The Little Drummer Boy

I don’t know why but The Little Drummer Boy has always been my favorite Christmas song. Maybe it is the simplicity of it, one verse then pa rum pum pum pum, then one verse and pa rum pum pum pum etc.  Maybe it’s the meaning of it, which to me is the true meaning of being a Christian.

Jesus was born,  a gift to us. He was born to die. He sacrificed Himself for our sins. Because of His birth, and then His death, we can live forgiven. A gift given knowing that we could not repay it. We can come to him no matter who we are or where we are from. No matter what we look like, dress like, what kind of car we drive or whatever home we live in. Come as you are! A little shepherd boy came with the only gift he had, he could play his drum for him. He played his best for him. Then Jesus smiled at him. Jesus wants us to believe in Him and accept Him into our hearts.

Maybe it is the message from the last scene of the cartoon. Jesus changed his heart of hate to a heart of love. Take the time to watch the last five minutes here :

Come they told me, pa rum pum pum pum
A new born King to see, pa rum pum pum pum
Our finest gifts we bring, pa rum pum pum pum
To lay before the King, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

So to honour Him, pa rum pum pum pum,
When we come.

Five five five five five five what rum
five five five five five five what rum
five five five five five five what rum
five five five ahh

Little Baby, pa rum pum pum pum
I am a poor boy too, pa rum pum pum pum
I have no gift to bring, pa rum pum pum pum
That’s fit to give a king, pa rum pum pum
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,

Shall I play for you, what five five five rum,
On my drum?
(five five five-part)

Mary nodded, pa rum pum pum pum
The ox and lamb kept time, pa rum pum pum pum
I played my drum for Him, pa rum pum pum pum
I played my best for Him, pa rum pum pum pum,
rum pum pum pum, rum pum pum pum,
(pum pum pum part)

Then He smiled at me, pa rum pum pum pum
Me and my drum.

Little Drummer Boy by Pentatonix – 


Jeremy Camp Concert Dayton OH 11/12/17


Me, Jeremy, Kim, Kylie and Leif

Yes, we went to another Jeremy Camp concert Sunday.  Anytime he is anywhere in Ohio we have to go. We love his music and the band and it is a great night of worship. If you have never seen him in concert, I would highly recommend it.  Which reminds me, we saw him in Virginia, we were visiting our daughter Kayhla and her husband, in August and I did not write about it. I will have to get that out tomorrow because the pics are at home and not on my phone.

Royce Lovett opened for him and was very good. He  did a four song set.

I think of all the times we have seen them, this was the best concert.  They did an acoustic set in the middle and played some of their older songs. It was good to hear them.

It was the last night of this tour and it was also, sadly, Walt Smith, the bass player, last show with the band. He is moving on to be artistic leader for Compassion International. He has been with the band for ten years.

Needless to say, I took more pics of him than I normally would.  And since he is on the same side of the stage  I got some pics of Leif Skartland, he has been with Jeremy 17 years. WOW!

IMG_3191 (1).JPGIMG_3244.JPG


We love Leif.  Kylie takes drum lessons from him on Skype and has grown in her drumming skills since she started.  Super nice guy, everyone in the band is. After the concert he said Kylie could help him take his drum set down. She got to meet and shake hands with the other members of the band and got a big kick out of it.  How cool is that!


Can’t wait until next time. Enjoy some pics from the show.

IMG_3229 (1).JPGIMG_3232.JPGIMG_3182.JPGIMG_3243.JPGIMG_3255.JPGIMG_3256.JPGIMG_3238.JPGIMG_3180.JPGIMG_3199.JPGIMG_3274.JPG

Runnin’ by Royce Lovett-  

The Answer by Jeremy Camp – 

Word Of Life by Jeremy Camp – 

Never Stopped Loving by Jeremy Camp- 

He Knows by Jeremy Camp –  

Twenty Miles Past Sunrise

Image result for long isolated road in dark

Forty miles before sunrise and I’m starting to fade. The white lines are starting to blur in my headlights. I rub my eyes to try to buy a few miles.

Thirty miles before sunrise and I’m rolling down the window to get some fresh air. Yes, that’s what I need. Some fresh air. Why am I driving at this hour? I can’t even remember what I’m running from. I shake my head and adjust my seat to try to buy a few more miles.

Twenty miles before sunrise and I don’t think I’m going to make it. Wherever it is I’m trying to make it to. What the!!!!! I slam on my brakes. Why would someone be standing in the middle of the road? I look around but no one is there. I’m so tired my mind is playing tricks on me. I see another person darting out from my peripheral vision. These hallucinations are driving me crazy. What if they aren’t hallucinations?

Ten miles before sunrise and I turn the radio up. Need a song to wake me up. A song I can sing along with. I hit scan and the first song comes on. I like that old time rock n roll, that kind of music just soothes the soul. Good song but not in the mood for an oldie. The scan stops next on sports radio station. No thanks, I love sports but that is not going to keep me awake. Next stop is another oldie. U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Well, Bono, neither have I. Neither have I. Next stop is Jason Aldean’s They Don’t Know. Oh yeah, I can do this one.

All they see is tractors, barbwire and tall green grass
They don’t see the years spent working, busting their ass
How they pray for rain
They don’t know a thing
About what it takes
Livin’ this way

They ain’t seen the blood sweat and tears it took to live their dreams
When everything’s on the line
Ain’t just another field, just another farm
No, it’s the ground we grew up on
They think it’s a middle of nowhere place where we take it slow
Aw but they don’t know
No, they don’t know

Sunrise. Look at the beauty of this sunrise. How can anyone say God doesn’t exist when they see how he paints the world each morning? Yeah I know, I have questioned God’s existence many times. Every time things don’t go my way actually. However, in this moment, when I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the way He lights up the world, giving the world a way out of the darkness, I know He exists.  I can’t help but say out loud “God, I believe in you!”

Related image

Ten miles after sunrise and I am thinking I should turn this car around. Face my demons for once instead of running away. I am just so tired. My brain is foggy.

Twenty miles past sunrise and I wake up with the car flipping over and over. What the heck? I must’ve fallen asleep. I come to a stop upside down in a ditch. I can’t get out and I know no one is around. I picked the most desolate place to drive, to escape my life. I smell the gasoline and I see the fire start. I know I’m going to die.

I see two men a short distance away. One dressed in red, the other in white. They look like they are in a heated argument. Don’t they see me? Help!!!, I start to scream. I see the man in white look my way. I know him from somewhere, but my head is spinning.  He says one last thing to the man in red and walks my way.

He reaches for my hand and I grab his.

The radio plays Broken Things by Matthew West.

If grace was a kingdom
I stopped at the gate
Thinking I don’t deserve to pass through after all the mistakes that I’ve made

Oh but I heard a whisper
As Heaven bent down
Said, “Child, don’t you know that the first will be last and the last get a crown”

Now I’m just a beggar in the presence of a King
I wish I could bring so much more
But if it’s true You use broken things
Then here I am Lord, I’m all Yours

The pages of history they tell me it’s true
That it’s never the perfect; it’s always the ones with the scars that You use

It’s the rebels and the prodigals; it’s the humble and the weak
All the misfit heroes You chose
Tell me there’s hope for sinners like me

Now I’m just a beggar in the presence of a King
I wish I could bring so much more
But if it’s true You use broken things
Then here I am Lord, I’m all Yours

Grace is a kingdom
With gates open wide
There’s a seat at the table just waiting for you
So, come on inside

Image result for bible verse on about ready to die

Broken Things by Matthew West – 

Mercy Meets My Pain by Seventh Day Slumber – 

Every Mile Mattered by Nichole Nordeman – 

You Still Love Me by James Fortune – 

I Wouldn’t Love Me by James Fortune (feat Kierra Sheard) – 

Grace Like Rain by Todd Agnew – 

Like I Should

Image result for lmending past hurts in a marriage

These words started coming to me and I could hear plain as day Chris Stapleton and Miranda Lambert singing them.  I am sure it needs to be tightened up a little and maybe a few words changed here or there.

Maybe if I could get a 100k shares and a 100k retweets this will get to them and maybe, just maybe….

Chris sings:

I know I don’t love you like I should

If I could change our past I would

I know I forgave you but I haven’t forgot

When a heart’s broken your left with what you got

These demons in my head tell me you’re the same

But I hear your whispers saying you’ve changed

What’s a heart to do that’s battling his head

Is there life left to a love I gave up as dead

These days aren’t easy

These nights ’bout kill me

These tears fall with the memories

When I don’t love you like I should

Related image

Miranda sings:

I know I caused the tears you cried

I know it’s true that I lied

I know I walked out on a man who’s good

I know I didn’t love you like I should

But here I am fighting with all that remains

Can’t you hear my whispers I’ve changed

If your heart could forget the past

I know  we have a love that will last

I see how you look at me

and the nights you fight the memories

The tears you cry nearly kill me

I remember when I didn’t love you like I should

There comes a time when you move forward

You decide to no longer be tortured

You go on without me or you fight to stay

It’s a choice we need to make either way

Image result for lmending past hurts in a marriage

Chris:   I can love you like I should

Miranda:   (How I pray you would)

Chris:  I can hold you on the darkest nights

Miranda:  (I won’t ever lose my sight)

Chris:  We can take a step to a new day

Miranda:  (I’ll be there every step of the way)

Chris: I can love you like I should

Miranda: I can love you like I should

Both:  We can love like we should

Image result for bible verses on mending past hurts in a marriage

Either Way by Chris Stapleton –  

Tin Man by Miranda Lambert – 



New Music Friday 6/9/17

It is actually Friday.   Post 5 of 6 to get me caught up. In order of simplicity for me, I will post by artists in alphabetical order instead of by the dates they came out.


Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.  Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen.


Want To Be

Rights & Wrongs – 

One Ok Rock:

Bombs Away

Taking Off

Hard To Love

American Girls

I Was King


One Way Ticket

Bon Voyage

Start Again

Jaded  Feat. Alex Gaskarth

Take What You Want  Feat. 5 Seconds Of Summer

We Are- 


M.A.D. – 



Cold Heart (Warm Blood)

Better Chemicals




Hard Feelings

Dancing With Demons


Let Down – 

Paul Shaffer & The World’s Most Dangerous Band:

Win Your Love For Me – featuring Dion

Rhythm – featuring Leo Napier

Enjoy The Ride – featuring Will Lee – 

Peter Garrett:

I’d Do It Again – 


Messin’ Around Feat. Enrique Iglesias

Dedicated  Feat. R. Kelly & Austin Mahone

Can’t Have Feat. Steven A. Clark & Ape Drums

We Are Strong Feat. Kiesza-  

Procol Harum:

I Told On You

Last Chance Motel


Don’t Get Caught

Sunday Morning-   


Your Heart


Love Triangle

Lonely Call


The Apple




Young  Feat. Leeland Mooring

Say  Feat. Dan + Shay

Praying For Rain – 

Rag-N-Bone Man:


Innocent Man

Bitter End

Be The Man


As You Are


Ray Davies:

Message From The Road- 

Real Estate:

After The Moon – 

Reba McEntire:

God And My Girlfriends

Hallelujah, Amen

I Got The Lord On My My Side

Angel On My Shoulder – 

The Regrettes:

Seashore – 

Rhiannon Giddens:

Birmingham Sunday

Better Get It Right The First Time

We Could Fly

The Love We Almost Had

Baby Boy

Come Love Come – 

Righteous Vendetta:


A Way Out






Weight Of The World – 

Robby Kreiger:

Across The Universe- 

Robert Ellis:

Perfect Strangers

How I Love You



Couples Skate – 

Robert R. McFarland:
Night Sky Wish

Drive Me Crazy


Write Me A Letter

Beautiful Day – 

Robert Randolph & The Family Band :

Find A Way

Gonna Be All Right

Love Do What It Do Feat. Darius Rucker

Be The Change – 

Rodney Crowell:


I Don’t Care Anymore

Forgive Me Annabelle

Forty Miles From Nowhere

Storm Warning

I’m Tied To Ya’  Feat. Sheryl Crow

It Ain’t Over Yet  Feat. Rosanne Cash & John Paul White- 

Ruth B:

Mixed Signals


Superficial Love

If This Is Love

Lost Boy

If By Chance

World War 3

Safe Haven

In My Dreams

First Time


Young – 

Ruthie Foster:

Working Woman

Joy Comes Back

Open Sky

Good Sailor

War Pigs

Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever



What Are You Listening To? – 

Ryan Adams:


Haunted House

To Be Without You

Broken Anyway

We Disappear – 

Said The Whale:

Step Into The Darkness


I Will Follow You

Realize Real Eyes

Beautiful Morning

Lilac And Willow

Confidence – 

Sean Curran:

Worthy Of Your Name – 


Got Any Rivers/Carry You


I Got Saved

Set Free

He Lives/Because He Lives

Jesus Will Still Be There

This Little Light Of Mine (He Will Shine)

Lord, I Trust You

Broken Ladders

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/I’ll Fly Away

Leaning On The Everlasting Arms Feat. Ron Block

People Of The Cross – 

Senses Fail:

In Your Absence

Death Bed

Family Tradition

Lost And Found

Jets To Peru – 

Sera Cahoone:

Taken It’s Toll – 



New Music Friday 6/8/17

It’s Thursday.  This is post 4 of 6 to get me caught up.   In order of simplicity for me, I will post by artists in alphabetical order instead of by the dates they came out.

Several new followers over the last 3 months. I will break them up over the next few posts.

Rock The Night by AJ and Tara – 

Angel In My Room by Bruce Guynn and Big Rain – 

Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.  Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen.

La’Porsha Renae:

What Is Love

Good Woman


No Problem (Self Talk)

Send Me Your Love

Cover Up

Breathe – 

Laura Marling:

Wild Fire

Next Time – 

Laura Story:

Open Hands

You Came Running

For The Love Of My King

Every Word You Breathe



Grace Abounds – 

Lady Antebellum:

Lay Our Flowers Down- 

Lauren Alaina:

Doin’ Fine

My Kinda People


Painting Pillows

Next Boyfriend

Same Day Different Bottle

Road Less Traveled – 

Lea Michele:

Love Is Alive

Heavy Love


Run To You


Anything’s Possible

Getaway Car

Sentimental Memories


Hey You

Believer –  

LeAnn Rimes:

The Story

Outrageous Love


Learning Your Language


Dang Dang


Lecrae feat Breyan Isaac:

River Of Jordan – 

Leela James:

Don’t Mean A Thang

Did It For Love

Don’t Want You Back

All Over Again –  


Tired Of Talking – 

Lemon Twigs:

I Wanna Prove To You – 

Less Than Jake:

Call To Arms

Welcome To My Life

Years Of Living Dangerously – 

Little Big Town:


Drivin’ Around


Don’t Die Young, Don’t Get Old

Better Man

The Breaker

We Went To The Beach

When Someone Stops Loving You – 


I Believe

Herbert – 

Marian Hill:



Sad Song

I Want You – 

Martin Garrix feat Bebe Rexha:

In The Name Of Love – 

The Mavericks:

Rolling Along

Brand New Day

I Wish You Well

For The Ages – 

The Menzingers:

Tellin’ Lies

Thick As Thieves

House On Fire

Black Mass

Your Wild Years

Livin’ Ain’t Easy –


You Found Me

Grace Got You

Best News Ever

We Win

Happy Dance

Heaven’s Here


Even If – 

Michelle Branch:

Knock Yourself Out

Not A Love Song – 

The Mighty Clouds Of Joy:

Who Touched Me?

Let It Rain

Lord Help Us

The Other Side

I’ll Praise You- 

Mike & The Mechanics:

Are You Ready


The Best Is Yet To Come

Save The World

Don’t Know What Came Over Me

The Letter

Not Out Of Love

Love Left Over

I’ll Be There For You

Save My Soul

Let Me Fly – 

MNEK & Zara Larsson:

Never Forget You –  

Moonshine Bandits:

Renegade Rides Again

Raised Up  Feat. Demun Jones

I Don’t Wanna Go Home  Feat. Durwood Black

Baptized In Bourbon  Feat. Uncle Kracker

Red, White & Blue Collar – 

Mount Holly:

Get Up – 



After – 

Nelly Furtado:

Sticks And Stones


Pipe Dreams


Live – 

New Found Glory:

Your Jokes Aren’t Funny

Party On Apocalypse

Call Me Anti-Social

The Sound Of Two Voices

Blurred Vision

Say It Don’t Spray It

Barbed Wire

Short And Sweet

The Cheapest Thrill

Happy Being Miserable – 

New Kids On The Block:



Still Sounds Good

One More Night – 

The New Pornographers:

Whiteout Conditions – 

Night Ranger:

Somehow Someway

Running Out Of Time


Don’t Let Up

(Won’t Be Your) Fool Again

Say What You Want

We Can Work It Out

Comfort Me

Nothing Left Of Yesterday – 

Nikki Lane:

700,000 Rednecks


Big Mouth

Send The Sun

Forever Lasts Forever

Muddy Waters- 

New Music Friday 6/7/17

Yes, I know it is a Wednesday but it has been almost 3 months since I did new music. This is the 3rd of 6 installments to get caught up this week.  In order of simplicity for me, I will post by artists in alphabetical order instead of by the dates they came out.

Check out some songs from some new followers :

One Light by Franki Love –  

Built For War by Becoming Saints – 


Falling In Reverse:

Coming Home



Fuck You And All Your Friends

I Hate Everyone

Hanging On


Straight To Hell

I Don’t Mind

The Departure

Right Now


I’m Bad At Life- 

Father John Misty:

Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution

Leaving LA

When The God Of Love Returns There’ll Be Hell To Pay

Two Wildly Different Perspectives

The Memo – 

Fernando Varela:



Ti Amo Per Sempre

No Longer On My Own  – 


Live And Die By The Sword

Wars Of Ages

Lady Of 1000 Sorrows

Warriors And Saints

Rise From The Ashes

Vision Of Tomorrow – 


What Is Love?

Don’t Worry About Me

Love Me Again


Let It Out

No Matter

Under Our Feet

Say It Again

The Last Word

When It Comes To Us

It Isn’t Like You

Cry Like Me

The Smallest Thing – 

Francesca Battistelli:

Where Were You- 

Future Islands:


Beauty Of The Road

North Star

Day Glow Fire

Time On Her Side – 

G-Eazy & Kehlani:

Good Life- 

Gone Is Gone:



Brush With The Wild

That’s What You Get For Gettin’ Outta Bed –  

Great White:

Love Don’t Live Here

Anything For You

Don’t Let Me Go


Sign Of The Times – 

Guy Penrod:

Knowing You’ll Be There

The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference

I’m Forgiven

Count On Me

Then Came The Morning

The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor

Loving God, Loving Each Other-  


Can’t Live Without

All My Love

In Awe


Girl Feat Tree Giants

Love With Your Life – 

Hurray For The Riff Raff:

Hungry Ghost

Nothing’s Gonna Change That Girl

Settle – 

Imelda May:

Call Me

Should’ve Been You


Leave Me Lonely

When It’s My Time- 

Infamous Stringdusters:


Soul Searching

Back Home

Let Me Know – 

Jackie Evancho:


Have You Ever Been In Love

Safe And Sound

Writing’s On The Wall





The Haunting- 

Jake Clemons:

All Undone

Move On

Sick, Broke, And Broken- 

James Arthur:

Back From The Edge

Say You Won’t Let Go


Can I Be Him

I Am

Train Wreck

Safe Inside


Let Me Love The Lonely


Sermon Feat. Shotty Horroh

Remember Who I Was – 

James Blunt:

Love Me Better


Lose My Number

Don’t Give Me Those Eyes

Someone Singing Along

Make Me Better

Time Of Our Lives



Courtney’s Song


Over – 

Jennifer Paige:

Forget Me Not

Let Me Love You

Like A Bomb

To The Madness


Can’t Keep You Here  Feat. Coury Palermo- 

Jessi Colter:

Mercy and Loving Kindness (Psalm 136)

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)-  

The Jesus & Mary Chain:

All Things Pass- 

Joey Feek:

Strong Enough To Cry

That’s Important To Me

When The Needle Hit The Vinyl

Nothing To Remember

Southern Girl

See You There

Old Paint – 

John Mayer:

Emoji Of A Wave

Love On The Weekend

In The Blood


Never On The Day You Leave


Roll It On Home

You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me-  

John Mellencamp:


You Are Blind

My Soul’s Got Wings  Feat. Carlene Carter

What Kind Of Man Am I  Feat. Carlene Carter – 

Josh Turner:

All About You

Hometown Girl

Southern Drawl

Where The Girls Are


One Like Mine

Lay Low

Never Had A Reason – 

Judah & The Lion:

Suit And Jacket

Green Eyes

Going To Mars

Graffiti Dreams

Forever, Always

All I Want Is You


Better Man

Uh-Huh, Yeah!

Take It All Back2.0 – 

Julia Michaels :


Kane Brown:


What Ifs


Thunder In The Rain

Pull It Off

Cold Spot

Ain’t No Stopping Us Now



Better Place –

Grandaddy’s Chair- 

Kelly Clarkson & Aloe Blacc:

Loves Goes On –  

Kelsey Waldon:

All By Myself

You Can Have It

False King

Don’t Hurt The Ones (Who’ve Loved You The Most)

I’d Rather Go On

There Must Be A Someone

Let’s Pretend

Life Moves Slow

Travelin’ Down This Lonesome Road

The Heartbreak – 


American Teen

Young Dumb & Broke

Another Sad Love Song





Cold Blooded


Shot Down

Angels – 

Kim Walker-Smith:

Brave Surrender


Awaken Love

On My Side



Fresh Outpouring

You Define Me – 

Kristian Stanfill:

Glorious Day

This We Know – 


Big Sky Country-