That Was Something

We were growing up and knew it all

Nothing but a good time, thought we’d never fall

Looking back I realize we knew nothing

That was 1980 something

Turned 21, got drunk and grew up

We kept falling in and out of love

Living life, man we were running

That was when we were twenty something

Met the girl that changed my world

Got married and had a couple girls

Figuring it out as we were living and loving

That was when we were thirty something

Girls grew up and we grew apart

Didn’t know time would break our hearts

I know I didn’t see this one coming

That was when we were forty something

Got a new house, got a new life

Fell in love, might ask her to be my wife

All these years led me to what I’m becoming

That was when I was fifty something

Heading into winter but summers not over

And the end’s getting a little closer

Don’t know what the next decade will bring

Guess we’ll see when I’m sixty something

Moments turn to memories and the sun will set one last time

And I’ll have gratitude for all that’s been a part of my life

I’ll smile and shake my head, thinking wasn’t that something

Living, loving, laughing, crying, my life, that was something


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