Dear Daughter by Halestorm

Finally, Halestorm made a video to one of my favorite songs. I featured the lyric video on my very first post over two years ago.



The Stained Glass Window 

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I heard the doors open and shut. Another person walking into church late.


C’mon lady, the church is half empty and you come and sit right beside me.  Hello? Have you not heard of personal space?

She gave me a weak smile, and I gave her one back.  Not my first thought to do but we were in church.

A few minutes later tears started to stream down her face.

Oh no God, not today. I do not want to deal with this today. I just came to worship you, not talk to someone else. 

Ask her if she is okay!

No God! I told you I did not want to do this today. 

Reach out for her hand!

Are you serious?  I will not do that.  She will probably think I am hitting on her or something.  From the way she is crying that is the last thing she needs. 

That is what she needs.  She needs a friend. She needs you. 

God, in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t have any friends. I’m not exactly the kind of friend people want. I don’t have time for people in my life. 

Offer her a tissue!

I don’t have one on me.

There are some in front of the church!

You want me to get up and walk to the front of the church, right in middle of the sermon?


I exhaled softly. Maybe it was loudly.

“Excuse me, let me go get you a tissue.”

“Thank you but you don’t have to.”

If only.  “Yes, I do. God is telling me to go get you a tissue.”

She looked at me weird. I could hear her thoughts. This guy is crazy, thinking God is talking to him. 

I came back and gave her the tissue.

We listened to the rest of the sermon. At the end of the service I sat there, waiting for her to get up.  She didn’t.

C’mon God.  Seriously, I have so much to do today. 

Nothing more important than my daughter! 

I looked at her and could tell she had a lot on her mind. Tears started to flow again.

“Are you okay?”  Duh. Of course she isn’t okay. 

I reached out and touched her hand and she looked at me with such sadness.

She started to talk. Opening up more and more as the minutes past. Everyone else had left the church and it was just her and myself.  Well, and God.

She talked about her mistakes and her pain. Tears would come and go.  I listened and tried to lighten the mood when the opportunity arose.   I tried to offer encouragement where I could. The more I listened, the more I realized she was a lot like me. I forgot about all I needed to get done and just sat there and listened.

That’s when I heard God tell me to look up. I did and that’s when I saw the light shining through the stained glass window. How had I never noticed the stained glass window before?  Maybe I had and just let it slide to the back of my mind. If I had noticed it before, I do not remember it being so beautiful.

Image result for two people talking in a church stained glass window

That’s when I remembered something I had read about how stained glass windows were made.

I asked the woman to look up.

“Look at the stained glass window. See how beautiful it is. It’s beautiful, just like you.  Just like me. In order for it to be made,  it has to be broken.  All the broken pieces are put together just so by its maker.  You can’t see how all the broken pieces will turn out, just like you can’t see what next year or even what tomorrow will be. Then one day, presto.  You see this beautiful, completed work of art.  One day you and I will be a completed work of art.  We just have to keep picking up the broken pieces and putting them together until we are complete.”

It was like a light went off behind her eyes.

She thanked me and got up and ran out of the church. I never even got her name.

She came back the next Sunday and we talked more and wouldn’t you know it, we became good friends.  So good, in fact, that we are now married.

Our stained glass window is not complete. God is still putting more broken pieces together but I can see the picture. I can see how all the past mistakes, all the broken pieces are making a beautiful window.  It would not look how it looks without all the broken pieces of glass. One day, our window will be complete and it will be more amazing than I could ever imagine.

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Stained Glass by Jon Guerra- 

Broken Things by Matthew West- 

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New Music Friday 7/7/17

New music Friday on a Friday,  woo hoo.  Pick out a few or listen to all. Find someone new to listen to.

One new follower this week:

You Are The One by ShatterRed – 


All That Remains:

Nothing I Can Do

Never Sorry – 

All Time Low:

Last Young Renegade

Drugs & Candy

Good Times

Life of the Party

Ground Control (Featuring Tegan and Sara)-  


We Are the Enemy


Are You Listening?- 

Betty Who:

Human Touch

Pretend You’re Missing Me


I Love You Always Forever

Beautiful  Feat. Superfruit

You Can Cry Tomorrow- 

Black Star Riders:

Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed

Letting Go Of Me-


Don’t Take The Money

Everybody Lost Somebody

I Miss Those Days- 

Colin Hay:

A Thousand Million Reasons

The Best In Me

Frozen Fields Of Snow

The Last To Know- 

Dear Evan Hansen:

Waving Through A Window Dear  Feat. Ben Platt

Only Us by Ben Platt & Laura Dreyfuss-

Demon Hunter:

Died In My Sleep

Half As Dead

Raining Down – 


After I Confessed

All Of The Dead Girls

The Preferred

Do Nothing- 


Sweet Summer Loving

Just A Little Love- 



Something Bout U  Feat. Jawan

Feel It  Feat. Jocelyn Bowman

Steady  Feat. Zach Norman – 


Systemagic –  

Hannah Kerr:

Never Leave Your Side


I Stand Here


Love I Leave

Mercy Won

Warrior – 

Harry Styles:

Sweet Creature

Two Ghosts – 


Nimble Bastard

State Of The Art



Karen Elson:

Wonder Blind

The End – 


The Lacs:

My Kinfolks

Jack In My Coke Feat. Montgomery Gentry

Redneck As Me- 
Lil Yachty:

All You Had To Say

Made Of Glass

Running With A Ghost  Feat. Grace- 

Lillie Mae:

Nearing Home – 

Linkin Park:

Talking To Myself

Battle Symphony


Halfway Right- 

Little Hurricane:

For Life – 

Machine Gun Kelly:

Bad Things feat Camila Cabello-  

Magic Giant:

Set On Fire

Let’s Start Again

Shake Me Up

Let It Burn – 



The One He Speaks Through

My First Love Feat. Jeremy Camp

I’m Still Here- 

Mary J. Blige:

Smile Feat. Prince Charlez – 

Mother Mother:

Love Stuck

Letter – 

Papa Roach:

Born For Greatness



Sunrise Trailer Park

None Of The Above – 


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Caught In The Middle

Forgiveness – 

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Pokey LaFarge:

Riot In The Streets

Better Man Than Me

I Will Never Change

Must Be A Reason – 

Rascal Flatts:

I Know You Won’t

Are You Happy Now Feat. Lauren Alaina

Our Night To Shine-


Something Else

I’ll Survive

Against The Wall

Let Me Heal

Count Me Out

Misunderstood – 

Stephen Pearcy:

Passion Infinity

Rain – 



Figuring It Out – 


In The Morning I’ll Be Better – 

Tim O’Brien:

Guardian Angel

When the Mist Clears Away

My Old Brown Coat and Me

Few Old Memories  – 


Take A Picture

Shine – 

The Wild Reeds:

Back To Earth

Fall Asleep

Only Songs – 


Zac Brown Band:


Real Thing

2 Places At 1 Time

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My Old Man – 

New Music Friday 7/6/17

A day early or two weeks late, hhhmm.

One new follower this week:

Faces by Stolen City –  

Here is some music I have been listening to.  Pick a few or pick all and find something new to listen to.




Fire And Rain

When I Was Cursed


All That Remains:





Far From Home

Trust And Believe

Back To You – 

All Time Low:

Dirty Laundry



Dark Side of Your Room

Afterglow – 


Not the Same

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Betty Who:

The Valley

Some Kinda Wonderful

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Free To Fly Feat. Warren G

Mama Say – 

Black Star Riders:

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Cold War Love

Dancing With The Wrong Girl – 



Hate That You Know Me

All My Heroes

Let’s Get Married

Nothing Is U

Foreign Girls

Goodbye – 

From Come From Away:

Prayer feat Chad Kimball

Stop The World Lee MacDougall, Sharon Wheatley, ‘Come From Away’ Company

Lead Us Out Of The Night – 

Colin Hay:

I’m Walking Here

I’m Inside Outside In

Blue Bay Moon

Love Don’t Mean Enough

Come Tumblin’ Down – 

Craig Finn:


It Hits When It Hits

Be Honest – 

Dear Evan Hansen:


Good For You

For Forever

Words Fail

If I Could Tell Her

So Big / So Small

Anybody Have A Map?

You Will Be Found – 

Demon Hunter:


One Step Behind

The End

Slight The Odds

Trying Times – 



Ever Lonely

The Assailant

Slip On The Moon

Don’t Let Me Love

On The Charts – 




A Song For The Birds – 


Love You To The Sky

Be Careful What You Wish For!

A Bitter Parting

Still It’s Not Over

Take Me Out Of Myself

Lousy Sum Of Nothing – 

Faith Evans & The Notorious B.I.G.:

Somebody Knows

It Was Worth It – 


Like We Belong

Show Me

The Sickness Feat. Jordan Powers

Closer Feat. Robbie Lee & Julissa Leilani

Hold On  Feat. Sydney Wilson – 

Hannah Kerr:

Your Love Defends Me



Be Still and Know (Featuring Mark Hall) – 

Harry Styles:


Only Angel

Ever Since New York

From The Dining Table

Sign Of The Times – 


No Fun

Glitterbomb – 

Karen Elson:

Double Roses

Why Am I Waiting


Call Your Name – 

The Lacs:

American Rebelution

Lake Somewhere

One More – 
Lil Yachty:

Bring It Back

Forever Young  Feat. Diplo

Momma (Outro)  Feat. Sonyae Elise

Better  Feat. Stefflon Don – 

Lillie Mae:

Honky Tonks And Taverns

These Daze

Forever And Then Some

Wash Me Clean – 

Linkin Park:

Sorry For Now

Sharp Edges

Good Goodbye  Feat. Pusha T & Stormzy

Heavy  Feat. Kiiara – 

Little Hurricane:

Same Sun Same Moon

Bad Business


Mt. Señorita

You Remind Me

Moon’s Gone Cold – 

Machine Gun Kelly:

Let You Go


At My Best Feat. Hailee Steinfeld

Go For Broke Feat. James Arthur – 

Magic Giant:




Celebrate The Reckless

Eyes Wide – 


Out Of The Dark

Comeback Kid

Good News

Prove Me Wrong

What You’re Worth Feat. Britt Nicole

Bleed The Same (Intro)  Feat. Kirk Franklin

Bleed The Same  Feat. tobyMac & Kirk Franklin

Shine – 

Mary J. Blige:

Thick Of It

It’s Me


Love Yourself  Feat. Kanye West

Glow Up Feat. Quavo, DJ Khaled & Missy Elliott

Survivor – 


Step Out Into The Light

Back To The Old

Head Right – 

Mother Mother:

The Drugs

Back In School

Baby Boy

Family – 

Papa Roach:

Break The Fall

Break The Fall

Crooked Teeth

American Dreams – 


Told You So


Idle Worship

Hard Times – 

Patti Labelle:

Till I Get It Right

Here’s To Life – 


Rascal Flatts:

Yours If You Want It


Love What You’ve Done With The Place

Kiss You While I Can

Hopin’ You Were Lookin’ – 

Richard Edwards:

Disappeared Planets – 


Betray And Degrade


Take A Minute – 

Stephen Pearcy:

I Know I’m Crazy

Hit Me with a Bullet

What Do Ya Think

Summers End- 

Stu Garrard:

In The Middle

Undivided feat Amanda Cook

Morning Light feat Amy Grant

Oh Blessed feat Anthony Skinner

Let My Dreams Fly featTerrian Bass

The View From Here feat Hillsong UNITED

Heaven Is Around Us feat John Mark McMillan

Oh Mercy feat Matt Maher, Audrey Assad

The View From Here feat Hillsong UNITED –  


Miss Yer Kiss

Ruining My Pretending


Silver Bullet

Lose It- 

Terry C. Keller:

If I Said I Didn’t Care

Someone Always Wants To Build A Wall –  (no video I could find)

Tim O’Brien:

Friday, Sunday’s Coming

Little Annie (When the Springtime Comes Again) – 

Todd Rundgren:


That Could Have Been Me Feat. Robyn – 

While She Sleeps:

Yuo Are We

Steal The Sun – 

White Reaper:

The World’s Best American Band

Judy French – 

The Wild Reeds:


Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)

Fix You Up


The World We Built- 

Zac Brown Band:

Long Haul

Start Over

All The Best

Trying To Drive  Feat. Aslyn

Family Table – 

God, What Do You Want?

Image result for god what do you want


Dear God,

Can you believe this year is half way over already? It won’t be long until we see Christmas decorations on the shelves. It seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

Well, where to begin? I started this year off strong. I had a million things I wanted to do and be.  I wanted to write more and send some of my stories to publishers and maybe find someone to do a demo of one of my songs. I wanted to save money for Christmas so I would not have to charge any gifts this year and stay out of debt. I wanted to get closer to my wife. I wanted to read the bible more. I wanted to be able to run again. Let me rephrase that, I wanted to run a race again without being hurt and to run it competitively like I used to. I wanted to call home more. I wanted …

I wanted…I wanted….I wanted…

Well, you know what has happened?  None of that.  None of it even has come close to happening. In fact, I have written less. Most days I think what’s the point. These words aren’t ever going to make a difference anyway.  Every time I save a dollar something happens where I have to spend two. I still don’t talk like I should. I haven’t read a bible devotion in months. I haven’t even taken a step to run in months.  I am thankful I can walk but I want to run.

So, all things I have wanted to do so far this year have not come close to happening.

So, God, what do you want?  What do you want me to do? The last half of the year is all about what you want. I will put my wants aside and will listen to what you want.

Here I am, speak to me, lead me, show me your ways. Here I am.

Image result for god what do you want

Lord, I’m Ready Now by Plumb-  

Every Mile Mattered by Nichole Nordeman-  

What We Have Is Now by Finding Favour – 

Word Of Life by Jeremy Camp – 

Come To The Table by Sidewalk Prophets – 

Only To Be With You by Judah & The Lion – 

This Beautiful Life by Colony House – 

I’ll Find You by Lecrae feat Tori Kelly – 


A Letter from Kylie’s Teacher


I wanted to share this letter we received from one of Kylie’s teachers.  We are proud of Kylie and how she behaves and the person she is.

It is also awesome that her teacher would take the time to do this.

Image result for teacher of the year

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hansen,

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed having Kylie as a student this year. From the get go, I have appreciated her academic strengths–she is a good thinker, listener, and problem solver for sure! But I think what really stands out about Kylie are her confidence and leadership. I have noticed and admired on so many occasions this year how comfortable Kylie is with herself. She never seems like she’s trying to impress others; she’s not afraid to speak up and share her opinions or even disagree with others, but she always does so in the most respectful ways and with good humor. It’s a pretty remarkable level of maturity for a sixth grader, to be honest! If I had a child in the sixth grade, Kylie is just the kind of person I’d want my kid to be friends with. I think she’s pretty awesome–and I’m guessing that you do as well! 🙂
Thank you so much for all of the guidance and support you give at home, to be shaping Kylie into such a terrific person and student. We are very fortunate to have families like yours at our school.
I hope you are having a great week! Take care,
Image result for bible verse raising child
Give You Faith by Laura Story –  
Humble And Kind by Tim Mcgraw – 
Slow Down by Nichole Nordeman –