If I Could Say Something

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Standing here, too afraid to speak

Oh God, when did I become so weak?

Standing here, unable to move

Lost and I haven’t a clue

I wish we both weren’t so angry

I wish I could just say I’m sorry

But I just stare in disbelief

Wide awake but still asleep

I used to hold you so tight

Now we sleep with a light

Where did it all go so wrong

Maybe I can find it in a country song

Instead I sit waiting for the light to change

This all just seems so strange

How the words used to flow

Now, they have nowhere to go

I open my mouth to silence

The words are being defiant

I shake my head and look at you again

I remember the spark from back then

If you could only read my mind

You would know I’m trying to try

I close my eyes and you’re still there

You always will be the answer to a prayer

Red light will always turn green

If I could only say what I mean

But the words remain unspoken

And your heart remains broken

Image result for quotes about speaking to spouse

Trains Go By by Josh Ritter-  

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But We Lost It by Pink –  

Silence by Grace Carter- 

Say Something by A Great Big World – 

Waiting For The Light To Change by Tonic-  

Too Late To Tell You Now by Burn Halo- 



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