Seasons Change And So Have We

When I see no leaves on the trees

I choose to remember when they were green

When I see skies that are dark and gray

I choose to remember the sunny days

When I see the ground lifeless and brown

I choose to remember when our love was found

When I’m cold and alone in this room

I choose to remember flowers will soon bloom

There’s an old song about when a heart breaks it don’t break even

And I’m sorry Journey but I have stopped believin’

I know acceptance is a powerful thing

And it hurts but I know the birds will soon sing

I accept you can’t love me like I want or need

And my love will never be good enough I’ve come to see

And I know it’s okay to not be okay

Not forever, but to feel the hurt today

I hope you know that not being with you was never in my plans

I’ll always be grateful for our time together because I’m a better, stronger man

You’ve made your choices and even though it’s taken me awhile

I accept there’s no more reason to fight but only time to smile

Because I’ll choose where my life will lead

And I thank you that once upon a time you loved me

And here soon when we will no longer be a we

I will choose to only remember the good memories

The Last Time by The Script-

Weren’t The One by Eddie and The Gateway –

What I get For Loving You by Seaforth –

Giving You Up by Kameron Marlowe –

Forever Or The End by Skillet –

God Is In This Story by Katy Nichole and Big Daddy Weave –

The Story’s Not Over by Jeremy Camp –

Peace by Danny Gokey –

Wish I Was Enough

Drawing of a sad girl step by step || How to draw a sad girl easy

Here is a song I wrote the words to and was lucky enough to have Mikalyn Hay and her producer Chris Grey do all the hard work for me and turn it into a song. Be sure to check out Mikalyn on Youtube and Spotify and other streaming services for other music by her, she is very talented.

I was told I should use a stage name for this one so I chose Win Thomas, combination of two of my favorite characters in books I like to read, as my artist name.

But it is still me.

I am still in the process of trying to get it “out there” and send it to radio stations and all that.

For those of you with Spotify, here is a link for it as well. It is available on all streaming services across the world as well. Just search up artist name Win Thomas.

If you like it, please feel free to share it.

Let me know what you think. I appreciate you taking the time to listen.