I Hate That I Can’t Hate You

I hate that door you walked out of

I hate that bed where we made love

I hate that couch where you sat beside me

I hate Yellowstone and every damn movie

I hate that kitchen where you made dinner

I hate how thoughts of you linger

I hate remembering how your hand fit in mine

I hate not being able to fall asleep at night

I hate all these memories

I hate there was ever a you and me

I hate everything you’ve done and do

I hate that I can’t hate you

I hate seeing that smile on your face

I hate thinking of him in my place

I hate how I got all your lies

I hate how he gets the butterfly

I hate how I can’t trust my heart

I hate sitting alone here in the dark

I hate that I’m even saying these words

I hate that you can’t feel this hurt

I hate that after every thing you put me through

I hate that I can’t hate you

Shouldn’t Matter But It Does by John Mayer –

Messy by Carly Pearce –

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