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Reposting this one,  there a too many people that are hurting and depressed right now.  Reach out, speak up. Keep living.

I read through the pages of your book

I get to know you and your every look

I’ve stumbled upon a terrible chapter

One that’s full of hurt and disasters

Some have chosen not to continue to read

They closed the book in your time of need

But I read each and every word

My eyes teared up and the pages blurred

Keep writing your own legacy - leave the story behind that you want. |  Quotable quotes, Words, Inspirational quotes

With each page I prayed you would make it through

Even at your darkest I knew there was a light in you

Another word, another sentence, another paragraph, another page

I couldn’t stop reading because I knew you would find your faith

I was at the end of the chapter and started the next

You made it through the worst but still weren’t at your best

But as I promised, I continued to read

I will hold your hand when you are in need

1000+ Change Quotes on Pinterest | Life Change Quotes, Quotes For Students  and Quotes | Uplifting quotes, Quotes for students, Positive quotes

You are not alone and the next chapter could be amazing

Thanking God for the trials, his name we will be praising

Right now, I need you to keep writing

This world needs you to keep fighting

Don’t give up, don’t let the dark win

Through the wounds, let the light in

Because I know when I close your book after I read the last page

That after all the ups and downs you didn’t give up and you found your way

I know at the end of your story

We will give God all the glory

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Winning The War

Life's Battle: Good vs. Evil & Jus In Bello theory | Still Searching For  The Truth

You may be winning the battle

But you won’t win the war

Our country you’re trying to dismantle

But we’ve been here before

These times have darkened my heart

And they’ve depressed my soul

But I know hope isn’t that far

When I remember love is my goal

Tear me down, beat me up

Keep telling me lies

When you think you’ve done enough

I’ll hold my head high

30 Powerful Sun Tzu Quotes About The Art Of War | Inspirationfeed

In the end I won’t be beat

For now, keep thinking you’ll win

You’ll go down in defeat

Like you’ve done time and time again

Sitting pretty in your castle

That’s me knocking on your door

You can win this battle

But you won’t be winning this war

62 Top Evil Quotes And Sayings

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When You’re Afraid To Be Left Alone

8 powerful suicide prevention quotes - How does your health and body affect  your happiness -

When you’re afraid

to be left alone

When you want to ask for help

But can’t pick up the phone

When you look in the mirror

And the person looking back isn’t you

When you’re so tired

And you don’t know what to do

When you want to scream

But nothing will come out

When you whisper I’m not okay

But all you want to do is shout

When you’re with your friends

And they seem to be enjoying life

When you wonder if they know

All you want to do is die

When you wonder

How much you have left

When you can’t stop

Thinking about death

When you want to be left alone

But know you can’t be

When the darkness

Is all you see

When mom says going to the store

Will you be okay

You answer yes

But really want to say

No, I may not be alive

When you get home

When you really want to say

I’m afraid to be left alone

When the struggle is real

And you don’t know what to do



Lawmakers push for bill aiding suicide prevention | Coronavirus |

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I’m Cheering For You

I'm still cheering for you | Encouragement quotes, Words of encouragement,  Words

Before the last six months, I could’ve told my children been there, done that for everything they go through.  I can not say that anymore. With the school closings, sports cancelled, not hanging out with large groups of friends, riots, protests, etc, I can not say I know what they are feeling deep inside. I can let them know they are loved and I am and always will be there for them which is where this poem comes from.

Lots of songs at the end, maybe you can find one or two to share with your children just to let them know you are there no matter what.

I’m Cheering For You

Standing on the sidelines, holding back the tears

Didn’t win it all, but at least you had next year

At least that’s what we all thought

But you didn’t know that was your last shot

There won’t be any more locker room celebration

I see your anger and your frustration

You were looking forward to a new season

The hits keep coming and you’re taking a beatin’

I want you to know even with no one cheering from the stands

I am here, cheering for you, and I am your biggest fan

It breaks my heart to see yours breaking

All the memories you should be making

But you sit in your room, staring out the window

Feeling like your entire life is in  limbo

Please listen to what I have to say

Do not let these times take your joy away

Do not let them leave a permanent scar

These times do not define who you are

I’m here to listen, to talk

Sit by your side or take a walk

I can give you a hug or just hold your hand

I am here, cheering for you, and I am your biggest fan

Dr. Jack Graham: Coronavirus – My battle with depression has an important  lesson for this crisis | Fox News

Don’t let your story be ruined by this chapter

It won’t be long until hallways are filled with laughter

And you can hang out with all your friends

Things will be back to normal again

And all this will be a distant memory

But until then, whenever you need me

I will be here, holding out my hand

I am cheering for you and I am your biggest fan

I'm Cheering For You.. – Journey To Inner Healing


Ain’t Gonna Give Up by Blue Water Highway-

You Are Loved by Josh Lovelace- 

Always Love You by Tyrone Wells – 

Be Here For You by Sam Tinnesz-

“Til The Blue by Steven Curtis Chapman-

Forever On Your Side by NeedToBreathe- 

Carry On by Young Rising Sons – 

Carry You by Ruelle (feat. Fleurie) –

Pray With You by Mallary Hope-

Don’t Ever Let Em by Fitz & The Tantrums-

You Got This by Love & The Outcome –

I See You by Missio –

I’ll Carry You Home by Trisha Yearwood-

I’m Standing With You by Chrissy Metz-










If Money Grew On Trees

If Money Grew On Trees... - Mediregi

I was taught from an age that was early

To save for a day that would be rainy

Because money does not grow on trees

Then one night, I started to wonder, to think

After having one or two (or maybe three) drinks

But would our problems become extinct

If money grew on trees

What denomination would they be?

Would all that money really be free?

Would it solve all our problems?

Would it really be that awesome?

What happens when it becomes autumn?

I think more problems it would create

Some would spend more then they would take

From my tree, thus sealing their fate

What happens when the wind blows

My money from my yard to who knows?

Do I collect or shrug and say that’s how it goes?

Will there be a limit on how many trees?

If you have one can I have three

Or would you think I’m full of greed?

What about all the trees on government land?

Could I walk there and grab a quick grand

Or would going there be banned?

Who would be there to guard

If the wind blew that money to my yard?

To give it up would be quite hard

Would it be finders keepers

And losers weepers?

I’m sure there would be lots of cheaters

Back to my statement, if money grew on trees

I really don’t think it would make life easy

Because some would spend so freely

While others would save for the winter

When the money falls and starts to wither

Oh the thought makes me shiver

Can you imagine the thievery there would be?

All because some pockets will always be empty

Not thinking of tomorrow when buying what today is trendy

They watch their 100 inch tv and drive their Lamborghini

But, unfortunately, they will have no food to eat

In those long cold months with no money on trees

And thus the twist in the plot

For those that have and have not

Which brings me back to my original thought

That it must be like some disease

That some people will never be happy

Even if money grew on trees

I must state it as a matter of fact, quite simply

That there are too many who act irresponsibly

Who would still be broke if money grew on trees

I don’t know about you, but for me

For those reasons I truly believe

I prefer just to have leaves on the trees

Shrinking of forest carbon sink under climate change may be 'less than  anticipated' | Carbon Brief

For A Boat by Luke Bryan-

Buy Me A Boat by Chris Janson-

Life Of A Working Man by Creed Fisher –


That’s Not My Hometown


The Good Old Days Of The Moon Lit Drive-In..Conyers, GA - Drive-In ...

Used to go to the drive-in in my dad’s old truck

Watching from the bed I would press my luck

Hoping to steal a kiss or get to second base

Have to get you home before it got too late

I hear that drive-in’s long been closed

And I’m here stirring up old ghosts

And I wonder what else has changed

And I wonder if anything I remember remains

Then I saw on the news the people gathered in the streets

I close my eyes and bow my head in defeat

As I watch them tear that statue down

And I think that’s not my hometown

Yeah, I remember when that town was full of love

And how before we ate we’d thank God above

And now I watch them burning those buildings down

And I think that’s not my hometown

UPDATE: Police say protesters entered apartment building during ...

It’s been a minute since I went to visit

Wonder if you’re still living in it

It seems like yesterday in my memory

If I never left would there be you and me

Going to church in my Sunday best

And that time I can’t forget

When we drove out to lovers lane

Our first time in the back of my mustang

Man, those are good memories

Man, we used to run those streets

Those same streets now that I see on the news

They say there’s a side and you have to choose

And I watch them tear that statue down

And I think that’s not my hometown

Yeah, I remember when that town was full of love

And before we ate we thanked God above

And I watch them burning those buildings down

And I think that’s not my hometown

George Floyd's death: Minneapolis police chief 'absolutely sorry ...

I can’t believe my own eyes

This has to be some kind of lie

I fall to my knees and start to cry

I can’t believe my own eyes

I watch them tear that statue down

And I think that’s not my hometown

And I watch them burning those buildings down

And I think that’s not my hometown

And I think that can’t be my hometown

2 Chronicles 7:14 | Warren's Grove United Methodist Church

Beginning Of The End by Klergy & Valerie Broussard –

The World We Made by Ruelle –

This Place Called USA by Creed Fisher –

Beginning Of The End by All Good Things-

Start A War by Klergy & Valerie Broussard-

Must Have Been The Wind

Suicide prevention and resources for Premera customers | Premera Voices

Two weeks ago last night

I was awoken from my sleep

I thought I heard a young lady weep

It did not sound like she was alright

I tossed and turned but could sleep no more

The crying coming from the apartment below

She seemed to be in so much sorrow

I walked the steps down, knocked on her door

She opened the door with a hoodie over her head

I told her I was sorry to knock this late at night

But I wanted to ask if she were all right

You see I heard crying and it got me out of bed

She said my ears must be playing tricks

Cause she was really just fine

Maybe I was dreaming this time

I said if she needed to talk I’m right above, in apartment six

She said okay but needed to go back in

She smiled and shut the door

I walked back to my floor

Thinking it must have been the wind

I may look strong on the outside, but inside I'm dying

One week ago last night

As I was sleeping deep

I knew I heard a lady weep

I woke up with quite a fright

I sat and listened, the moon my only  light

I knew it had to be coming from the apartment below

I went downstairs, knocked and said hello

Sorry to disturb you at this time of night

I thought for a minute on what to say

I hope I’m not overreacting

From my heart I’m only asking

Are you really sure you are okay?

She pulled her hoodie a little closer

With a smile she said I’m really fine

Thanks for checking on me another time

As she tried to keep her composure

Maybe you were dreaming or it was the tv

I said okay but if you ever need to talk

Or if you ever just want to take a walk

I’m in apartment six, just come see me

I’ll be here if you ever need a friend

She smiled and shut the door

I walked back to my floor

Thinking it must have been the wind

Petition · California Governor: Put a billboard sign for "suicide  awareness" next to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. ·

Then again, just last night

I heard her crying, then heard a loud crash

I ran downstairs in a mad dash

In my heart, I knew something wasn’t right

I pounded on the door

I begged her to answer, to say something

I yelled to hold on, help is coming

I ran back to my floor

Grabbed my phone and dialed 911

My heart was racing

Time I was chasing

Oh my God, what have you done?

Come on, you said you were fine

Open up so we can talk, please let’s talk

But I knew we would never take that walk

Please, please, it’s not your time

Open up, come on let me in

Tears rolled down my face

As the ambulance took her away

And I knew I would never see her again

Oh God, how I wish it only had been the wind

Suicide Prevention & What You Need To Know.

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Will You Remember Who I Am?

Quotes about Alzheimer's (185 quotes)

For my wife and her mom, and for all the Alzheimer’s patients and their families who can not see each other in these challenging times.

It’s been so long since I saw your face

I wonder if you will remember who I am

I’m stuck here and you’re safe at your place

Questioning how this could be part of God’s plan

I’m kind of frustrated , kind of sad

That this virus has taken away days

Taken away minutes we could’ve had

All my colors have turned to grays

I wonder if you’re scared or lonely

I wonder if you’re happy or depressed

I wonder if you ask, why don’t they visit me?

I wonder if your disease is the same or regressed

I sit in my room and cry alone

Wishing I could have more time

Wondering if all my love I’ve shown

Up this mountain I continue to climb

I scream and I cry, I cry a lot

I punch and throw my pillow

I pray to God for time to stop

I cling to a little bit of hope

Yeah, I’m kind of sad, kind of angry

Wondering when I will see you again

Wondering if somewhere in your memory

Will you remember who I am?

When You Could Still Remember by Steve Moakler –

When He Knows Me by Randall King –

Remember Me by Chris Mann –

Take Heart by Matthew West –

Love, Not Hate: The Reconciliation

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History of the birds:

Love, Not Hate: Part 1

Love, Not Hate: Part Two

Love, Not Hate: Christmas Eve

Love, Not Hate: A New Chapter

Love, Not Hate: A New World

Love, Not Hate: The Division

Love, Not Hate: The Reconciliation

Love, Not Hate: Tragedy At Mandalay Bay

Love, Not Hate: Continue To Love

Love Not Hate: Love On Trial

Love Not Hate- Trick or Treat, Halloween Night

Love Not Hate- The Virus

continued from The Division:

The hawk said:

“Tell me eagle, because I know you are also a bird of prey,

How do you continue to love and live this way?”

“I’m tired of fighting and tired of trying to hide,

Tell me Eagle, how can I have what you have inside?”

The Eagle replied: “It’s a choice to love instead of hate,

Even when you birds of prey frustrate.”

“We are not any different than you,

We are not better because of what we do.”

“We birds are all one and the same.”

“It is easy to play the blame game,

But where does that put us in the end?”

“Living in the mistakes of the past makes us enemies, not friends.”

Image result for bible verses on treating others

“We have to work together instead of apart,

We can not let emotions rule our hearts.”

“It’s not easy to always do what is right,

But what is accomplished when we fight?”

“We destroy the land and hurt every bird here!”

“When we are not united all the birds start to fear,

Instead of helping all they start to help only themselves,

They enclose themselves in a box and have no dreams to excel.”

47 Bible verses about Helping Others In Need

“Instead of giving we take and take, full of greed,

But when we are united and let no bird be in need,

Then we lift each bird up and give them hope.”

“When bad times hit, it’s that hope that helps them cope.”

“We choose to believe that all birds should be treated equally,

The bluebird, cardinal, falcon, vulture, warbler, chickadee

The thrusher, sparrow, hummingbird, crow, owl, or duck

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are down on your luck

We will be there to try to help.”

“We will put others ahead of ourselves.”

Image result for JOHN 4 9

“It’s not glamorous and sometimes it’s hard

Because some birds are always on their guard.”

“Quite frankly, a lot of times it is tough.

To always choose to love.”

“When the world seems to have gone their own way,

When marriages fail because one bird chooses not to stay,

When young birds grow up in a broken nest.”

“When you look around and see the world is a mess,

“Yes, sometimes we have to take a deep breath

We have to push on when we want to rest.”

“We know we can never give up,

Because, in the end, it’s all about love!”

Image result for JOHN 4 11

“It’s all about what we believe,

And we believe Jesus died for you and me.”

“He showed us how we should live,

That it is always better to give.”

“So, my friend, you ask what it is that’s inside,

It’s him, it’s His love and for Him, I will give my life!”

Luke 10:27 - Verse Meaning - Love God with All Your Heart, Soul ...

The hawk thought about it for a few minutes

Then he said: “All the bad we have done, how do you forget?”

The eagle said: “We don’t always forget but we choose to forgive,

Nothing is accomplished when the past we try to relive.”

“We must move forward and look towards tomorrow.”

“There will be pain and there will be sorrow,

But there will also be hope and there will also be love,

And that little bit of hope and love can be enough.”

Image result for romans 5 5

The hawk asked: “Then why do so many birds, including myself, choose to hate?”

“Why is it so hard for us to love? For us, isn’t it too late?”

The eagle answered: “It is never too late, but do not wait!”

“We must get all birds to love today!”

“We must unite and show them the way!”

“We can do this together if you believe,

Together, great things we can achieve!”

“We can turn this pain into a blessing!”

The hawk thought about it for just a second

Maybe, just maybe, the birds of love are correct

He had to give the birds of love some respect

20 Bible Verses About Patience | Find Hope In The Lord

Together they called an emergency meeting

“Our fellow birds,” they said together in greeting

The hawk started off first: “Birds of prey,

Today, my heart has changed its ways!”

“I have seen how hate has destroyed us,

And I have seen the power of love.”

“Today we will tear down our walls and take down the cage!”

“Any of you birds that are still filled with rage,

Come, talk to the eagle or me.”

“It is not really that hard to see,

That if you choose to love instead of hate,

Once again, we can make our land great!”

“Today all of us birds must unite,

We must find the love that’s inside!”

“We must show it to the world,

That even humans can be like us birds!”

Then the eagle said: “In memory of the words my father last said,

We must live with hope and kindness, not fly around like the living dead.”

“Build others up and always give  more than you take.”

“Most importantly, always love, love my birds, love instead of hate!”

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The Answer by Jeremy Camp- 

When We Pray by Tauren Wells – 

I’m Gonna Love my Neighbor by Karen Peck-  

No Room For Hate by Mark Lowry – 

The Answer To The Question by Tree63 – 

The Answer by Audio Adrenaline –  

Hope Of All Nations by Karen Peck- 

Hope For A Broken World by Selah – 


What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love by The Isley Brothers w/ Santana – 


It’s All About Him by Alan Jackson – 

Love Not Hate: The Division

I have been writing these for several years but it seems the birds, and humans, do not learn and we keep going in circles.  I originally posted this and the next one two years ago.  The post that goes with this one will be posted in about 45 minutes so you will have a quick answer.

Image result for dove and eagle together

History of the birds:

Love, Not Hate: Part 1

Love, Not Hate: Part Two

Love, Not Hate: Christmas Eve

Love, Not Hate: A New Chapter

Love, Not Hate: A New World

Love, Not Hate: The Division

Love, Not Hate: The Reconciliation

Love, Not Hate: Tragedy At Mandalay Bay

Love, Not Hate: Continue To Love

Love Not Hate: Love On Trial

Love Not Hate- Trick or Treat, Halloween Night

Love Not Hate- The Virus

The dove had ruled for many years

As he looked out in the crowd his eyes filled with tears

The young eagles time had come

He had grown strong and was filled with love

It was now time for the eagle to continue his dad’s legacy

To rule the land with love for all birds from all over the country

The dove started to say

“My fellow birds, today is a great day”

The birds of prey interrupted; “We’ve had enough,

All you ever talk about is blah blah blah and love love love.”

“Tonight us birds of prey are taking a stand!”

“We have decided to start our own land!”

“The birds of prey will rule anything west of the big oak tree!”

They expected a fight but the eagle said: “That’s fine with me.”

The hawk continued,  “We will build a cage around our land,

We don’t need you, on our own we will stand.”

Some of the birds of prey didn’t want to go

They believed in love and had friends that were close

But they all left, all these birds of prey

To start their own land and do it their way

The eagle sat down with the hawk

“If you insist on doing this we need to talk,

We need laws to govern all birds,

We need it written down so there’s no confusion with words.”

“We need to work together for the sake of all,

The land must still be united so we do not fall.”

But any law the birds of love tried to pass

If it didn’t suit them, the birds of prey just laughed

All they did was fight and nothing was ever getting accomplished

The birds of the land lost hope as their dreams were demolished

It wasn’t long before the birds of prey

Tried to make everything their way

The birds of love had to fight

For all the birds they tried to make it right

But in the end, the birds couldn’t agree on anything

The land was falling apart as they kept disagreeing

At first, the land of the birds of prey

Was successful and prosperous inside the cage

But birds of prey only take and never give

That’s just the way birds of prey live

Soon their land was desolate and barren

The birds of love stood outside staring

They agreed they had to help the birds of prey

They had to put into action the words they would say

Through the cage, they started to sneak food

They did everything they could to do good

But the vulture found out and tried to put it to an end

The birds of love found other ways to help the land mend

They did more than just feed

They gave hope to those in need

They reminded them of times not so long ago

Times when they were friends and not foes

Why do animals help each other? | this.

They would sneak anything to help inside the cage

Until the vulture, osprey, falcon, and hawk guarded the way

But the birds of love

Would not give up

Then the birds of prey ran out of luck

For it was then that a natural disaster struck

A terrible hurricane hit the birds of prey land

What little they had disappeared in the sand

The birds of love were there in force

Helping the birds of prey through the worst

The vulture, osprey, and falcon still turned their backs

They felt the birds of love were only looking to attack

Image result for luke 23 34

But the hawk’s heart started to soften

And something inside him started to blossom

He called a secret meeting with the eagle

He asked: “How do you love those of us so evil?”

“We have done so much to hurt you and the birds of your kind,

We have treated you like we are not the same but it’s like you are blind?”

“You are always there to lend a helping hand.”

“You are always trying to heal this land.”

“Tell me eagle, because I know you are also a bird of prey,

How do you continue to love and live this way?”

“I’m tired of fighting and tired of trying to hide,

Tell me Eagle, how can I have what you have inside?”

to be continued….

Image result for habakkuk

The World ( Is Going Up In Flames) by Charles Bradley – 

Dear Hate by Maren Morris – 

Dear Hate by Among Us – 

Ghost Nation by Gary Truman –  

It’s Not Working (The Truth) by Propaganda- 

Come In Our Dark Times by David Haas –  

Help Us Now by Melvin Williams –  

Love Will Never Give Up by Karen Peck –  

Our World by Buckcherry – 

A Longer View by Shaman’s Harvest – 

You And Me from  The Descendants 2 – 

The Storm by Jeremy Camp – 

What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye –  

Love Anymore by Le’Andria Johnson – 

For What It’s Worth by Seth Glier –