Last Day Of High School

Last official day of high school. Kylie, I am so proud of you. Not only for your academic and athletic achievements, but for the choices you have made and the young lady you are. You are beautiful inside and out.

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to Kylie’s friends and their parents. A parent could not ask for a better group of friends than what Kylie has and that is in part to their parents, who raised them the right way.

Kylie, we have given you wings and you have flown. Now it is time for you to soar on your own in a whole new world, but I will always, always , be here for you.

I love you and am proud of you.

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Dear Heart

Dear heart, I’m going to break you a million times

And other people will break you a million more

But you’ll keep on beating

And I’ll keep on breathing

Everyday you stitch yourself back together

And somehow you have become stronger

Give me time to work on the rest of me

‘Cause sometimes my eyes don’t see

‘Cause sometimes my ears don’t hear

And sometimes I live in fear

Should we get started on my mind

It’s scary because it’s on all the time

I know, heart, that it’s a mess

And it causes you a lot of stress

All the times I felt like we weren’t good enough

Dear heart, you were always telling me to love

All the times I thought we should be left alone

I want to thank you heart for not turning to stone

Dear heart, you never ever let me give up

You keep telling me we are enough

I don’t know why everyone walks away

But one day, someone will choose to stay

We will be going through life taking a tour

And unexpectedly, will find a heart like yours

One that’s been sewn together after being broken to pieces

But whose capacity to love never ceases

Together, you will beat as one

Then when your time has come

I want to say thank you heart for a wonderful life

Before you beat for the very last time

The Sun Doesn’t Always Come Out Tomorrow

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Feeling lost at school and feeling ignored at home

Surrounded by people but feeling all alone

I think I’m tired of fighting the fight

I’m ready to leave this life tonight

There’s nothing here as far as I can see

I wonder if anyone will even miss me

Meanwhile two blocks away

Stacy winds up another day

She remembers him and when they were so close

But lately he seems distant,  disappeared like a ghost

I’ll call him tomorrow to just say hi

She doesn’t know he’s ending his life tonight

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Meanwhile two rooms away his parents talk

About how they might go take a walk

Should they go back to his room

They joke how it seems like a tomb

They remember how he laughed not long ago

Would they have tried harder if they had known?

Meanwhile two key strokes away

More of the kids in school type away

Making jokes and calling him names

Doesn’t he know he’s so lame

They wish he would go away and die

Tomorrow they will cry and wonder why

He thinks of how his life will end

Too many torn pieces to try to mend

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His phone rings “hey how are you doing”

It’s Stacy asking how things are going

I was going to call you tomorrow but why wait

She didn’t  know that tomorrow would’ve been one day too late

A knock on his door and mom says let’s leave

We are all going to go get some ice cream

No ifs ands or buts, you’re going

If they only knew what he thought of doing

His screen beeps and Scott starts to fight

What you guys say is wrong, it isn’t right

How about saying something positive

And he starts to think he might want to live

He gets off his bed and starts to head out the door

That’s when his bible fell onto the floor

A verse about you will have pain, suffering and sorrow

Then the Air1 verse of the day says hope in tomorrow

Image result for air1 verse of the day psalm 42:11

Then his youth pastor sent a text to see if he was okay

He sent back looks like I’ll make it through another day

Is there someone that you know

That thinks the sun won’t come up tomorrow

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One Day Too Late by Skillet  – 

I Can’t Breathe by Bea Miller – 

The Call by Matt Kennon – 

Beautiful by MercyMe – 

Hard Love by NeedToBreathe- 

Hope by Ryan Calhoun – 

My Friends by Oh Wonder – 

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Hope For The Hopeless by Papa Roach – 

Remain by Royal Tailor – 

Not Today by Hillsong United – 

Be Still And Know by Hannah Kerr – 

How Do You Get That Lonely by Blaine Larsen – 

Storm Inside Of You by Veronica Ballestrini- 

I Want To Live by Skillet – 

Broken by Lifehouse – 

As Children Often Do

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From the time she could talk she was full of questions. And I, of course, was full of answers.

Why this, why that, where, when and who?

But as children often do, my daughter grew and grew and her questions became more elaborate.

Where are we going dad?


Dad, what will we do when we get to nowhere?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Yeah, dad, I love going to nowhere with you and doing absolutely nothing. But I wonder, if we go nowhere and do nothing, does that make me a nobody?

Her questions were very deep so I thought for a second and told her she would never be a nobody. She is loved and cherished and will always be a somebody to me.

If I keep going south will I eventually be north?

38 Anniversary Quotes That Will Inspire You 24

As children often do, she grew and grew and her questions became more challenging.

Dad, if we get lost going to nowhere, will we end up somewhere? And when we get to somewhere, will we do something? But I wonder, if we go somewhere and do something, will I then be somebody?

Dad, can we get from here to there without going anywhere? And if we find anywhere, can we go there anytime? But I wonder, if we go anywhere anytime will I still be anybody to you?

If I ever find myself stuck between here and there and can’t find my way to you, will you come looking for me?

I couldn’t understand why her thoughts were taking her to these places but the only thing I could do was put my arms around her and reassure her no matter where she is or what time it is or what I am doing, I will always come and find her when she needed me.

But if I don’t tell you I need you, how will you know?

I will always pray that I will know but if for some reason I don’t know, I know a father who loves you more than even I do who will always be there for you even if I, for some inexplicable reason, get lost and am a little late in getting there.

Thanks dad, but what if I meant to go nowhere but ended up somewhere doing everything I know I shouldn’t do, would you still love me then? Would you go everywhere and do something, anything, to bring me back to someplace where you always are?

Not a doubt in mind that I would go everywhere and do something, anything, anytime to bring you back to nowhere so we could do nothing.

If the sun sets in the west will it always be dark the more west I go?

Just remember, dear daughter, no matter how many steps you take into the darkness, it only takes one to turn around and see the light.

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If I’m doing nothing am I really doing something and can I be doing something but actually be doing nothing?

As children often do, my daughter grew and grew. As she grew it was my arms that became empty, as she no longer wanted me to hold her and it was my heart that shattered to pieces, as it seemed she longer wanted it to beat for her.

I would knock on her door and ask, “Would you like to go nowhere today and do nothing?” To which she would just sigh and say “Dad, I’m not a little girl anymore.”

I would give her some time and distance and then I would knock on her door and ask, “Would you like to go somewhere sometime today and do something?”

To which she would reply, “Dad, I’m busy doing other things today.”

But I could tell something was going on, but I didn’t want to seem pushy, but I knew she needed me.

I gave her more time and more distance, even though it was killing me to see her so sad.

One day I knocked on her door and said, “My daughter, when you find yourself nowhere doing nothing and wanting to go somewhere to be somebody but you can’t seem to go anywhere any of the time remember I love you everywhere every second of every day simply because you are you and that’s enough.”

She gave me a sad smile and a thanks dad.

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Then I heard a voice telling me time and distance isn’t what she needs, she needs closeness and love even though it isn’t what she says.

I went and I knocked on her door and she was crying. I sat beside her and wrapped my arms around her and let her cry. After a few minutes and a very wet shirt later, she calmed down and looked up at me and I looked into those beautiful brown eyes as she asked me a question I had been wanting to hear for so long.

“Dad, do you think we could go nowhere?”

I smiled and asked, “Daughter, what will we do when we get there?”

Then she smiled back and said, “I was thinking we would do nothing dad, absolutely nothing.”

“Daughter, there is no place I would rather be than nowhere doing absolutely nothing with you.”

As children often do, my daughter grew and grew.

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I’m Standing With You By  by Chrissy Metz-

Like Your Father Does by Rhett Walker Band-

Pray With You by Mallary Hope-

I’ll Wait by The Strumbellas-

Have To Stay by Dido –

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Class of ‘23, You And Me

Kylie and I were driving to Florida for spring break and while she was driving, I looked at her and these words started pouring into my mind.

Yes, these kids have had good times and lots of good memories, but these kids have had to deal with more than any kid should have to deal with. According to National Institute Of Mental Health, 31.9% of teenagers this year have some sort of anxiety disorder (38% female, 26.1% male).

Talk to your children. Plant the seeds that you are there for them and they are not alone. They may resist, but the seeds will be sown.

Graduation day, closing out our senior year

I try to smile but can’t help to shed some tears

We had good times but I remember those not here

There’s Jenny who was bullied in 7th grade

Took her life the very next day

Tom and Sarah who didn’t believe they had something to say

8th grade was the last time they were alive

9th grade was Julie who thought it was better to die

Than live through the rumors of her having sex that Friday night

Corbin died of COVID, cancer took Brandon home

That was in 10th and for awhile I felt isolated and alone

I started to wonder if anyone is truly ever known

Then 2021 we went back to school but then there was a school shooting then another

In a school a few miles away, I lost five friends who ran but didn’t make cover

There are things you can heal from and then there are things you can’t recover

Those two years took a lot from me, I kept silent when I had words to say

Some days I felt alive, others I didn’t want to stay awake

Then eight weeks ago a drunk driver didn’t hit the brakes

Killed my best friend and her family driving on one last family trip

I’m mad, sad, confused, losing my grip

A valedictorian should show leadership

But I’m standing in front of the crowd

It’s so quiet, won’t anyone make a sound ?

My tears start to come and my heart pounds

I try to gather myself because that’s what I’m expected to do

And I think can anyone else see what I’m going through

Do they know how much this hurts losing them, losing you ?

It was one last trip to the beach

Friends forever, you and me

Roommates at Ohio University

I look out again at the crowd and step away

I can’t do this today, or any day

I scream to release the pain

It was supposed to be you and me

The best of the best of the class of ‘23

You are a part of me, you’ll never be only a memory

Time For Flowers by Emily Scott Robinson-

Glitter by Patrick Droney-

Matthew by Elijah Woods –

Hey Emily

Hey Emily, why is there sadness in your eyes

But a smile on your face?

Hey Emily, what makes you want to cry?

Why do you keep it all inside?

Hey Emily, I’m asking do you need help?

I’m here to listen or to hold your hand

Hey Emily, why would you want to be someone else?

You’re beautiful, Emily, being yourself

Hey Emily, do you know your silence speaks so loud?

I see you Emily, you’re not alone

Hey Emily, you don’t have to feel alone in a crowd

Let me be your umbrella when the rain is pouring down

Hey Emily, your light still shines

I see the you you want to be

Hey Emily, don’t give up the fight

I am here right by our side

Hey Emily, please hear what I have to say

You don’t have to carry this sadness alone

Hey Emily, let me carry some of that weight

Talk to me Emily, before it’s too late

Hey Emily, I’ve been in your shoes

Alone in the dark, alone in my room

Hey Emily, I’ll never give up on you

Hey Emily, I will never give up on you

hope you’re ok by Olivia Rodrigo –

My Mind and Me by Selena Gomez –

Ok Not to Be Okay by Demi Lovato / Marhsmellow –

Be Alright by Georgia Box –

Anxiety by Anna Clendening –
Dear Daughter by Halestorm –

Self Love by Avery Anna –

Anxiety by Julia Michaels w/ Selena Gomez –

When You’re Afraid To Be Left Alone

8 powerful suicide prevention quotes - How does your health and body affect  your happiness -

When you’re afraid

to be left alone

When you want to ask for help

But can’t pick up the phone

When you look in the mirror

And the person looking back isn’t you

When you’re so tired

And you don’t know what to do

When you want to scream

But nothing will come out

When you whisper I’m not okay

But all you want to do is shout

When you’re with your friends

And they seem to be enjoying life

When you wonder if they know

All you want to do is die

When you wonder

How much you have left

When you can’t stop

Thinking about death

When you want to be left alone

But know you can’t be

When the darkness

Is all you see

When mom says going to the store

Will you be okay

You answer yes

But really want to say

No, I may not be alive

When you get home

When you really want to say

I’m afraid to be left alone

When the struggle is real

And you don’t know what to do



Lawmakers push for bill aiding suicide prevention | Coronavirus |

Too Young, Too Soon by Matthew West –

Beautiful Anyway by Judah & The Lion-

Dawn by Rebecca St. James –

You Met Me There by Rhett Walker Band –

Alive and Breathing by Matt Maher –

But Mother Knew

128 Of The Most Beautiful Mom Quotes: I Love You Message - BayArt

Mother bird sat on her eggs for a very long time. Sometimes mother wondered if her eggs would ever hatch.

But mother knew.

The baby birds hatched and mother bird had to keep busy feeding them. Sometimes mother bird wondered if she would ever get any rest.

But mother knew.

Mother bird told her birds it was time to learn to fly. All the baby birds said they didn’t need to learn to fly, that they would always be by her side.

But mother knew.

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All the baby birds learned to fly but they all told mother bird they would be back soon.

But mother knew.

All the baby birds grew up and started families on their own. They said they would visit as soon as they could.

But mother knew.

All the birds knew mother was old and didn’t have much time left. They came home to visit. They said they would be back next week.

But mother knew.

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Mothers by Anne Wilson –

A Mother Like You by JJ Heller –

Unsung Hero by For King & Country –

Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman- 

Fast by Luke Bryan – 

When I’m Gone by Joey and Rory – 

The Pebble

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He was rolling down the mountain faster than he had ever gone. He could not believe how fast he was going.  He tried to slow down, but he couldn’t figure out how. Once a pebble gets rolling, there is only one thing to stop him. He saw them in the distance but they were getting closer and closer the faster he went. There was no way to avoid the big, bad boulders so he just closed his eyes and

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“Hey pebble, what do you think you are doing??!!” shouted the boulders. “Can’t you see how close to the edge we are? We have been balancing on this ledge for a very long time. We don’t need a little pebble like you messing our situation up.”

The pebble shook with fear.  He had never seen boulders that big before. “I-I-I’m ssssorry. I didn’t mean to hit you but I was going so fast I couldn’t stop. Thank you for stopping me though. Do you think I could stay here?”

The boulders answered with a stern “NO!! We don’t need you here. You are not one of us and would mess our lives up with all your little talk.”

The pebble didn’t like their answer but went on his way. He tried to take it slower but with each downward slope and each breath of wind that blew he didn’t have much choice. He was so small he went wherever the wind blew him. Most days he didn’t mind, every day was an adventure. He never knew where he would end up. Other days, he just wanted to stop and fit in somewhere. He wanted someone to like him, for him to be a part of something bigger than himself.

A big gust of wind started to blow and off the pebble went again. He was going so fast he would hit the ground then bounce up in the air.  He felt like he was flying. “This must be how the birds feel,” he thought to himself.

Oh crap, more boulders ahead,  the pebble screamed inside.  “Look out boulders, I am coming right at you.  I can’t stop!!!” yelled the pebble.

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Once again the pebble was met with disdain. “Get out of here pebble. We are way too powerful for you. Do you NOT realize that we can squash you if we wanted to. You are too tiny to live here.  Be on your way before we change our minds and decide to hurt you.”

The pebble didn’t waste any time scurrying from that place. He thought,  What is wrong with all these boulders? Don’t they realize I don’t mean to smash into them. I’m just trying to find my way.  Like I could ever hurt them anyway.

It was then he heard a small voice in the wind.” Go pebble go. Go where the wind takes you. You are more powerful than you know. Everything that is and has happened to you is for a reason. I didn’t mean you any harm when you crashed into those boulders. I was using you to try to change their hearts. To learn to be more accepting. To love something other than their own pile of boulders. It is not too late for them for you have planted a seed everywhere I have sent you. The choice is theirs. You tried. Keep trying and going forward. Do not be afraid.”

The pebble looked around but did not see anyone. Strange, he thought. At that time another gust of wind picked him up and took him on his way.

Not again, seriously, the pebble thought unbelieving. Why can’t I crash into a pile of grass or a stream of water. Why another pile of boulders? He braced himself for impact.

Explosion bubble smack Stock Vector by ©scotferdon #59016811

This time the boulders didn’t yell at him. “Help us,” said the boulders. “We are about to fall off the edge.”

“How can I help you? I am just a small pebble,” the pebble asked. He was thinking this had to be some kind of trick.

“We are about to fall off the edge and we have been asking for someone like you. See this small hole in between us? We need you to jump in there and seal it so we can be strong. With you securing that hole, we don’t have to worry about falling off the ledge.”

Wow, thought the pebble. They really need me. “You can count on me,” he bravely said. “I have been wanting a place to settle down. A place that will accept me for who I am.”

He then jumped right into the hole and secured the boulders together.

“Thank you,” he humbly said, to the boulders and to that small voice he heard.

It was then they heard this rumbling coming down the mountain. All these boulders were falling all around them but , miraculously, none of the falling boulders hit them. The pebble recognized them as the same boulders who yelled at him and told him they didn’t want him.

“Thank you,” said the boulders he was with now. ” Without you, we would’ve had the same fate as those boulders. You saved us pebble.”

Free To Be Me by Francesca Battistelli – 

Who I Am by Blanca – 

True To Yourself by Vanessa Amorisi – 

Dare You To Move by Switchfoot  – 

Hurricane by Misterwives – 

Let Me Be Myself by 3 Doors Down – 

Invisible by Hunter Hayes – 

Try by Colbie Caillat – 

True Colors by Cyndi Lauper – 

I Hate That I Can’t Hate You

I hate that door you walked out of

I hate that bed where we made love

I hate that couch where you sat beside me

I hate Yellowstone and every damn movie

I hate that kitchen where you made dinner

I hate how thoughts of you linger

I hate remembering how your hand fit in mine

I hate not being able to fall asleep at night

I hate all these memories

I hate there was ever a you and me

I hate everything you’ve done and do

I hate that I can’t hate you

I hate seeing that smile on your face

I hate thinking of him in my place

I hate how I got all your lies

I hate how he gets the butterfly

I hate how I can’t trust my heart

I hate sitting alone here in the dark

I hate that I’m even saying these words

I hate that you can’t feel this hurt

I hate that after every thing you put me through

I hate that I can’t hate you

Shouldn’t Matter But It Does by John Mayer –

Messy by Carly Pearce –