Thunder In My Heart


There is thunder in my heart

This is gonna leave a scar

There is lightning in my veins

Your lies drive me insane


My heart is turning to stone

I shake my head, I should’ve known

My blood is turning to ice

No more playing nice

You thought I would never leave

Your words I no longer believe

You thought you could use me and abuse

You ask me how can I accuse?

I’ve got proof I read your texts

You ask me to stay, there won’t be a next

I  read all  your email

You’ve already lost, you fail


Thunder rolled, a voice rumbled

A step back. I started to stumble

Electricity in the air

His words were there


The voice rumbled,  “JUST BELIEVE”

“I’m done,” said my heart of stone

I yelled back, “I’m better being alone”

“You are never alone,” the voice said

“I was  on the cross, For this I bled”

The thunder in my heart started to slow

The lightning in my veins  stopped its flow


God worked a miracle

The invisible became visible

He did something I couldn’t do

He can do the same for you

If there is thunder in your heart

You know where to start

If there is lightning in your veins

Through it all God’s love remains




Storm In My Heart by Colin Hay – 

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Need You Now by Plumb – 

Head In The Fight by Sanctus Real – 

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Thunder Road by NewSong – 



The Mask

This is my last Halloween post. I hope you enjoyed the stories. If you missed any be sure to go back and check out The Maze, The Funhouse of Mirrors and The Haunted House.

Even though I am no Edgar Allan Poe this is the scariest yet ( but don’t worry, it has a happy ending.)  We all wear masks! This mask story is just one of many I could tell. It is a true story and it could happen to you. Not that the other stories weren’t true- that’s up for you to decide. Reader beware!

You wake up each morning                                                                                                  Ignore all the warnings

With a smile on your face                                                                                                           Our love was being replaced

Breakfast made and the kids are dressed                                                                             Don’t even know their lives are about to be a mess

Out the door they go to school                                                                                                   You let the devil make you a fool

I come home from work                                                                                                           But you’ve been digging in dirt

You show me that beautiful smile                                                                                         Right now, you are just in denial

You wear a mask of past shames                                                                                            Yet, you continue to play games

You say you aren’t the one to blame                                                                                          The mask of your past caused this pain

You where the mask of lies and deceive                                                                                 Your family is the one you leave

You’re wearing a mask                                                                                                                 Did you think this would last?

But you can’t hide it well                                                                                                             Did you think I couldn’t tell?

Oh love, what have you done?                                                                                                    Was it all just for fun?

You’re tearing our world apart                                                                                                   You’re breaking our kids hearts

Fast forward through the hurt and lies                                                                                   Fast forward through the tears we cried

Fast forward through the pain                                                                                                   What did you think you had to gain?

I gave up and God stepped in                                                                                                  “Now let me take all this sin, ”

He whispered to me “it’s not about you,                                                                                  I want you to  stay until I am through”

He walked us through the dirt and mud                                                                           Our love went from ashes to a bud

You removed the mask you wore so long                                                                               Now you are back with God where you belong

Through all His redeeming grace                                                                                              Our marriage found a new starting place

So my friends what can I say?                                                                                                  You have to pray to God each day

What can get you through the worst?                                                                                       In your marriage, God must come first

Don’t fall for the tricks of the evil one                                                                                     Don’t let your marriage come undone

His words are smooth but they are not true                                                                           Don’t let the devil come between God and you

Be careful of the seeds you sow                                                                                             Guard your heart with the truth you know

Be careful of the mask you wear                                                                                           Let Jesus carry the cross you bear

Remember when you first fell in love                                                                                       Love each other, look to God above

Don’t let the devil come and destroy                                                                                   Don’t fall for his games, his ploys

Even though you once believed he who lied                                                                    Because of God, our marriage survived

The devil tried but he isn’t winning                                                                                          With God our end became a new beginning

This story is scary because it is true                                                                                        I will pray it doesn’t happen to you

But if it does, it doesn’t have to be the end of your story                                                 Let God use your struggles and pain for His glory

If I Told You by Jason Walker – The perfect song for this post. Please listen.

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