If I Could Go Back In Time

If I could go back in time

I’d take away everything that caused you pain

I’d tell you that guy’s a jerk and to stay away

I’d tell you not to cross that line

If I could go back in time

I’d be sure you wouldn’t have any scars

I’d be sure you’d never have to unbreak your heart

I’d be sure you would never have to cry

If I could go back in time

From an early age I’d tell you to love yourself

So you’d never have to look for it from someone else

So your eyes would be open, not blind

But if I went back in time

And erased all the things you went through

Then you really wouldn’t be you

You wouldn’t have had those mountains to climb

And you wouldn’t have came out on the other side

Your broken heart and all those scars

Have made you to be exactly who you are

A person who’s learned how to fight

A person who’s left the dark and is finding the light

A person who is stronger than they know

A person who is continuing to grow

A person who I love having in my life

For that I know if I could go back in time

The only thing I wish I could do

Would be to have more time with you

Holding hands, walking side by side


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