Yes, Kylie, There Is A God

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Dear editor:

I am 14 years old and a freshman in high school. I grew up in the church and believed in God, but now, I am not so sure. I see what is going on in this world, this country, and my hometown and I have to wonder if there is a God, where is he? I have friends whose parents both work full-time jobs and just barely have food on the table. She told me yesterday that they couldn’t even afford a single Christmas present this year. I see people starving not only all over the world but right here in my town. I read about human trafficking and people doing opioids to escape their pain.

I see people in my school that are so stressed out and have such low self-esteem that they hurt themselves or do whatever it takes to be liked. I see Instagram and Snapchat pictures of smiles on their faces but I look in their eyes and see nothing but hurt. I know I am loved, but there are so many people my age who do not feel loved or do not know who they are.

I have friends I  go to church and Wildlife and now Younglife with that are having these same issues and are leaving the church or just quit believing. I want to believe there is a God, I want to believe there is hope and love in this world, but I am struggling.

Mr. editor, I am 14 years old, I should not have to worry if today is the day I go to school and someone will shoot me and my friends.

So, is there a God and if so, where is he?

Dear Kylie,

First, thank you for your letter. I want you to know that you are not alone in feeling this way. It does not matter if you are four or fourteen or forty-four, we are all frustrated with the world we live in.

I am not a theologian, simply a writer, and I will do my best to answer your questions.

A simple answer to your question, where is God, would be that we, or some people, asked him to leave our schools, we told him we didn’t need him and we stopped praying, we told him we could do it on our own. So, he simply left.

But like I said, that is a simple answer and also the wrong answer because I do not believe he left at all. I see teenagers every day that are making a difference. You probably see them, and maybe you are one of them, that take a stand against bullying, that reaches out to someone who is hurting, even if that person is not in their “circle.” They are the ones that will do what is right, not what is popular, no matter what others will think about them. Kylie, that is where you will find God.

I know our church collects gifts to give to those in need and can’t afford Christmas presents. Not only our church but churches and communities and individuals that give to the needy, like your friend’s family, so that they can have a Christmas. I know this time of year is hard for families with financial hardships, but when you see others giving and volunteering to help those in need, that is where God is.

I see the same news and social media you see about the evil in this world, such as human trafficking and drug overdoses. That’s what the news wants you to see, but they do not show the good that is out there. You truly have to search for it to know that for every bad news story, there is a good one. The Bible says seek and you will find.

I ask you to do that Kylie, turn away from the news feeds and search for good. Organizations like ECPAT-USA,, who are also international, or Polaris Project, Even right here in central Ohio there is Out Of Darkness Columbus Ohio, and Live United Delaware County,

There are thousands and thousands of other organizations and individuals that are fighting against evil in this world. That is where God is Kylie.

How do I know  God exists? Take a look at our planet Earth. If it were positioned just a few inches from where it is located, it would not exist. Think about that Kylie. If the earth was located less than half the size of your iPhone, it would not be able to support human life. Scientists can’t even disagree with that.

How else do I know God exists? Well, it is you and me and every other human in this world. None of us are exactly the same. Who could make billions of people and not one of them is the same? How could billions of people exist that are all unique down to the tiniest DNA in their bodies if they were not created by God? Do you think that could happen by chance? I do not.

I did not always feel this way. Unlike you, Kylie, who grew up in church and knew about God and his love from the moment you were born, I did not. I did things my own way and ran my own life and was desperate to change the way I was living and one day I just stopped and turned around. I let God, who was pursuing me my entire life, catch me. And when he caught me, my life changed. I fell to my knees and I wept. Which was strange to me because I was raised to not show my feelings. To keep it all inside and be tough like a man. But that very moment God caught me, I was overwhelmed with love. As I learned about God, I learned about who he made me to be and what my identity is in Him. Not what everyone else thinks of me, but what God thinks of me. That changed my life.

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Kylie, I have made many mistakes in my life. I have been divorced twice and tore apart my family because I was selfish and did things my way. Christians are humans and like all humans, we all make mistakes. After I accepted God into my life, seven years ago the unthinkable happened. My wife had an affair. It started around this time of year and I kept hearing a voice, or having a sixth sense if you will, to check her emails. Call it God trying to get involved before it got too far or call it the devil trying to tell me to look at what I helped your wife do, I do not know, but I ignored it because I trusted her. Until I could not ignore it and I found out the truth. In my anger, rage, hurting, and how could you, I wanted a divorce. Then on January 17th, I could not sleep. I was tossing and turning and crying and at 2:37 am, I felt the need to bundle up and take a walk. I remember the exact day and time because it is the first time I heard God speak to me. As I walked outside and tears streamed down my face and I yelled at God why, how could he let this happen, I looked up and saw the many many stars. In the stillness of the cold night,  I heard him say stay, this is not about you, it’s about her and I need you to stay and be strong and help me help her come back to us. Over the next few weeks, a peace came over me and instead of yelling and saying hurtful things, I spoke words I never thought I could speak. They were not my words but God’s. Seven years later, even though not all is perfect, no marriage is, we are still proof of God’s grace, forgiveness,  mercy, and love.

Kylie, Only God can heal a man like me, a marriage torn apart by an affair, and the brokenness of the people in this world.

We only have to be still and ask for him to help us and tell us what to do.

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My dad did not believe in God. Thankfully, to his wonderful wife, my mother, who had a heart of gold and to his caretakers over the last few months of his life, and maybe to the way I lived my life after I accepted God, he accepted that Jesus is his lord and savior and invited him into his life shortly before he passed. I wish he could have had more time to know how much God loves him but in my grieving, I also knew that I would see him again. Only God can heal the grieving and the hurting Kylie.

Kylie, I wish everyone your age, or any age, knew what their true identity in Christ is. I believe that if everyone knew how much they were loved, how they were chosen to be born and that there is a plan for their life that there would less hurt in this world. I wish that they defined themselves as God defines them. That they would understand that false identity comes from the brokenness in this world. Trust that Jesus died on the cross for their sins and that they were forgiven and that there is a better way to live this thing we call life. I wish that they would find their plan and purpose for what God has for them, not what this world tells them they should be.

Kylie, do not choose happiness. It is an emotion like sadness or anger or excitement. It comes and goes with circumstances. Choose joy and love Kylie. No matter what you are going through choose to love, choose to be joyful. That is where you will find God.

You can choose what your heart will follow, Kylie, and what your heart follows is where you will be. Choose goodness, compassion, empathy. Choose to follow the good in the world and people will follow you because they will see how you live. Kylie, that is where God will be.

I recently saw the movie Overcomer. I could tell you a million quotes that I wish every teenager would know in this social media world where everything is based on smiles and likes but one I would like to share is this: people always try to tell you to look like this person or do something this way because it is popular but knowing that God loves you and he made you, why would you want to be anyone else.

Be yourself. Kylie, When you realize and accept that, your self-image and your identity and your view of the world will change. Filter out the negatives and live in the positives.

You, Kylie, are a child of God and you are here for a reason.

Kylie, I wish this world was not what it is. I wish and pray today when you go to school that it won’t be your last day on this earth. But, I beg you Kylie, do not live in fear. God does not live in fear. Live with hope Kylie, go out today and change the world. Be the one who shows the world that God is alive and well and that he lives in you.

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Kylie, even in the bad I see all around me, I choose to see the good more. From the morning sunrise to the evening stars, from the leafless trees of winter to the first flower that blooms in the spring. From the first breath a baby takes to the last breath someone breathes. There is a shell that covers this unseen world and people choose to believe in what only they can see but there are mysteries in the unseen that we will never fully understand but it is as real as the next breath you take. You must have faith, hope and love, Kylie. That is where God resides and that is where you will find him. From the beginning to the end, I choose to see God in all of it and that is how I know God was here yesterday, he is here today, and he will be here tomorrow.

Kylie, God is alive and well and he is in you. He made you and he saved you, he loves you, he blesses you, he protects you, you are chosen and he died for you, Kylie. If you will find it in your heart to believe how much you are loved and chosen then you, too, will see him everywhere for he will be with you everywhere you go.

In the good and the bad, in the laughter and the tragedy, seek him, Kylie. He is there.

And that my dearest Kylie, is how I know that God exists and that he is here today.

Your friend,


You Say by Lauren Daigle –

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What Mercy Did For Me by Micah Tyler –

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From The Top Of The World

From the bottom of hell and on my knees

My rotting soul in the air I breathe

I hold my breath, want my lungs to explode

Fighting my mind from mistakes made a long time ago

I claw at my chest, want to rip out my heart

From this world I want to depart

I poke at my eyes, I no longer want to see

I’m sorry for things I’ve done but I can’t forgive me

I’ve become cold, heartless, and callous

Nothing but empty rooms in this palace

In this palace the demons say the lies are truth, they insist

From the darkness of hell they tell me the light does not exist

From the bottom of hell and on my knees

I find the strength to whisper please God, please

From the bottom of hell I give you my sins, my shame

From the top of the world you whisper my name

From the top of the world you shout my name

Do you listen when God speaks?

This is a tough one for me. There have been so many times when I heard or felt God telling me to do something and I let fear get in the way and did not do it. Why do I do this? It wasn’t like He was asking me to sacrifice my child or to go preach to a city full of sin. He wasn’t asking me to turn water into wine or leave my family or my job to follow Him.

Fear, the great inhibitor.

As you already know I am not a big talker. I am also comfortable in my comfort zone. God says go talk to that stranger. I am like are you sure? Then the stranger walks away and the chance is gone. God says go left and I go right and find myself somewhere I shouldn’t be. Should’ve listened to God. God says get off the computer and spend time with your family. I say they are fine. They are busy doing what they do.

Status quo. Don’t rock the boat. If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it.

But it is broken isn’t it.

Technology is great but it has also taken so much away from why we are here. Yes, I can reach millions of people I will never see through these writings and hopefully bring a few of those people to know Jesus. Am I sacrificing my time with my family by doing this? Maybe. God is telling me to do this so I am doing it. How do I do it without sacrificing family time? I have to sacrifice my time. Instead of aimlessly looking at the internet I have to concentrate on writing. Instead of sleeping seven hours maybe I sleep six. Would you sacrifice an hour sleep if God was using you to change the world? Would you spend the thirty minutes you take each morning drinking coffee and reading (or watching) the morning news and change it to taking thirty minutes to tell the world about Jesus? We all have extra time in the day, it comes down to a matter of how do you want to use that extra time? If God asks you to give him ten minutes a day, would you, could you do it?

Watch tv or read the bible? Read about the latest news on this or that celebrity or talk to your children and spouses?

Matthew 6:22 The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light,

Spend twenty minutes reading all the jokes, gossip, news etc in your inbox or spend twenty minutes exercising? If God asked you to run for Him, would you do it?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

I remember a time when a young couple came to our church. They sat right in front of us and they looked distraught. She was pregnant and you could tell they didn’t have much money. At the end of service, God was telling me to talk to them, but I didn’t. I said maybe next time. Later, my wife told me God was telling her the same thing, but she did nothing also. She thought maybe next time. That couple has not been back to our church, or if they have we have not seen them. I would talk to them now.

I remember a young lady sat beside us one service and she cried most of the service. I felt God telling me to talk to her. This time I did, a simple are you okay, anything I can do? She said thanks but no, she will be okay. I see her every service and she is an active member of our church. What if that day I didn’t say anything?

I remember at my work, a long time ago, everyone was cursing all the time. It was a hostile environment. Yelling across the room f this or f that. I heard God say stop cursing and people will follow. I quit and within two-three weeks, almost everyone quit cursing and the mood in the room changed for the better. What if I didn’t listen and kept cursing?

I remember my wife saying she can’t lead a Run For God class. She heard God telling her to do it but fear of speaking in front of people kept her from doing it. She lead her first Run For God class June 28th. Sixteen adults and ten children were there and more people have shown interest in being there for the second class. So far, that’s twenty-six people, that through God, she is leading to bring them closer to God, to meet new people in their walk with God, and to use their bodies and minds to glorify God. All because she listened to God.

How do you know if it’s God, your own mind, or Satan speaking to you? Satan deceives and lies, will try to lead you away from what is right. Your mind is selfish and will try to promote your own self interests. God will lead you to do what is right, He will never ask you to do something you shouldn’t, and will always put others before yourselves.

Once you get over your fears, it gets easier. That’s why people try to conquer their fears by facing them head on. Afraid of heights? Go someplace high. Afraid of spiders, snakes? Hold one. Okay maybe not. How about be in a room with them at the zoo or something. Have you watched Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight Loss? The issues are usually the fears they have or a trauma that had happened in their life that is holding them back. Once they tackle those issues, the I can’ts or the trauma they faced earlier in life, they move forward. Afraid to tell the truth because of shame, hurt?  Do it anyway, the truth will always set you free.

John 8:32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

What is God asking you to do today? Is your answer yes Lord?

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