I Loved Our Time Together (When You Were On A Sedative)


Trying to be funny but…my sense of humor can be warped at times.


I loved our time together when you were on a sedative

In the moment was all we had to live

No hurts, no regrets, the past was the past

It had been ages since we laughed like that

Even though the doctor was two and a half hours late

I can honestly say I didn’t mind the wait

No kids, no outside pulls, no tv

Just you and me ( and that constant beep)

We made jokes the entire time

Reminded me of when you were first mine

Before life got in the way

But we can start anew today

It was good to hear you laugh

If you did now it would tear you in half

You will heal and so will we

Marriage definitely is not easy

I can’t wait until my knee is done

So we can have some more fun

And love our time together when I am on a sedative


When You’re With Me by The Afters – 

Let It Be Tonight by Rick Astley- 

Love You All The Way by Sean McNeill – 

In Love Again by Colbie Caillat – 

God Only Knows by Michael Buble – 

3 thoughts on “I Loved Our Time Together (When You Were On A Sedative)

  1. kim hansen

    I enjoyed the time together in the room as well. I loved seeing your smile and hearing you laugh. I remember it all, expecting when it came time you had to leave and I went under. I DO miss the way we use to be (we are both at fault but more me than you). We need to get back where we were and remember the love we had (and still have) for each other. It can be done if WE do it together. Life does get in our way (money, work, and at times us just not letting go and have fun) it is time to get that back. It feels lonely at times at home (even when you are here) because we seem to be on different tracks at times. I am trying to veg more in the evenings with you but also trying to make you happy by working (bringing in money) well other than this week (of course). I feel as if I fail you ALOT. Let us begin, together, to get back where we were. I too can’t wait till it is me on the other end and we get to share silly laughs while we wait for your doctor. We will be okay, God has got this, we just need to push a little harder and tear down the walls of fear. Love you babe.

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  2. marijo1245

    That was good. And yes, I did laugh. There is a lot of truth in there as well. Life does get in the way and we do forget how good things were and how good they really are. (Sometimes)

    Seriously, I remain in prayer for perfect healing! God bless you dude!

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