Thank You For Staying

I know it hasn’t been easy

Being married to me

I take two steps forward and three steps back

Tell you how much you mean to me then I attack

The voices in my head won’t go away

Some days I want to run and others days I want to stay

Through it all I want to say thank you for staying

The words I say I know are not nice

I’ve said I would stop more than twice

You deserve better than me

I have to be honest I can’t see

Why you have chosen to stay

I just wanted to thank you today

Thank you for staying

I know you need more conversation

I know I really should show more appreciaton

You are the sun that shines so bright

That will burn off this fog that consumes my nights

I know part of God must live in you

To stay through all the hell I put you through

I know it’s not easy but I wanted to say thank you for staying

I know these times are rough

You have proven you are more than tough

Where you get your strength from God only knows

Somehow your love only seems to grow

I would be an empty shell of a man

If you ever said I never want to see you again

I just wanted you to hear me say thank you for staying

Fighter by David Nail –  

Champion by  Oleander  –  

Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi –  

Commitment by Sanctus Real – 

Face Of Love by Royal Southern Brotherhood – 

Hard To Love by Lee Brice – 


Save Me From Myself by Christina Aguilera – 




10 thoughts on “Thank You For Staying

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  2. marijo1245

    Rob that is beautiful…I find it so fitting for so many situations. Some common ground perhaps. It’s tough to stay where God has called us (as believers) sometimes. Some situations deserve running far far away. God gives us what we can handle and what we can bear with his help. Life isn’t always perfect and we can’t see the big picture this side of heaven. God is moving though, in a mighty mighty way.
    Many prayers go up for you and your wife, I love to see how God is moving! Be prepared for bigger and better, our God is a God of abundance!! You are truly blessed my friend!!

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      1. That’s not why… You’re writing about yourself so plain and undisguised. Most writers hide behind stories and mysteries, but your pain is laid bare. And your wife’s comments too… I just feel heavy in my heart.

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          1. I guess it’s good you can be real and open about it. Writing is healing and therapeutic for me. Sometimes I am trying to change my mind and let myself be nourished by God’s wisdom, despite what I feel.

            But, my concern is whether or not feelings like you’re opening the wound afresh with each post you write about your challenges. I know now it’s open the questions will always be there, like your wife said, “is this about us?”. As long as you’re moving forward… I don’t want to butt in with my counsel 🙂

            Blessings to you both!

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  3. 5khealthyways

    Wow!!! this is beautiful. I will be honest I do not know if you were talking about us (it sure seems like it) but I dont want to assume. Anyway, everything said here is so so true. I have done some awful things (enough to make you want to walk away–but you stayed) You have said some awful things, even years after and I could walk away but God tells me otherwise. I pray when you get so not nice and I pray for you for your heart to soften to have you see me the way God see’s me (just as I ask God to show me how he sees you) I pray because I know God is working in you (in me) He knows what he is doing and I trust and have faith in His works. Thank you for the kind loving words, even if they were not meant for me they sure do fit.

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