Won’t Know How To End This Conversation

I won’t know how to end this conversation

If we find ourselves in an impossible situation

So I don’t think I’m going to start

Won’t write our names in a heart

Not going to walk up and shyly grin

Ask you where you’ve always been

Say by the way hello my name is

Not going to slowly lean in to kiss

“Isn’t that what love is? Being scared, then being brave, because of that one person?”

Not going to wrap my fingers in yours

Won’t wonder who I ever was before

Not going to have a hard time falling asleep

Wishing you were there beside me

Not going to wake up in the morning

With butterflies in my stomach turning

Not going to get on one knee and ask you to be my wife

Because if I did I know I’d fall apart if you left my life

Not going to ask you out on a first date

Not going to think you are great

Don’t want you to look at me, smile at me like that

Not going to buy that house with a welcome door mat

Not going to smile when I see your name on my phone

Or think I’m the luckiest guy when we bring our baby home

No, when I think about all the firsts I’m going to miss

The one that’ll be the worst is this

The day or night I smile at you and walk on by

Not saying hello because I won’t know how to say goodbye

Try Losing One by Tyler Braden –

The Way You Loved Me by Calum Scott-

Anna Begins by Counting Crows-

Rock And A Hard Place by Bailey Zimmerman –

Love Songs Ain’t For Us by Amy Shark –

Middle Of A Memory by Cole Swindell –

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