Hey Emily

Hey Emily, why is there sadness in your eyes

But a smile on your face?

Hey Emily, what makes you want to cry?

Why do you keep it all inside?

Hey Emily, I’m asking do you need help?

I’m here to listen or to hold your hand

Hey Emily, why would you want to be someone else?

You’re beautiful, Emily, being yourself

Hey Emily, do you know your silence speaks so loud?

I see you Emily, you’re not alone

Hey Emily, you don’t have to feel alone in a crowd

Let me be your umbrella when the rain is pouring down

Hey Emily, your light still shines

I see the you you want to be

Hey Emily, don’t give up the fight

I am here right by our side

Hey Emily, please hear what I have to say

You don’t have to carry this sadness alone

Hey Emily, let me carry some of that weight

Talk to me Emily, before it’s too late

Hey Emily, I’ve been in your shoes

Alone in the dark, alone in my room

Hey Emily, I’ll never give up on you

Hey Emily, I will never give up on you

hope you’re ok by Olivia Rodrigo –

My Mind and Me by Selena Gomez –

Ok Not to Be Okay by Demi Lovato / Marhsmellow –

Be Alright by Georgia Box –

Anxiety by Anna Clendening –
Dear Daughter by Halestorm –

Self Love by Avery Anna –

Anxiety by Julia Michaels w/ Selena Gomez –


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