I’m Cheering For You

I'm still cheering for you | Encouragement quotes, Words of encouragement,  Words

Before the last six months, I could’ve told my children been there, done that for everything they go through.  I can not say that anymore. With the school closings, sports cancelled, not hanging out with large groups of friends, riots, protests, etc, I can not say I know what they are feeling deep inside. I can let them know they are loved and I am and always will be there for them which is where this poem comes from.

Lots of songs at the end, maybe you can find one or two to share with your children just to let them know you are there no matter what.

I’m Cheering For You

Standing on the sidelines, holding back the tears

Didn’t win it all, but at least you had next year

At least that’s what we all thought

But you didn’t know that was your last shot

There won’t be any more locker room celebration

I see your anger and your frustration

You were looking forward to a new season

The hits keep coming and you’re taking a beatin’

I want you to know even with no one cheering from the stands

I am here, cheering for you, and I am your biggest fan

It breaks my heart to see yours breaking

All the memories you should be making

But you sit in your room, staring out the window

Feeling like your entire life is in  limbo

Please listen to what I have to say

Do not let these times take your joy away

Do not let them leave a permanent scar

These times do not define who you are

I’m here to listen, to talk

Sit by your side or take a walk

I can give you a hug or just hold your hand

I am here, cheering for you, and I am your biggest fan

Dr. Jack Graham: Coronavirus – My battle with depression has an important  lesson for this crisis | Fox News

Don’t let your story be ruined by this chapter

It won’t be long until hallways are filled with laughter

And you can hang out with all your friends

Things will be back to normal again

And all this will be a distant memory

But until then, whenever you need me

I will be here, holding out my hand

I am cheering for you and I am your biggest fan

I'm Cheering For You.. – Journey To Inner Healing


Ain’t Gonna Give Up by Blue Water Highway-

You Are Loved by Josh Lovelace- 

Always Love You by Tyrone Wells – 

Be Here For You by Sam Tinnesz-

“Til The Blue by Steven Curtis Chapman-

Forever On Your Side by NeedToBreathe- 

Carry On by Young Rising Sons – 

Carry You by Ruelle (feat. Fleurie) –

Pray With You by Mallary Hope-

Don’t Ever Let Em by Fitz & The Tantrums-

You Got This by Love & The Outcome –

I See You by Missio –

I’ll Carry You Home by Trisha Yearwood-

I’m Standing With You by Chrissy Metz-










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