Tonight Feels Different

The stars shine a different light

They seem to be a little more bright

These city streets always filled with noise

But tonight all I hear is your voice

I walk these streets, your hand in mine

It seems like I’ve done this a million times

But tonight feels different

Somehow the Dj seems to know

To play our song on the radio

I sing along, mostly out of tune

I sing our song to the moon

People look at me like I’ve lost my mind

They don’t know this love took me so long to find

That’s why tonight feels different

When we are apart

You take my heart

Its impossible to explain

How I feel when you call my name

My stomach is filled with butterflies

Every time I look in your eyes

But tonight feels different

You walk across the room and you shine so bright

It’s like  God gave you your very own spotlight

We dance, a little off beat

We kiss, your lips so sweet

We walk, hand in hand

I think I am a lucky man


I don’t know why but tonight feels different

Is tonight a long awaited answer to a prayer asked?

Is tonight a hope for the future, a forgetting of the past?

Is tonight a new beginning?

I don’t know but I can’t stop grinning

I can finally see you like God sees you

That’s enough to start our love anew

Tonight feels different

Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton – 

Lady In Red by Chris Deburgh – 

Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett – 

For The First Time by The Script – 

Tonight Feels Different by Riley Smith – 

Heartbeat by Carrie Underwood – 

Something Beautiful by Steven Curtis Chapman – 


I Think This Is Over

I’m glad I am sober

Watching you sleeping

Watching you breathing

I think this is over


Lost in my thoughts

Losing my mind

Can we push rewind?

What have we lost?


Remembering how we met

Your heart beats, am I still there?

Then I realized I didn’t care

It’s time to take the next step


I  remember when I used to laugh

You used to smile

I feel I’m always on trial

Together we don’t make a half


I’ve talked, yelled, I’ve tried

I can’t fix what you’ve become

I can’t undo what has been done

I hurt too, you know I’ve cried


I reach out, touch your shoulder

Watching you sleeping

Watching you breathing

I think this is over, this is over


I try to hold you, love you

You act like I’m an alien

You used to be so radiant

This isn’t going to be easy to do


I’ll stop short of calling you a liar

I don’t know what else to say

I think yesterday was our last day

I’m past the point of being tired


I think I better do this quick

I won’t lose my nerve

Too exhausted to swerve

This is just making me sick


But I am glad I am sober

Watching you sleeping

Watching you breathing

Your heart beats , am I still there?

Then I realized I didn’t care

I think this is over

What Hurts The Most by Rascal Flatts – 

If You’re Gonna Leave by Emerson Hart – 

All She Wrote by Firehouse – 

Over You by Daughtry – 

Leave by Matchbox Twenty – 

The Getting Over It Part by Blue October – 

Not Meant To Be by Theory Of A Deadman – 

Mean To Me by Tonic – 

Let Mine Slip Away

I heard Sleeping In The Stars and I could picture a couple through all the years and the words poured out.

Then I decided at the end why not do a soundtrack so listen along to the story.

Image result for holding hands first date

I remember our first date

It seems just like yesterday

The way you smiled and played with your hair

I remember thinking, God this isn’t fair

The way she’s stealing my heart

I could see the end as we start

We talked all night and into the next day

We held hands and I didn’t let mine slip away

Image result for holding hands wedding day

It was a beautiful day for late July

It didn’t compare to my beautiful bride

You walked down the aisle and our eyes met

How your smile lit up the church I’ll never forget

We said I do and I could forever see

I couldn’t picture my life without you and me

We danced throughout the night and into the next day

We held hands and I didn’t let mine slip away

Related image

We rushed to the hospital saying it was too soon

She was due in August and it was only June

We prayed she would be alright

I held your hand oh so tight

Eighteen years and now she’s on her own

Time flew by as she had quickly grown

We held her hands as she went on her way

A tear slipped my eye because I didn’t want mine to slip away

Image result for holding hands mid 40

Through all the years and ups and downs

We were legends in this small town

Everyone thought we had it all together

But we had nights that seemed like forever

Sometimes we held on just by our fingertips

Sometimes life can be one strange trip

When we went to bed at the end of each long day

We held our hands and I didn’t let mine to slip away

Image result for holding hands old couple

The doctors didn’t know if you would make it to Christmas Day

I knew what they didn’t, you were stubborn that way

You smiled and I played with your hair

I thought to myself, God this isn’t fair

For just one more day, one more minute I was begging

But I knew the years we shared were a blessing

A savior given, an angel taken as Christmas Eve turned to Christmas Day

I held your hand, I didn’t let mine slip away

Related image

It Happens Like That by Granger Smith-  

I’ll Name The Dogs by Blake Shelton- 

Legends by Kelsea Ballerini- 

Bein’ A Dad by Chris Janson- 

Damn Good At Holding On by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – 

The Best Part Of Me by Lee Brice – 

Five More Minutes by Scotty McCreery-  

Five More Minutes by Granger Smith – 

Sleeping In The Stars by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill- 


Your Choice

When I first started this I was thinking it would be about old friends or old relationship,  like Adele’s Someone Like You song.   Then I heard RaeLynn’s Love Triangle and it went a different direction. Hope you like. Dads, be there for you kids, no matter what. They need you in their life.  The statistics of how children turn out without a father in their lives are not good. Be there. Be thankful for them. Love them.  Be thankful for forgiveness. One of the most important things you can do as a dad is to love their mom. Show them what a real man and a real father and a real stick it out, work it out relationship should look like.


When I left it wasn’t your choice

It must be strange to hear my voice

After all these years

After you cried a million tears

“I’m sorry I was wrong.”

“I should never have left you for so long.”

“I’m sorry I decided to leave.”

“I know that must be hard for you to believe.”

“I felt like there was no other way.”

“When I packed my bags and left that day.”

“Your mom has raised you well.”

“You’re beautiful inside and out I can tell.”

I could also tell I had scarred her

Her first question, “Why didn’t you try harder?”

“Wasn’t I worth trying?”

“Do you know how many nights I spent crying?”

“I promise daddy, I could’ve been better!”

“Don’t you think I was worth one call, one letter?”

“I know you and mom had your troubles

But why did you keep me outside your bubble?”

“Do you know many nights  I yelled into my pillow at you?”

“Do you know how many days I wondered what did I do?”

I just stared at her, how could I cut her out of my life?

There was nothing I could say, she was right

She had so many questions that hurt me so

But nothing like the pain I caused her I know

I cried my first tear

I let go of all my fears

All the times I could’ve

All the times I should’ve

I let them all go, left the past in the past

Here she was in front of me at last

I asked, “Will you ever forgive me?”

“I did dad, a long time ago can’t you see?”

“I prayed for you!”

“I waited for you!”

“I did have so much anger and hate

But God taught me that love was the only way.”

“As hard as it was I slowly learned to forgive

So that I could learn to live.”

“I opened up the walls surrounding my heart.”

“Here I am dad, willing to give us another start!”

I lost it all, I crumbled in her arms

I promised her I would never again harm

If God could help us reunite

Then I knew I had to give Him my life

Thank you for mended relationships

Thank you God for fixing this

Never again will something come in between

I will spend the rest of my life letting her know how much she means

Love Triangle by Raelynn-  

Perfect Story by Idina Menzel – 

Every Other Weekend by Kenny Chesney and Reba McEntire- 

Two Houses by Matthew West – 

Family by TobyMac – 

Hey Mom and Dad by Sloppy – 

Song For My Father by Sarah McLachlan – 

Forgiveness by Matthew West – 

Forgiveness by TobyMac feat LeCrae – 

Forgiveness Is A Miracle by Jason Gray – 

Let Me See Her


My neck hurts from looking behind

A memory flashed and I lost my mind

I wasn’t here but in another time

Let me see

Let me see

Let me see her

It’s like I take one step forward and two steps back

I pray to God to let me move but I sit here while the devil attacks

I’ve been here so many times I think I’ve lost track

Let me see

Let me see

Let me see her

I know God that she’s your daughter

Let me see her like You do

I know in your hands you got her

Let me see her like you do

I know what she did , that’s not her

Let me see her like you do

It’s crazy how life got in the way

We grew apart until that fateful day

That’s the day she decided not to pray

Let me see

Let me see

Let me see her

Oh God let me forget, I just wanna forget

Maybe the lesson to be learned hasn’t happened yet

Her sins are forgiven , You paid that debt

Let me see

Let me see

Let me see her

I know God that she’s your daughter

Let me see her like You do

I know in your hands you got her

Let me see her like you do

I know what she did , that’s not her

Let me see her like you do

Oh God I’m tired of being angry

Oh God I know this person isn’t me

Oh God help me to see, help me to see

Oh God Help me to forgive

Oh God I just want to live

Oh God to Your will let me submit

Let me see

Let me see

Let me see her

Let me see her God like you do

Let me see her God like you do

Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath – 

Daughter Of The King by Tricia Brock – 

In The Eyes by 1 Girl Nation – 

Father’s Eyes by Mark Schultz – 

His Eyes by Steven Curtis Chapman – 

Beloved by Jordan Feliz – 

Beloved Child by Tru-Serva – 

Beloved by Lara Landon – 


Close Your Eyes by Michael Buble –  

If I Could Say Something

Image result for quotes about speaking to spouse


Standing here, too afraid to speak

Oh God, when did I become so weak?

Standing here, unable to move

Lost and I haven’t a clue

I wish we both weren’t so angry

I wish I could just say I’m sorry

But I just stare in disbelief

Wide awake but still asleep

I used to hold you so tight

Now we sleep with a light

Where did it all go so wrong

Maybe I can find it in a country song

Instead I sit waiting for the light to change

This all just seems so strange

How the words used to flow

Now, they have nowhere to go

I open my mouth to silence

The words are being defiant

I shake my head and look at you again

I remember the spark from back then

If you could only read my mind

You would know I’m trying to try

I close my eyes and you’re still there

You always will be the answer to a prayer

Red light will always turn green

If I could only say what I mean

But the words remain unspoken

And your heart remains broken

Image result for quotes about speaking to spouse

Trains Go By by Josh Ritter-  

Use Your Words by Jessie James Decker –  

Rut by The Killers –  

But We Lost It by Pink –  

Silence by Grace Carter- 

Say Something by A Great Big World – 

Waiting For The Light To Change by Tonic-  

Too Late To Tell You Now by Burn Halo- 



When The Sun Sets In The Ocean


At the end of the day when the sun sets in the ocean

Does she welcome him with arms wide open?

Does she tell him how much he was missed?

Does he cherish each and every kiss?

Does he talk about the damage he’s done?

How people pray for rain but there is none?

How the ice caps are less and less?

How the heat from him is causing a mess?

Or does he talk about all the good times

People laughing, basking in his sunshine

The picnics and the foods that grow

Does he talk of times from not long ago?

Related image

Does she talk about the storms and hurricanes?

Does she talk about how she wishes she could see the plains?

Does she complain about her waters rising?

Does she blame him for the people dying?

Or does she talk about how the people play

How they jump over or try to ride her waves

The joy in someone’s eyes as they see her for the first time

Does she wonder if their love is strong or are there warning signs?

Image result for bible verse wife

Or do they talk about what a wonderful team they are

How they are always together to look at the stars

How both of them together can cause great things to occur?

Does she tell him how much she loves him and he loves her?

When they are all alone in the dark

Do they share what’s deep in their hearts?

When he wakes to start another day

Is there a tear in the ocean’s waves?

When he is gone and up high in the sky

Does he think of her with a twinkle in his eye?

Does she say hurry home soon?

Does he say tonight we will watch the moon?

So much can happen, so many feelings and emotions

At the end of each day when the sun sets into the ocean

Image result for wifes love for husband

In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young – 

Walk Away by Goo Goo Dolls-  

If We Were Vampires by Jason Isbell –  

The Story by Brandi Carlile-  

One Day At A Time by Brian Courtney Wilson- 

House On Fire by Rise Against – 

Ordinary People by John Legend- 

I  Won’t Give Up By Jason Mraz –