Growing Up (Still Have More Growing Up To Do)

I was the shy one growing up

Always wondering why I wasn’t good enough

Didn’t feel loved by my daddy

I always felt like the black sheep

Dad would pop another beer

I’d stand in the corner in fear

He never yelled or raised a hand

But I was ignored and couldn’t understand

Why I was invisible to him

When I was growing up

I never felt a man’s love

Then I got pretty, no longer a child

Boys noticed me when I smiled

I let them do what they wanted

Childhood excuses left me haunted

I went from one bed to another

Leaving a family without a mother

Sometimes I think being noticed by a man

Is worse than being ignored , can you understand?

I wish I was invisible again

All I wanted when I was growing up

Was for a man to show me love

But I don’t think I know what love is

Because what I do is so selfish

A princess without a crown

I’ve let a good man down

And I swear I’m trying to learn

How to accept real love and give it in return

But I feel as if it’s too late

He looks at me with so much hate

And he’s the only one to show me the love

I wish I had when I was growing up

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