Kylie’s first College Gameday

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Even if it is two days before November, I will be thankful for the time Kylie and I spent together this past Saturday.  Having three older daughters, I know it will go by fast.


Since Kylie was little, we would watch College Gameday together whenever I was off work, which wasn’t often. When I worked we would always call each other and FaceTime the last ten minutes to make the picks together. (I could stream ESPN when I was at work Saturday’s.)


It is a tradition that I hope will continue well into her adult years. She likes the NFL better than college. I like college better than NFL. But in general I think both of us just like watching football together.


We went to watch College Gameday live since they were in Columbus for the Ohio State-Penn State game. We had a really good time, even though it was cold and raining, then snowing. 71 Friday, 35 Saturday morning. Only in Ohio they say.

I tried to get Kylie to stay and watch the Skull Session, where Coach Meyer talks and The Ohio State Marching Band, TBDITL, plays but she was too cold and wet.

Needless to say she didn’t want to stay and try to find tickets to watch the game live, nor did I want to pay $200 plus per ticket. We went home and warmed up and watched the game from home.


We were certain Ohio State would lose the game since everyone was picking them to win. They, Ohio State, tried to give the game away but in the end pulled out an exciting 39-38 win.

Plus we were on TV at least four times. That makes us stars in today’s society right.IMG_3140.JPGIMG_3147.JPG

We Are Buckeyes by Joseph Allen White – 

Ohio State Marching Band –  

Your Choice

When I first started this I was thinking it would be about old friends or old relationship,  like Adele’s Someone Like You song.   Then I heard RaeLynn’s Love Triangle and it went a different direction. Hope you like. Dads, be there for you kids, no matter what. They need you in their life.  The statistics of how children turn out without a father in their lives are not good. Be there. Be thankful for them. Love them.  Be thankful for forgiveness. One of the most important things you can do as a dad is to love their mom. Show them what a real man and a real father and a real stick it out, work it out relationship should look like.


When I left it wasn’t your choice

It must be strange to hear my voice

After all these years

After you cried a million tears

“I’m sorry I was wrong.”

“I should never have left you for so long.”

“I’m sorry I decided to leave.”

“I know that must be hard for you to believe.”

“I felt like there was no other way.”

“When I packed my bags and left that day.”

“Your mom has raised you well.”

“You’re beautiful inside and out I can tell.”

I could also tell I had scarred her

Her first question, “Why didn’t you try harder?”

“Wasn’t I worth trying?”

“Do you know how many nights I spent crying?”

“I promise daddy, I could’ve been better!”

“Don’t you think I was worth one call, one letter?”

“I know you and mom had your troubles

But why did you keep me outside your bubble?”

“Do you know many nights  I yelled into my pillow at you?”

“Do you know how many days I wondered what did I do?”

I just stared at her, how could I cut her out of my life?

There was nothing I could say, she was right

She had so many questions that hurt me so

But nothing like the pain I caused her I know

I cried my first tear

I let go of all my fears

All the times I could’ve

All the times I should’ve

I let them all go, left the past in the past

Here she was in front of me at last

I asked, “Will you ever forgive me?”

“I did dad, a long time ago can’t you see?”

“I prayed for you!”

“I waited for you!”

“I did have so much anger and hate

But God taught me that love was the only way.”

“As hard as it was I slowly learned to forgive

So that I could learn to live.”

“I opened up the walls surrounding my heart.”

“Here I am dad, willing to give us another start!”

I lost it all, I crumbled in her arms

I promised her I would never again harm

If God could help us reunite

Then I knew I had to give Him my life

Thank you for mended relationships

Thank you God for fixing this

Never again will something come in between

I will spend the rest of my life letting her know how much she means

Love Triangle by Raelynn-  

Perfect Story by Idina Menzel – 

Every Other Weekend by Kenny Chesney and Reba McEntire- 

Two Houses by Matthew West – 

Family by TobyMac – 

Hey Mom and Dad by Sloppy – 

Song For My Father by Sarah McLachlan – 

Forgiveness by Matthew West – 

Forgiveness by TobyMac feat LeCrae – 

Forgiveness Is A Miracle by Jason Gray – 

A Dallas Home Game In Cleveland


My favorite NFL team since I was little has always been the Dallas Cowboys. I don’t know why since I am from Ohio and no one I knew liked them. I have brainwashed my daughter into them being her favorite team also.

We went to Cleveland to see them play November 6th.  It was a good daddy-daughter day.  There were so many Dallas fans walking to the stadium that it felt like we were in Dallas. I would have to say it was at least 1/2, if not more filled with Cowboys fans inside. It was also 60 degrees. Something to be thankful for in November in Cleveland.


At one point in the 3rd quarter the crowd was chanting Let’s Go Cowboys and it was loud. A lot of Browns fans were leaving by this point.

Kylie got to see her favorite players, Jason Witten and Zeke, score touchdowns. She likes Dak but her favorite player is Tony Romo and he still was not able to play this week.

Jason Witten and Tony Romo


Yes they were playing Cleveland but the Cowboys were very impressive.  Zeke, Dak, Witten and the defense ruled the day.  If you haven’t heard the Cowboys won 35-10.


Here are some more pics.








Today by Brad Paisley – 

It’s A Good Day by Hilary Weeks –  

A Father’s Gift


The second of three poems I am sharing this week that I wrote a long time ago.

If you missed the first one here it is:  A Mother’s Gift

I also posted another poem on Monday about spending time with your significant other, you can find it here :  If It’s Only An Hour

A Father’s Gift
It’s just you and me now

We will get by somehow

I promise to give you all my love

You’ll always be who I’m thinking of

I know you’re sad, I am too

Oh no baby , I don’t regret you

I know that we lost your mother

So you may never have a sister or a brother

I know no one will ever take her place

Someday, you may be asked to let another be that face

Until then, it will be just you and I

So we must remember, even when we don’t know why

Everything happens for a reason

Good and bad, in every season

We’ll both make mistakes, but nothing you ever do

Could ever, ever , take away my love for you 

A Fathers Love For His Daughter (commercial) – 

Don’t Take The Girl by Tim McGraw – 

Car In Front Of Me by Luke Bryan – 

Save A Place For Me by Matthew West – 

Without You by For King & Country – 

Sissy’s Song by Alan Jackson – 

One More Day by Diamond Rio – 

If I Had Only Known by Reba McEntire – 

Say Hello To Heaven by Collin Raye – 



I Am With You Daughter

Wacky Wednesday  A daughter needs a Dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.: I would love to see this pic with my nieces and my bro. Or just the girls!: IMG_0002IMG_0728

(Two of my daughters, note to self : I need some currents of Kelsey and Kirstie)


Parents listen up, especially fathers. You have a vital role in how your children are raised. You can build your children up or tear them down. You can support, encourage, discipline them or you can enable, discourage and belittle them. You can show them how they should be treated and loved or you can leave them with so low esteem they fall for the guys that abuse them.

How do you treat their mother?  You can lead them to God or away from God. Do you make time for them? Take them on dates? (Something I have failed at doing if I am honest- the date part, I make time for them.) You will be the standard for how your daughter sees all men in her life. You will be the standard for how your son sees how he should treat women.

Do you work 70 hours a week and have children say my dad never was there for me? When you get home what is the first thing you do? I try, and sometimes I fail, to first kiss my wife, their mom, so they can see the love their parents have. Then I ask our one daughter who is still at home about her day. Ask her what she wants to do. Play football, watch tv, play games, whatever it is I try to do. We wrestle ( I am Triple D- Doctor Death Daddy and Kylie is El Cupachabra) and I teach her self defense and what to do when attacked from behind, all while she thinks we are just play fighting. Yes, I just got home and yes, I have stuff to do but what could be more important?

I am for you daughters, and I will always be here for you. No matter what roads we go down or if we get lost, we will find our way together. I am sorry for the times I let you down but I love you more than anything in this world.

A letter from a daughter to her dad is always special. We have one such special letter today at your Adda. Kavya, beautifully written.: Never let me go Daddy, oh Father:

As a father, you are a teacher, provider, coach, protector, playmate, role-model, etc etc.  It is a big responsibility. One you can not do on your own. You need help from our one true Father in Heaven. No matter how good or how bad a father I am there is one Father who will not let you down.

He is always there for you and for your children. Here is another article from the Loop that I wanted to share. If you listen to the songs at the bottom do you want to be like the first set (before and including Good Good Father) or the last set of songs.

I Am With You On This Road

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

My daughter, you are no mistake. I made you with intention, I made you with your face in my mind, your voice in my ears. I made you with a name and with grace and with gifts only yours—your gifts my very gift to you.

You are not made with a pressure to perform, with an expectation to achieve. You are not made with a heaviness to bear around your neck, a weight to carry, a weariness of long days one after another.

I know the way with Me can feel hard. I know this road feels long. I am with you on the road, my dear. I am with you on this road.

Take steps now, where you can no longer see. Reach your hand out now, for I long to grab yours and hold tight. Lift those shoulders now; let me take that burden you carry.

Can you see me taking it? Can you see my hands upon your shoulders, the weight being lifted off? Can you feel shackles being cut? Can you feel the things you can’t, with your eyes, see?

I am for you, my child. And I do not ask you to go places where I will not be. Only go where I am. Even though you can’t see the next steps, I do. And I go ahead, and I know when the path is clear.

Just follow Me, my daughter. I know this road, this one marked out for you. You have choices about where to go, whether to turn right or to turn left. But ask Me where I am. And trust I give you recognition for the One who made you, for the One who designed your heart, for the One who knows His daughter and the details of the road, for her, ahead.

The Girl You Think I Am by Carrie Underwood – 

Just Fishin by Trace Adkins – 

Watching You by Rodney Atknis – 

King Of The World by Point Of Grace – 

Hidden by United Pursuit – 

Lead Me by Sanctus Real – 

Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin – 

Father Of Mine by Everclear – 

Father by Demi Lovato – 

Cat’s In The Cradle by Harry Chapin – 

Emotionless by Good Charlotte – 

No Son Of Mine by Genesis –