Me and Jeremy

Jeremy’s locker was next to mine

I never bothered to take the time

Me and Jeremy were not close

We never even really spoke

I was captain of the football team

He always wore black shirts with black jeans

He was a loner but never alone

God and the devil were in the same home

I had questions but here’s my confession

Didn’t know he suffered from depression

But he made one hell of an impression

When he read that Bible out loud

Then one night the demons won the fight

When Jeremy committed suicide

Not even God could bring back his life

That morning when his body was found

Lots of things I thought I knew

Turned out to be very few

Words I wish I would’ve said

Forever stuck in my head

Next to me is an empty space

I’ve even spent time at his grave

So many words I didn’t say

I wonder if he knows he changed my life

I learned about God, still learning to pray

Maybe Jeremy would be alive today

If I took a few seconds to say hey

I wouldn’t have a lifetime asking why

Never Be The Same by Shimmer Johnson –

Don’t You Give Up by OneLife –

Hallelujah Even Here by Lydia Laird –

You’re Answers Behind The Storm by Matt Lefait –

Enough Hurt For Today

We’ve been hurting for so long

But we keep singing the same song

And maybe I’m wrong

I’m done watching the news

I’m going to turn off the tv

Take some time for me

I’m not going to apologize

For not listening to the lies

Putting it all in a box

Praying it will all stop

Cause there’s been enough hurt for today

Not much else for me to say

I know it’s not going to go away

Maybe it’s only a delay

Finding some alone time to pray

Cause there’s been enough hurt for today

Not going to think about tomorrow

All the hate, all the sorrow

I know there’s more for me to know

Not going to think about the shootings

The virus, the death, the violence, the looting

Need a win, tired of the losing

Going to think about something else

May be selfish, but need to heal myself

Been living too long in the dark

Need a cure for my broken heart

Cause there’s been enough hurt for today

Not much else for me to say

I know it’s not going to go away

Maybe it’s only a delay

Finding some alone time to pray

Cause there’s been enough hurt for today

Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to  bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship  today.” —Thich Nhat Hanh |

Maybe I’m only hitting pause

Hoping we’re not a lost cause

We are all broken , yet chosen

Praying we can get through this moment

Cause there’s been enough hurt for today

Not much else for me to say

I know it’s not going to go away

Maybe it’s only a delay

Finding some alone time to pray

Cause there’s been enough hurt for today

Hope for a better tomorro... | Quotes & Writings by Olufunke Kolapo |  YourQuote

Good Day by Apollo LTD –

Gospel Song by Rhett Walker –

Fires by Jordan St. Cyr –

We All Need Jesus by Danny Gokey & Koryn Hawthorne –

Black Sheep, Black Sheep

93+ EXCLUSIVE Self Esteem Quotes On Self-Worth - BayArt

Black sheep, black sheep what are you going to do?

Black sheep, black sheep they say you have no value

Born into a world that’s taught to hate

Black sheep, black sheep this isn’t your fate

Black sheep, black sheep don’t you cry

Black sheep, black sheep you’ve been told a lie

Don’t believe everything you hear or see

Black sheep, black sheep listen, listen black sheep

25 Powerful Self Worth Quotes To Help You Love Yourself More | Worth  quotes, Self confidence quotes, Self love quotes

Black sheep, black sheep know your worth

Black sheep, black sheep you are pure

They can’t change what you are

Black sheep, black sheep that’s why you’re a star

Black sheep, black sheep let me explain

Black sheep, black sheep you can’t be changed

They say you are nothing and don’t belong

Black sheep, black sheep you must stay strong

51 Self-esteem quotes that'll help you realize your worth

Black sheep, black sheep, don’t believe the bull

Black sheep, black sheep they can never change your wool

You can be you and only you

Black sheep, black sheep this is true

Black sheep, black sheep right before your eyes

Black sheep, black sheep soon they’ll realize

That being who you are is not a weakness

Black sheep, black sheep appreciate your uniqueness

Top 10 Self-Worth Quotes. Over the years, I have kept track of my… | by  Jennifer Rosater | Medium

The Devil Told Me He Was Dead

I was feeling a little down on my luck

Met a man who said his name was Chuck

Then he said, did you know the devil was dead ?

So we sat together and broke bread

Man, he could tell a story

He told me I had nothing to worry

We had a couple shots and a few beers

He told me again, I had nothing to fear

Then he looked me in the eye and said

Hey, man, did I tell you the devil was dead ?

I was thinking maybe I was wrong

To sit there and talk, but it’s been so long

Since God’s shown up around here

So we ordered a few more beers

Then he told me a few jokes

Then lit up another smoke

He asked what I thought about love

And he asked if I believed in God

But before I could answer he said

Hey, did I tell you the devil was dead?

When Facing Satan's Temptations - 1 Peter 5:8 - Today's Bible Verse for  June 21, 2018

Maybe I was wrong to sit there and listen

But I thought what was I really missing

Been so long since God showed up ‘round here

So we ordered more shots and a few more beers

Maybe it was the alcohol that started to talk

I told him it was time for me to take a walk

There was something about him I recognized

I said man, your entertaining but all you do is lie

Hell, man, we’ve all had a bad year

It seems like a long time since God’s been here

You’ve won some battles and had a good time

But I believe love wins and God is alive

Then I looked him in the eye and said

After all, didn’t you tell me you were dead ?

Pin on Words to Live By

The Devil Is A Liar by Colton Dixon –

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Signs Of Life

Through all the dark days

Through all the darker nights

When I had lost my way

When I had lost my sight

When my mind was wheel

That kept getting stuck in the mud

When nothing could I feel

When I was always stuck

When the grass had turned brown

When the leaves had fallen from the tree

When snow had covered the ground

You revealed yourself to me

A cardinal, feathers so red

A tulip that bloomed too soon

The sound of baby birds waiting to be fed

A butterfly emerging from its cocoon

Five baby skunks chasing their mother

A baby deer taking its first steps

The buzzing of a bee and then another

All these things revealed and I wept

Tears of joy instead of tears of sorrow

For in the darkness there are signs of life

I found peace in today and hope for tomorrow

For the darkness always succumbs to the light

Image result for quotes about triumph overcoming depression

New Today by Micah Tyler –

Feel Again by David Dunn –

Don’t Forget To Breathe by Anson Seabra –

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Noah Scape

There was a man named Noah Scape

Who felt misfortune was always his fate

He hated everything on this earth

Not once did he ever say a kind word

When people saw him coming

The other way they’d go running

Noah Scape would quite often offend

Surprisingly, or maybe not, Noah had many friends

But the ones he had felt the same as he

Noah Veil, Betty Wont, Miss Happs, and Y. Me

Dee Zaster, Emma Fraid, Hope Lescase,

Lois Steem, Shirley Knott, and Ray Neday

They all felt the world was out to get them

Perhaps, that is why they were all friends

But one day Noah Scape

Fell into it in a bad way

He needed help

But he truly felt

His troubles he could not share

No one he knew would care

With his head down he walked away

Wishing he could find Sunny Daze

A girl he knew once upon a time

Or maybe Yul B. Allright

He was always positive

And always quite supportive

Gene Yess was thoughtful and smart

Phil Hope always spoke from the heart

Then Noah thought maybe his life wasn’t a mess

Truly in his heart he knew he had to confess

That where he was in his life

His choices were part of his demise

So he chose right there and then

To begin his life again

For he had been miserable for quite a while

His face nearly cracked when he started to smile

The clouds started to part and the sun began to shine

Noah realized the light had been there the entire time

For where he was was not where he had to be

His eyes only needed to be open so he could see

He only had to make better choices

And listen to more positive voices

Now Noah knew that it was never to late

For there had always been a way out for Noah Scape

I Want To Say Thank You

Thank A Police Officer Day on Delmarva - DelmarvaLife

I usually do not post on the weekend but sometimes you have to.

I want to say thank you

For running into the unknown

For responding to the call

Not knowing if you’ll make it back home

For keeping our town safe

When you are patrolling the streets

For stopping, just to say hi

For getting the cat out of the tree

For keeping our kids safe

By being in our schools

For writing me that speeding ticket

When I chose to break the rules

Thank you for working late

Missing your family’s supper

I know your job is hard

And some are making it tougher

But I just wanted to take a minute

To let you know some of us care

That cry with you, that stand with you

That respect you, that says a prayer

That some of us will stand by your side

We’ll remember the heroes

Who responded on their last ride

Stay strong, stay protected, get home safe

It might not be the popular thing to say

But when have I cared about that

So thank you, not only today

But every day

Photos of some of police officers killed in the line of duty since May 1, 2020 because of gunfire, assault, or vehicular assault.

Police Officer Tamarris Leon-Wesley Bohannon | St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Missouri
Deputy Sheriff Ryan Phillip Hendrix | Henderson County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina
Investigator Luis
Detective James M. Skernivitz | Cleveland Division of Police, Ohio
Trooper Thomas William Devlin | Massachusetts State Police, Massachusetts
Captain Stanley Curtis Elrod | Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Georgia
Corporal Bryant Searcy | Wayne County Sheriff's Office, Michigan
Police Officer Bryan Brown | Tohono O'odham Nation Police Department, Tribal Police
Sergeant Ricardo Perez-Ortiz | Puerto Rico Police Department, Puerto Rico
Police Officer Sheena Dae Yarbrough-Powell | Beaumont Police Department, Texas
Trooper Caleb Starr | Michigan State Police, Michigan
Special Agent John Bost, III | United States Department of Justice - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Government
Deputy Sheriff Dylan Pickle | Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi
Deputy Sheriff William Garner | Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Georgia
Police Officer Jonathan Shoop | Bothell Police Department, Washington
Police Officer Ismael Chavez | McAllen Police Department, Texas
Police Officer Edelmiro Garza, Jr. | McAllen Police Department, Texas
Police Officer Anthony Dia | Toledo Police Department, Ohio
Police Officer Jason Judd | Peoria Police Department, Arizona
Sergeant Craig Vincent Johnson | Tulsa Police Department, Oklahoma
Police Officer Destin Legieza | Brentwood Police Department, Tennessee
Wildlife Officer Julian Keen, Jr. | Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida
Police Officer Dale Thomas Provins, Jr. | Jefferson Hills Borough Police Department, Pennsylvania
Deputy Sheriff James H. Blair | Simpson County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi
Animal Control Officer Darrian May Young | Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Michigan
Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller | Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office, California
Sheriff Andy Deric Clark | DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Missouri
Police Officer Scott Hutton | Alexander Police Department, Arkansas
Lieutenant Stephen P. Williams | Moody Police Department, Alabama
Police Officer Waldis
Deputy Constable Caleb Daniel Rule | Fort Bend County Constable's Office - Precinct 4, Texas
Police Officer Nathan James Lyday | Ogden Police Department, Utah
Police Officer Cody N. Holte | Grand Forks Police Department, North Dakota
Trooper George Baker | Louisiana State Police, Louisiana
Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Christopher Maser | Bonneville County Sheriff's Office, Idaho
Police Officer Michael S. Mosher | Overland Park Police Department, Kansas

Time To Say Goodbye

Time to Say Goodbye – Moroccanoil Beautiful Business

It’s the same story every night

I tell myself it’s time to say goodbye

I feel like I am just wasting time

I’ve got other things I need to do

If only I could break up with you

I can’t tolerate the stress you put me through

But it’s harder to do than I thought

And sometimes I feel like I cannot

You’re an addiction I have fought

Here is the cold hard fact and you have to face it

I want to get better and you want me complacent

You want me to stay here but I want to go places

But tonight will be the night

Candy Crush, I’m telling you goodbye

Wait, you’re giving me an hour of free lives

Ok maybe tomorrow……I can say goodbye

Who The Hell Are They?

64 Quotes After Grief and Life After Loss Whats your Grief

I wrote this one for the loss of any loved one but since it is suicide prevention week, I thought I would say this: If you are thinking about suicide, reach out, ask for help, you are not the only one affected by your decision. You are loved.

They say I will heal in time

They say one day I’ll be fine

They say everything happens for a reason

They say life is full of seasons

They say life will go on

They say every night ends at dawn

They say I’m not going crazy

They say one day I’ll smile at your memory

200+ Best Grief images in 2020 | grief, grief quotes, grief loss

Tell me, who the hell are they?

Have they ever been in this much pain?

Have they ever screamed and yelled at God?

Have they ever wondered, have they ever thought

That they can’t go on another day

I wonder then what they would say

Have they ever fell to their knees

Begging God, begging him please?

64 Quotes After Grief and Life After Loss Whats your Grief

They say there will be bad and good days

They say you’re not that far away

They say one day the pain will end

They say one day I’ll love again

They say time heals all wounds

They say one day I’ll notice the flowers bloom

That I’ll think of you and smile

When your old number I dial

94+ Profound & Powerful Quotes About Losing a Loved One - BayArt

But tell me, who the hell are they?

Have they ever been in this much pain?

Have they ever screamed and yelled at God?

Have they ever wondered, have they ever thought

That they can’t go on another day

I wonder then what they would say

Have they ever fell to their knees

Begging God, begging him please?

I just want to be sad, I want to be angry

I just want you here beside me

I don’t want to be angry, I don’t want to be sad

I just want you back, I want you back

I don’t want to cry when I say your name

One day they say, one day, so they say

10 Quotes About Grief

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