Remember The Fallen

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Remember the fallen

The ones lost and forgotten

The ones who didn’t make it home from the fight

When you sleep in your bed tonight


Remember the ones who went to a foreign land

The ones who had the courage to take a stand

The mothers who left their daughters

The sons who left their fathers


Remember the ones who don’t work a forty hour week

The ones who can’t call in sick when they are too tired to speak

The ones who don’t get a holiday to rest

The ones who battle the enemy and the stress

The ones who die today so we can have a tomorrow

The ones whose yesterdays are filled with sorrow

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The ones who don’t make it back

The ones who died in Iraq

The ones who changed history

When they went to Germany

Could you imagine this world if they simply said no?

We want to be with our families so we won’t go

The choice they made to serve

Often, not getting the praise they deserve

The sacrifices they make daily

For you, for me and our country

Freedom isn’t free and they hear the callin’

Remember them today, remember the fallen


I Will Remember by Peggy Lynn – 

The Other Side by Colton Dixon – 

Heaven Was Needing A Hero by Jo Dee Messina – 

I’m Gonna Miss You by Interstate 10 – 

Soldier’s Light by Rylee Preston – 

Airborne Ranger Infantry by Kristy Lee Cook – 

Mr. Red White and Blue by Coffey Anderson –  

Soldier, I Thank You by Jordan Leigh –  

Thank You Soldier by Joe Brucato – 



Boston Marathon 2017 and Daddy/Daughter Date Night

With the busy schedule I have had, I am way behind on personal posts.  I will try to get out my next few posts to get those all caught up on my life over the last month. ( I am sure I am not the only one that has been extremely busy but…)

The Boston Marathon on April 17th.  My wife ran again and finished in 3:44:11, which is 2 minutes and 35 seconds faster than her time in 2016.  She was on pace for 3:29 at the half way point but the heat caught up to her.  She did an amazing job and qualified to run again in 2018.   Way to go Kim!

We did not go with her this time to try and save money so no new pictures. (Here are pictures from last year The Boston Marathon- The Race  and The Boston Marathon – The Trip .) She met up with one of her good friends from Florida and they had a girls weekend together.

While she was gone, Kylie and I had a daddy-daughter date night.  While the cat is away, the mice do not eat healthy.  Kylie had the sampler appetizer and I had the Boston Lager burger, in honor of the Boston Marathon of course.

After dinner,  we had to stop at Kroger and grab us some ice cream.  Yum Yum!





Daughters and Diamonds by Aaron Watson –  

I Planned On Coming Back

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The character in this poem leaves to find himself, but in reality, it could be about each and every one of us who have “checked out” of their marriage. Those who are there but are not there. Don’t think they will always be there waiting for you to come back.

It could be for you, my readers, since I have not posted in a month. Has it really been that long? I never meant for it to be that long but sometimes I get caught in a tornado and I wait to land in OZ.

I planned on coming back

I just needed a short break

But I got lost counting the sand

Thinking you would wait


I spend my days staring out at the water

Wasting memories in the ocean breeze

Order another rum and coke

The memory of you dances in front of me

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Seeing the moon’s reflection

Looking up at a million stars

As one falls from the sky

I make a wish to heal these scars


I walk farther and farther away

I can’t understand why I can’t pick up the phone

Why I can’t get on that airplane

Why I can’t come back home

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I never meant these days to turn to months

I never meant to leave you like that

A lost heart trying to find its way

But I always planned on coming back

I knew my time had passed

As the months turned to years

I don’t know why I couldn’t turn around

The dolphins can taste my tears

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What was I missing?

What was I trying to find?

I realize it was right in front of me

But I can no longer call you mine


I can tell you didn’t expect to see me here

Face to face and I state it is a fact

I promise you this

I was always planning to come back

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I can see it in your eyes, I see it in your smile

I found myself but now I know that it’s too late

I say I’m sorry and turn to leave

Why did I think you would wait?

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Image result for trying to find myself quotes

The Gospel by Ryan Stevenson – 

The Haunting by Jackie Evancho –  

Just Like Everybody by Ben Moody- 

Remember Who I Was by James Arthur –  

What Kind Of Man Am I by John Mellencamp- 

Never Let You Go by Manafest – 

Mansion by NF – 

No Man’s An Island by Tenth Avenue North – 

Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson-  

Not Broken Anymore by Blue October – 

If I Told You by Darius Rucker – 

Can’t Keep You Here by Jennifer Paige – 

Sorry by Aquilo- 


Shadows In The Dark

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I have a story to tell you

It is hard to believe, but I swear it’s true

I hardly believe it myself

But it is a story I must tell

You see just last night I saw shadows in the dark

I swear it’s true, cross my heart

I know you are thinking, “How can there be shadows with no light?”

I say you are correct, but this world isn’t always black and white

So sit down and listen, let me tell you my story

It won’t take long, in case you are in a hurry

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You see I was walking home, it was the darkest of nights

No where could be found a single light

(Except of course from the windows of a few brave souls up that late)

But their light didn’t cast a shadow for this was my fate

The wind ripped through the trees

I was scared, (but keep that between you and me)

I knew deep down in my bones

I just knew I wasn’t alone

I could feel the enemy all around

They made such a terrible sound

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The gnashing and gnawing gave me a fright

I could hear them, but they were out of sight

I had chills up and down my spine

I felt as if I was running out of time

It was right then and there I said a little prayer

God, if you have just a little time to spare 

Even though a lot of bad I have done

Do you think you could help me out some?

It was then I saw the first shadow

He took the lead so I decided to follow

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Soon I saw ten or fifteen more

I felt a peace that wasn’t there before

They told me their names

No two were the same

There was Integrity,  Honesty, Compassion and Loyalty

There was Kindness, Forgiveness, Responsibility and Humility

There was Hope, Love, Faith, Joy,  Courage and Trust

They told me each one of them also lives in us

They told me we are so distracted by the darkness of this place

That we often do not see them, even when we are face to face

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They walked me to where I needed to go

They left before I could thank them though

I am thanking them now by writing this to you

My friend when you are lost and don’t know what to do

When you are in despair

And think there’s no one who cares

Think of something good, something you can not see

No matter the darkness, there is a light in you and me

There is a light that can penetrate the darkest of dark

You just have to believe with all your heart

That in  your darkest of  darkest nights

There are shadows that can only be caused by the light

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Save My Life by Sidewalk Prophets –  

I Wanna Go Back by David Dunn – 

No One Can Steal Our Joy by Tenth Avenue North – 

Rise by Danny Gokey – 

The Cure by Unspoken  – 



I Let You Go

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Today was the day

I had to find the strength to walk away

I know I have to let you go

You are still as beautiful as the day we met

Our time together I will never forget

But, I have to let you go

Memorizing the tiniest details of your face

Memories that can never be erased

But, I have to let you go

I know our paths will cross again

You were my lover, my best friend

But, I have to let you go

The room used to spin when you walked in

I really can’t believe this has to be the end

But, I have to let you go

When we were together time stood still

A love like ours was honest and real

But, I have to let you go

Maybe we could’ve walked another mile

Maybe we could’ve had a few more smiles

But, I have to let you go

I know that there’s someone who loves you more

He is waiting for you and this kills me to my core

But, I have to let you go

I know you know how much I care

You know with you, my heart is always there

But, I have to let you go

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I try to understand

As I let go of your hand

And, I let you go 


Asking God a million times why

As I turn my head so you won’t see me cry

And, I let you go

I know one day I might be fine

But for now, it’s just simply time

And, I let you go


Thankful for the time we shared

I really thought I would be more prepared

To let you go


The light in your eyes has went away

I knew today had to be the day

That I let you go

I know your pain wasn’t leaving

I could hear your labored breathing

And I knew I had to let you go

I held you tight, oh so tight

Knowing there was no more fight

And, I let you go

God give me the strength to walk away

God give me the strength to face a new day

As I let you go

Your last word, your last breath

As you slipped from life to death

I let you go


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I’ll Think About You By We Are Messengers – 

Kidnap An Angel by Bon Jovi-  

Austen by As It Is – 

Ok, Here’s The Truth By Javier Colon- 

Strong Enough To Cry By Joey Feek-  

Where Were You by Francesca Battistelli – 

You Came Running by Laura Story – 

Walk By Faith by Jeremy Camp – 

The Pier

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I remember the first time I saw her. Standing all alone in the water. I stood in awe at how beautiful she was. A true work of art. It was love at first sight.

It was our first vacation together to the beach. Our first of many.

I remember the first time I walked out on her, I stood so far out into the ocean. The beach looked so far away. I was so far out all the people on the beach looked like ants.

I learned all about her. From the beginning when she was first being made until now. All the storms she had been through, everything that made her into the beauty she is today. I couldn’t help but wonder if other people looked at her the way I did.

How many sunrises and sunsets have we seen from that pier? How many long talks have we had walking the beaches and that pier while holding hands?

Every year, before we would go back, I would look at the old photos of us taken on that pier.  The first one taken when we’re just dating, the first one taken as a married couple, the first one with our daughter as a baby and all the ones through the years as she, and we, grew older.

Image result for piers covered in fog

Throughout the years, I always knew the pier would be there when we were. The times when we would walk early in the morning and the fog was so thick we could barely see our hands in front of our face. But somehow, I knew the next step would land on the next plank.  On the dark nights when we could not see the end of the pier because of the darkness, I still knew it was there.

Image result for old wooden piers at night

Then I looked at the last picture, the one from last year. The pier was showing her age but she was still so beautiful to me. Our daughter had grown so strong and beautiful, ready to go out on her own. There was something off about the picture though. There was a light missing from your eyes. Maybe the smile wasn’t as big as years past.

Maybe it was just my imagination. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.

Do you believe in coincidences?  As I was staring at the picture there was a breaking news alert. The hurricane hit the pier and she was gone. I couldn’t believe it. All those years of storms and sunshine, cold winter nights and hot summer days, all the things the pier had been through and now she was gone.

Image result for pier destroyed in myrtle beach

A tear came to my eyes as I stared In disbelief. Was it real or was I dreaming?  Was she really gone? All these pictures, all the memories, all of it gone. No, they were still there but as I looked at the empty space in the ocean I knew things would never be the same.

I couldn’t help but look at the last picture again. The one where the light in your eyes was gone and your smile wasn’t as big. All the storms we have faced and survived.  All the good days and the bad days. I couldn’t help shake the feeling that a storm was coming.  A storm bigger than we have ever faced before.

We will survive it or we will fall like the pier?

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Almost Broken by Sister Hazel-  

Church Clothes by Kelleigh Bannen – 

Performance by The XX – 

A Day To Be Alone by One Less Reason – 

Even If by MercyMe – 

That Could Still Be Us by Keith Urban- 

Where We Go From Here by Jason Gray – 

Where Do We Go From Here by Oleander – 

Something Beautiful by One Less Reason – 

Broken Together by Casting Crowns – 

New Music Friday 3/10/17

No new musician follower this week.   Take a listen, find some new music to listen to.  Please feel free to share/purchase the song I wrote the lyrics to,  Lily Messer is the voice and Ceylon Wise is the producer.

Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.  Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen.

Alison Krauss:

River In The Rain

You Don’t Know Me – 

Andrew McMahon:

Shot Out Of A Cannon

Walking In My Sleep

Island Radio

Birthday Song-  

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings:

Beautiful Scars

Bury My Heart

Long Walk To Freedom

Land Of The Living-  

Brantley Gilbert:

The Ones That Like Me

The Weekend

Bro Code

Tried To Tell Ya

Way Back-  

Brett Eldredge:

Phone Call To God – 

Brooke Eden :

American Dreamer


CeCe Winans:

He’s Never Failed Me Yet

Dancing In The Spirit


Let Them Fall In Love – 

Charlie Wilson:

In It To Win It


Made For Love

I’m Blessed

Amazing God – 


Delbert McClinton:

Pulling The Strings

Bad Haircut


Dierks Bentley:

Days Of Dark – 


Little Fictions

Magnificent (She Says) – 

Ellie Holcomb:

Wonderfully Made

You Love Me Best

You Are Loved

Find You Here – 

Jake Clemons:

Hold Tight



Just Stay

Fear & Love – 

Jean Watson:

Wonder –  

Kari Jobe:

The Garden

Let Your Glory Fall

Lover Of My Soul

Heal Our Land

Fall Afresh

Closer To Your Heart

Oh The Power

The Cause Of Christ

I Will Sing

Speak To Me – 

Lauren Alaina:

Holding The Other



Road Less Traveled – 

LeAnn Rimes:


I Couldn’t Do That To Me- 

Little Big Town:

Beat Up Bible

Better Man

When Someone Stops Loving You –  


Lupe Fiasco:

Pick Up The Phone – 


So Special

I Know A Place



If U Love Me Now – 

Old 97’s:

I Don’t Wanna Die In This Town

All Who Wander

Those Were The Days- 


Reba McEntire:

Sing It Now

From The Inside Out

Say A Prayer

There Is A God

Back To God – 

Ryan Adams:


Outbound Train

Do You Still Love Me? –  


Die For You




Last To Fall

Bringing It Down

Monster – 

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill:

Keep Your Eyes On Me – 

We Are Messengers:

I’ll Think About You-  

Zach Williams :

So Good To Me

Fear Is A Liar

To The Table  – 


and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

On Itunes :