It’s Not About You

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A few years back, my wife and I went through a very difficult time. Through the many days and nights of fighting and lost sleep, nothing was changing.

In a moment of quietness, when I had all but given up, I heard God’s voice. It’s the only time I have ever heard God’s voice, at least so clearly.

I heard a voice say let her go. It startled me actually. It was so clear that I looked around the room to make sure I was alone. I, on the brink of giving up anyway, said that’s what I was going to do anyway. Then I heard the voice say, no, let her go to me. This isn’t about you.

I then wrote this.

Also, for those of you who don’t believe God can speak to us in this world today, when we were going through this a lady we barely knew at our church sent Kim an email. She said I don’t know what you are going through, but God told me to send this song to you. It was Need You Now by Plumb which was exactly what my wife, and I,  needed to hear.

Just remember when you are experiencing something terrible, maybe it’s not about you. Maybe God knows you are strong enough to take it and will use you to help someone else.

It’ Not About You

I didn’t want to be married

She wasn’t what I looked for

You had us cross paths

You brought her to my door

I asked You why and You said

It’s not about you, it’s about her

She will help you believe in me

Come to me, marry her and no other

Now I’m asking why, why, why

It’s not about you, it’s about her

I’m crying out why, why, why

You say bring her to me, her Father

I can’t believe she did this

She’s left the both of us

Is this what You wanted

How can I ever trust?

You whisper be strong

This is why you are here

To show My love for her

Be strong and do not fear

I need you to stay

It may seem unfair

But you will lead the way

This cross you must bear

She needs to see my love

She needs to know I’m her Father

She needs to find who she is in me

She needs to know she’s my daughter

But it’s made me question you

(trust in Me and know my ways are good)

It’s made me to never want to trust

(My ways are good, I will never harm you)

What do I do, where do I turn?

(turn to Me, I will always be there)

This isn’t about you

it’s all about her

It’s not about you

Your marriage will be stronger

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12 thoughts on “It’s Not About You

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    So true. Take it from an old lady who has been married almost 54 years. Marriage means giving not taking. It means selflessness and it is always about sharing. Add to that, making God the head of your house and you have a perfect recipe for a blessed marriage.

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        Of course you will if you are prepared
        To love one another and give in when necessary. Share in each other’s goals and dreams and encourage one another. It’s not easy but so worth it❤️

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