Kylie’s first College Gameday

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Even if it is two days before November, I will be thankful for the time Kylie and I spent together this past Saturday.  Having three older daughters, I know it will go by fast.


Since Kylie was little, we would watch College Gameday together whenever I was off work, which wasn’t often. When I worked we would always call each other and FaceTime the last ten minutes to make the picks together. (I could stream ESPN when I was at work Saturday’s.)


It is a tradition that I hope will continue well into her adult years. She likes the NFL better than college. I like college better than NFL. But in general I think both of us just like watching football together.


We went to watch College Gameday live since they were in Columbus for the Ohio State-Penn State game. We had a really good time, even though it was cold and raining, then snowing. 71 Friday, 35 Saturday morning. Only in Ohio they say.

I tried to get Kylie to stay and watch the Skull Session, where Coach Meyer talks and The Ohio State Marching Band, TBDITL, plays but she was too cold and wet.

Needless to say she didn’t want to stay and try to find tickets to watch the game live, nor did I want to pay $200 plus per ticket. We went home and warmed up and watched the game from home.


We were certain Ohio State would lose the game since everyone was picking them to win. They, Ohio State, tried to give the game away but in the end pulled out an exciting 39-38 win.

Plus we were on TV at least four times. That makes us stars in today’s society right.IMG_3140.JPGIMG_3147.JPG

We Are Buckeyes by Joseph Allen White – 

Ohio State Marching Band –  

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