I Can’t Even Put It In A Song


When we met I wrote it all down

You were my queen, I gave you the crown

Our love was like a fairy tale

I found the one who wouldn’t fail

The dream was real, the love was true

I found myself falling more in love with you

The days turned to months turned to years

You knew about my past and all my fears

Then the devil took you aside

Told you more than one lie

I can’t believe you did me so wrong

I can’t even put it in a song

All the lies you had to make up

All the fights the kids had to break up

You were acting like you were an angel

But you were no longer being faithful

You turned our lives into a war zone

Our once happy house was no longer a home

Here I am again without words to say

Trying to live my life day by day

Those four months seemed so long

I can’t even put it in a song

Then one day God stepped in

He had enough of the sin

Ripped your heart, gave you new

Told me to stay, I still loved you

Tears flowed like the river Jordan

You broke down and let the Lord in

His forgiveness and His love

All the healing came from Above

A three chord strand, our love is strong

Now I can even put it in a song

Put You In A Song by Keith Urban – 

In A Song by Hunter Hayers – 

The Only Song by Blessid Union Of Souls – 

Another Song Nobody Will Hear by Will Hoge – 

Her Father’s Song by FM Static – 

The Life of A Song by Joey & Rory – 

New Song We Sing by Meredith Andrews – 

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