a lucky man


I don’t know why but tonight feels different

Is tonight a long awaited answer to a prayer asked?

Is tonight a hope for the future, a forgetting of the past?

Is tonight a new beginning?

I don’t know but I can’t stop grinning

I can finally see you like God sees you

That’s enough to start our love anew

Tonight feels different

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton – 

Lady In Red by Chris Deburgh – 

Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett – 

For The First Time by The Script – 

Tonight Feels Different by Riley Smith – 

Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood – 

Something Beautiful by Steven Curtis Chapman – 


Standing In The Fire


I call myself one of the good people

But only praise God when I’m in the steeple

The devil drags me down, knocks me about

Fills my head with lies and doubts

Why do I believe all his crap

I’m always caught in his trap

I tell myself I don’t like a liar

I’m the one standing in my own fire

Do I trust in Your ways?

Is that how I live all my days

Do I love like You love?

Do I always rise above?

Do I forgive like You forgive?

Do I live like You want me to live?

Do I sell my soul to the highest buyer?

I’m the one standing in my own fire

Then I look outside my world to all those in need

All those that die, all those that bleed

Lives torn apart by earthquakes and wars

Will their world ever be like it was before?

They face persecution, starvation every day

How can I continue to look away?

Any minute of any day their lives could expire

And here I am standing outside the fire

How can I help? What can one person do

How do I even begin to live like You?

My world seems such a mess

I can see how truly I am blessed

When I look at those that suffer in your name

When I see those that hurt I know You are not to blame

What of my life would You require?

For me to no longer be standing outside the fire

I pray a prayer to You to set me ablaze

Give me your eyes so I can gaze

So I can see their pain, so I can feel the hurt You feel

I want to see their world, not as fantasy but as real

I know in the fire You are there

I feel Your presence everywhere

I want to help those whose situations are dire

Help me to be one who is standing in the fire

Help me to forget my hurt, my pain

Help me to spread the news of Your Name

I can not do this on my own, even when I try

The words don’t come, but I  can hear their cry

I can see them in my mind

I can see how I have been blind

Take me to where You want me to go

My body or just these words You sow

Help me to never tire

From standing inside the fire



Fire by Krystal Meyers – 

Carry The Fire by Dustin Kensrue – 

Start A Fire by Unspoken – 

Catching Fire by Blanca – 

Standing Outside The Fire by Garth Brooks – 

Set Me Ablaze by Jesus Culture – 

I’m On Fire by We Are Messengers – 

Soul On Fire by Third Day – 

Walk Through The Fire by Consumed By Fire – 

Set The World On Fire by Britt Nicole – 

Fire and Fury by Skillet – 

Hearts On Fire by Dan Bremnes – 

Carry The Fire by Andrew Peterson – 

Fire Inside You by We Are Leo – 

Fire by Echoing Angels – 

You Will Know (Who We Are)

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I wrote this one a few years back and have been saving it for when I get my big break in the music business but since that is not likely to happen, YET, I have decided to let it out into the world.

Picture you are at a concert, maybe Skillet or Ashes Remain or Jeremy Camp, and they are singing and when they get to the chorus and sing You will know, the crowd sings back who we are.

You Will Know (Who We Are): words by me

They say I can’t speak of you
On the street, at my job or at my school
Why do we let the minority rule
Your condemnation is my fuel
You will know who we are
They say it’s not right to be a Christian
They know we are all on the same mission
To all people, we are going fishin’
In one God we believe in
You will know who we are
You condemn us, put us down
We tell the good news and you frown
when disasters strike we will be around
Reach for my hand, I won’t let you drown
You will know who we are
Chain me, beat me, persecute me
In my God, I will always believe
I know the devil deceives
My life, I give to thee
You will know who we are
You will know who we are
Listen up, I don’t tell you what to think
You sell me your kool-aid, I won’t drink
Don’t ever think my armor has a chink
I won’t ever flinch, I won’t ever blink
You will know who we are
Do what you want, I will turn the other cheek
But don’t ever think that makes me weak
My God gives me these words I speak
My God has me on a winning streak
You will know who we are
Chain me, beat me, persecute me
In my God, I will always believe
I know the devil deceives
My life, I give to thee
You will know who we are
You will know who we are
I pray for you and your choice
I say, my friend, don’t take away my voice
In my savior, let me rejoice
I know the devil will only destroy
You will know who we are
My faith will persevere
My God is always here
It’s not you that we fear
When you need me, I’ll be here
You will know who we are
You will know who we are
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Saviors Of The World by Skillet – 
Rise by Ashes Remain – 
Tell The Whole World by Jeremy Camp – 
Unstoppable by Red – 
Light In The Dark by Revolution Saints – 
We Won’t Give Up by The Afters – 

Birds Of A Different Color : The Sequel

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Please take a minute to read part 1 : Birds Of A Different Color

The birds of the land lived in peace for quite a long time

They shared everything, what’s mine is yours and yours is mine

They sung songs together and visited each other’s nest

Peace, nothing to worry about when their feathers would lay down to rest

Then one day the unthinkable happened

The skies of blue suddenly blackened

During a training flight, a blue jay crashed into a warbler

I can’t put into words, it was indeed horrible

Image result for blue jayImage result for black and white warbler and blue jay together

The warbler fell to the ground, it had been killed

Mourning came to the land, his little heart had been stilled

It didn’t take long for the warblers to blame the blue jays

Even though the birds that witnessed it said the warbler flew the wrong way

They demanded justice, the words were harsh that they spoke

They didn’t consider that the blue jay’s heart was broke

He was terribly sad for what happened but said he wasn’t to blame

The warblers attacked his nest, the land would never be the same

Attack after attack, nest after nest

None of the birds could find rest

A dark cloud had overtaken the trees

No bird was safe, no bird was free

The eagle couldn’t believe what his eyes did see

He thought, Have they forgotten our history?

Nothing good will come from this

He bowed his head and prayed his wish

O mighty father above, help me find a way

To help these birds remember our yesterday 

When we nearly destroyed our homes, our land

We fought over the colors of our feathers right where they now stand

How eventually we put aside our differences and came together 

We joined as one as we each held those different colored feathers 

He opened his eyes and looked around

Hate wasn’t the answer, love had to be found

Image result for eagle talking to birds

He once again called a meeting

He searched hard for the words he would be speaking

He looked left, he looked right

He said “My fellow birds, why do we fight?”

“I’m not saying what happened was right or wrong

But don’t you remember when we all sang the same song?”

“Warblers, I know your hearts are bleeding

But violence isn’t the answer to what you are needing.”

“Blue Jays, I know your heart is breaking

But fighting back leaves only hate for the taking.”

Image result for 1 peter 4 8

“I ask both of you is this really the answer?

Look around, can’t you see the disaster

We’ve been here before, look at our history books

There can never be peace if we are all crooks.”

“I know what happened is a travesty

But anger and hate only lead to more tragedy!”

“I ask you birds, can we move on from the past?”

“Today is a new day, the anger and hate don’t need to last!”

“I ask you birds not to forget yesteryear

I tell you birds it’s okay to shed a tear

But let’s not let history repeat itself

It’s time we put hate and anger on the shelf!”


Image result for love is the only answer


“How easy it is to forget we are all one

I’m not asking you  to forget what is done!”

“I am asking you to join hands

Reunite all the birds in this land!”

“I’m asking you to look at your communities

Ask yourself, is this who we want to be?”

“If you have even an ounce of love in your heart

Let it ignite and become a spark!”

“We do not need to fear each other !”

“You are my sisters, you are my brothers!”

“I end with these words said not long ago

That love is all we need to know

We are all created equally

We all can live peacefully

Look into the depths of your hearts

And let today be a new start

But you must not let the evil of anger and hate

Destroy our land. It is not, it will not be our fate!”

It was then he looked up and saw a  dove

The symbol of peace, the message of love

Image result for love is the only answer

Everyman by Blackfoot – 

Love With Your Life by Hollyn – 

Be The Change by Britt Nicole – 

What You Want by Tenth Avenue North – 

Jesus Built This Church On Love by Ivan Parker – 

Jesus Again by Tamela Mann – 

Future + Hope by New Hope Oahu – 

Common Ground by Julianna Zobrist – 

Birds Of A Different Color


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought I would reblog a couple of my birds posts. Love instead of hate.

We sit on this branch all flocked together

All of us birds of a different color

We fly from tree to tree and limb to limb

Helping whoever is in need for we are all friends

There was peace in the land, air, and trees

We were brothers and sisters, no difference between you and me

Until one day the robin said I can do better on my own

Off to another land he had flown

Then, the cardinal said, I can do that too

Off to another land he flew

One by one they each left the branch

Scattered apart throughout the distance

The only bird that stayed was the dove

Because he still believed the answer was love

One day the cardinal didn’t like the land he was in

He flew off and attacked the land of the robin

Then the yellow finch thought his land was too narrow

He went and attacked the land of the sparrow

The robin and the sparrow started a new land

Joining together, they formed a very strong clan

They attacked the yellow finch and the cardinal

The destruction of all the land was quite remarkable

Then the eagle was flying around

He couldn’t believe the destruction on the ground

He knew he had to make a stand

He had to do something to unite the land

What could he do? he thought in his head

If he didn’t do something soon, almost all the birds would be dead

He could use force, tear all the birds apart

But today , love was the only thing in his heart

He wanted to try love, to put it to the test

He flew down to them, he was much bigger than the rest

When the eagle came near

All the birds cowered in fear

But he gave them a helping hand

He helped them rebuild the land

He said “My fellow birds, is this how we want to live?”

“Instead of taking, we should learn to give.”

“Remember the time when we were never in need?”

“When one of us bled, we would all bleed?”

“Let all of this land be united as one.”

“It doesn’t matter our color, or where we came from.”

“Give love, teach love, be the love you want to see.”

“You see I have learned, the greatest change has to happen in me.”

With that said,  the birds joined together

To make this land great again, forever

I Believe by The Infamous Stringdusters feat Lee Ann Womack – 

Change by Christina Aguilera – 

Friends by Blake Shelton –  

I Will Rise Again by Jason Gray – 

Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson – 

Be The Change by Shuree – 

Imagine by John Lennon – 

Hope For The Future by Paul McCartney –  

I Believe by Blessid Union Of Souls – 

I Still Believe In Love by Blessid Union Of Souls – 

Love Will Find A Way by Michael Franti – 

We Are More by Ziggy Marley – 

Love Like Jesus by Rhett Walker Band – 

Love Come To Life by Big Daddy Weave – 

Love Can by Decemberadio – 

Love Has No Walls by Billy Ray Cyrus (cover of Matthew West) – 

I Think This Is Over

I’m glad I am sober

Watching you sleeping

Watching you breathing

I think this is over


Lost in my thoughts

Losing my mind

Can we push rewind?

What have we lost?


Remembering how we met

Your heart beats, am I still there?

Then I realized I didn’t care

It’s time to take the next step


I  remember when I used to laugh

You used to smile

I feel I’m always on trial

Together we don’t make a half


I’ve talked, yelled, I’ve tried

I can’t fix what you’ve become

I can’t undo what has been done

I hurt too, you know I’ve cried


I reach out, touch your shoulder

Watching you sleeping

Watching you breathing

I think this is over, this is over


I try to hold you, love you

You act like I’m an alien

You used to be so radiant

This isn’t going to be easy to do


I’ll stop short of calling you a liar

I don’t know what else to say

I think yesterday was our last day

I’m past the point of being tired


I think I better do this quick

I won’t lose my nerve

Too exhausted to swerve

This is just making me sick


But I am glad I am sober

Watching you sleeping

Watching you breathing

Your heart beats , am I still there?

Then I realized I didn’t care

I think this is over

What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts – 

If You’re Gonna Leave by Emerson Hart – 

All She Wrote by Firehouse – 

Over You by Daughtry – 

Leave by Matchbox Twenty – 

The Getting Over It Part by Blue October – 

Not Meant To Be by Theory Of A Deadman – 

Mean To Me by Tonic – 

Thunder In My Heart


There is thunder in my heart

This is gonna leave a scar

There is lightning in my veins

Your lies drive me insane


My heart is turning to stone

I shake my head, I should’ve known

My blood is turning to ice

No more playing nice

You thought I would never leave

Your words I no longer believe

You thought you could use me and abuse

You ask me how can I accuse?

I’ve got proof I read your texts

You ask me to stay, there won’t be a next

I  read all  your email

You’ve already lost, you fail


Thunder rolled, a voice rumbled

A step back. I started to stumble

Electricity in the air

His words were there


The voice rumbled,  “JUST BELIEVE”

“I’m done,” said my heart of stone

I yelled back, “I’m better being alone”

“You are never alone,” the voice said

“I was  on the cross, For this I bled”

The thunder in my heart started to slow

The lightning in my veins  stopped its flow


God worked a miracle

The invisible became visible

He did something I couldn’t do

He can do the same for you

If there is thunder in your heart

You know where to start

If there is lightning in your veins

Through it all God’s love remains




Storm In My Heart by Colin Hay – 

My Darkest Hour by Thunder – 

Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks – 

Fall Apart by Every Avenue – 

I Don’t Care by Apocalyptica – 

Breaking Me Down by Escape The Fate – 

Breakin Free by Tesla – 

In It For Life by Sick Puppies – 

Prophet Song/ God Speaks by Martin Smith – 

Fall On Your Knees by David Crowder Band – 

Need You Now by Plumb – 

Head In The Fight by Sanctus Real – 

Don’t Cry Forever by Pillar – 

Broken Together by Casting Crowns – 

Thunder Road by NewSong –