Come Back To Me

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I won’t beg and plead

For you to come back to me

You have your own choices to make

You have your own roads to take

You will take many wrong paths

But the tough times will not last

I will be there, waiting patiently

Until that moment you come back to me

There will be people placed along your way

Most you will not listen to what they say

A few words will stay in your mind

A few others will be left for you to find

All will be where I want them to be

Guiding you to come back to me

You will be tossed around in the wind

Many branches will be trimmed

You will curse, you will rage

Nothing you do will take my love away

Even when all you see and hear are thorns and thunder

Doesn’t mean there are not roses and rainbows and wonder

Dead men do indeed bleed

But you can still come back to me

You can choose to live in a dilapidated shack in a deserted wasteland

You can choose to live in a lush garden in a castle so grand

You can choose to live in a prison in your own mind

You can choose to live with eyes that see but are blind

You can choose to live free

You can come back to me

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There will be hurt, suffering, and pain

Without them true transformation will not find its way

You can ignore life and choose death

But that is not why I gave you breath

There is so much light around you yet you choose to live in the dark

I will be here waiting when you are ready to open your heart

Take these words as my guarantee

I will always be waiting for you to come back to me

Though your branches shake in the breeze

Don’t you know your roots grow deep

A candle gives off light because it endures the burning

To find the truth you must never stop learning

Every step taken closer to your destination

Every step taken to your current location

Every step  farther away from where you began

Each and every step was all part of my plan

I will be here waiting patiently

Until you come back to me

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The Painter


painting by my mom, Reba Hansen

With a single stroke of her brush she paints the first word of the line

Each brush stroke adds more words over time

The paintings will tell a story without saying a word

Doesn’t matter it it’s a landscape or of a single bird

What will she paint? She wonders as she starts from scratch

She contemplates every color, how to mix and match

Acrylic, water, oil, or some kind of gloss

She looks at the wall, drawing her inspiration from the cross

A bluebird lands on her window sill and sings a song

A smile comes over her face, she knows her studio is where she belongs

A squirrel grabs a nut and takes a seat

Watching every brush stroke as it has it’s own beat

A rabbit sneaks in the door,

Watching her as she paints more

Her technique is as unique to her as she is unique to God

A deer peeks in the window, the beauty has him awed

A little green there, add some orange and brown

She looks at the animals gathered around

She adds some pink and red, and a touch of blue

She says to my vision I must be true

She looks at the painting, yes, it is complete

She looks down at the dog laying at her feet

Well, boy, what do you think?

He wags his tail and gives her a wink

She wonders where she would be without God’s love

At that moment, like God was listening, in flew a white dove

She whistles a tune from a time when she was in a different place

Then she starts to sing, the hour I first believed, amazing grace


paintings my mom, Reba Hansen





Maybe Today


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There was a time

When I would hit my knees and pray


Thanking God you were mine

But that was before He took you away


I was upset, no, I was angry

Eyes sewn shut


No light could get in

I never thought to look up

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Running in circles

Can’t catch my breath


Don’t want to live

I would prefer death

I am out of tears

I scream and shout


I don’t want to grab the hand

I can see reaching out

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It never occurred to me

That I was on the wrong side


Until through a single crack

Appeared a slither of light


A feeling I can’t explain

A weight lifted off my chest


I could suddenly breathe again

A time to heal, a time to rest

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All the hurt and pain diminished

Understanding the tears I cried


Then a voice, I understand your pain

For my own son died

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Spinning by Disciple- 

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I Am Not Who I Am

I am not who I am

I have setbacks and I have sin

I may lose and I may win

I am not my selfish ways

I am who You have made

I may be slow to forgive

I may forget how You want me to live

I may give joy, I may give pain

I may lose what I have to gain

Some days I follow, some days I fall

Some days are silent, some days I hear Your call

Sometimes I pray all night and all day

Sometimes I forget and I have nothing to say

Sometimes I scream and shout

Sometimes I wonder what this life is about

Sometimes I know You, sometimes I forget who You are

Sometimes You seem so close, sometimes You are so far

Help me to remember who You made me to be

Help me to remember it’s only You I seek to please

Help me to remember I am not who I am

Help me to remember You died so I can

Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray – 

Change It All by No Resolve – 

Honest To God by Devin Dawson – 

A Troubled Heart, A Kind Heart

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A troubled heart used to beat so strong

A kind heart, thought he could survive the wrongs

A troubled heart broken but still loves

A kind heart pauses and then just shrugs

A troubled heart stitched back together for the hundredth time

A kind heart thinking I will try just one more time

A troubled heart looks around but can’t speak

A kind heart slowly becomes weak

A troubled heart wishes someone could see the trouble it’s in

A kind heart too tired to try, too worn out to try again

A troubled heart wonders why it’s still alive

A kind heart decides to give up tonight

A troubled heart can no longer see

A kind heart decides to no longer beat

A kind heart turns into a hard heart

A hard heart turns to stone, sets itself apart

A hard heart tries not to feel

A hard heart makes walls of steel

A hard heart acts like it doesn’t care

But inside a kind heart still beats there

A hard heart looks at a world that deceives

A kind heart must choose to continue to beat

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Oh My Soul by Casting Crowns- 

Troubled Heart by Kutless – 

Joy Is In Our Hearts by Sara Groves – 




This Chapter

I wrote this awhile ago,  just a reminder no matter what you are going through, it is only a chapter.  Keep flipping the pages, the next chapter could have you on top. Hope you enjoy reading.

This Chapter


This chapter in my life is only a chapter

Full of sadness and so little laughter

This chapter is only part of my story

That I must go through to see your glory

When I look back at what has been witten before

Did I love this life or I did I love You more

I read the chapters that have been

I am amazed how much I have sinned

This chapter is only a small part

How will I let this chapter affect my heart

This chapter is like a grain of sand

This chapter is being written by Your hand

I ponder on the blank pages of the future

I know your hands will finish the picture

As hard as I try to write the words down

I know only in You will they be found

These early chapters written on how I’ve died and how I’ve lived

How selfish I have been and how little did I give

This story is not complete and only You know how it will end

Will I live the rest trusting in you, not trying to comprehend

This chapter is only a small part

How will I let this chapter affect my heart

This chapter is like a grain of sand

This chapter is being written by your hand

God I pray as you write the next chapters

I pray it will be You I seek, You I am after

Even if in the present I don’t understand

I pray I will remember it is all part of Your plan

Seasons by Lydia Laird – 

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I’m Proud Of You

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He never said I am proud of you

She never said I love you too

He never held you in his arms

And it’s you that you think you should harm

When she never said she wanted you

And you don’t know what to do

When the voices all seem so loud

And you feel your world is crashing down

Hear Me when I say I am proud of you

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When you shake like a leaf

I just need you to believe

That I love you, that I am proud of you

When all you feel is shame

And everyone else you blame

For the choices you make

For the hearts you break

And you don’t know what to do

When you don’t think they are there

And you don’t think anyone cares

When you can’t find another word to say

Just look to me and say my name

And you’ll know what to do

Come to me my love

Look to the heavens above

I cherish you, I want you

And know I am proud of you

I am your father, and you are my child

You mean the world to me, you are worthwhile

I hold you in my heart and in my arms

I will give you life and do you no harm.

And know I am proud of you

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Father Be Pleased by Todd Dulaney –