Dear Heart

Dear heart, I’m going to break you a million times

And other people will break you a million more

But you’ll keep on beating

And I’ll keep on breathing

Everyday you stitch yourself back together

And somehow you have become stronger

Give me time to work on the rest of me

‘Cause sometimes my eyes don’t see

‘Cause sometimes my ears don’t hear

And sometimes I live in fear

Should we get started on my mind

It’s scary because it’s on all the time

I know, heart, that it’s a mess

And it causes you a lot of stress

All the times I felt like we weren’t good enough

Dear heart, you were always telling me to love

All the times I thought we should be left alone

I want to thank you heart for not turning to stone

Dear heart, you never ever let me give up

You keep telling me we are enough

I don’t know why everyone walks away

But one day, someone will choose to stay

We will be going through life taking a tour

And unexpectedly, will find a heart like yours

One that’s been sewn together after being broken to pieces

But whose capacity to love never ceases

Together, you will beat as one

Then when your time has come

I want to say thank you heart for a wonderful life

Before you beat for the very last time


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