New, Forgotten, Unknown 6/17/16 New Music Friday

Three  new musician followers this week. Think I have been stuck on three a week for awhile now. Come on people, I’m allowed to have more than three a week. 🙂 Take a listen, might find someone new that you really like their music.  Please feel free to share/purchase the song I wrote the lyrics to,  Lily Messer is the voice and Ceylon Wise is the producer. I have many more songs I would like to get out there but can not financially afford to record them. If interested in teaming up together, feel free to contact me.


Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.

Gotta Have You by Risa Bender – 

Feel Good Feeling by Ryan Daniel –  

Ordinary by The Further (Barrington Mole) – 

Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen. In trying not to put way too songs on here I am going to start putting 1 or 2 per band max and just tell you the entire cd, or 90%,  is good and I would recommend purchasing it or checking out more songs on your own.  I may add more artists and their new cd’s as I listen to more songs from them. Not all the way through all of them yet.

Cd’s I recommend:

Listen by Tim Bowman Jr

Black by Dierks Bentley

If I’m Honest by Blake Shelton

Honest by Maren Morris

Life Screams by Lacey Sturm


All This For A Piece of Fruit by Dogs of Peace – 

Better by Meghan Trainor – 

Break Free by Cilver – 

Bottom To The Top by V. Rose – 

Bottle You Up by Zendaya –  

Burden by Foy Vance – 

Already Ready by Dan & Shay –  

Battleship Chains by Volbeat –  

Beautiful World by Mudcrutch –  

Catching Fire by Tremonti – 

Different For Girls by Dierks Bentley – 

Figure Me Out  by The Summer Set – 

Chasing The Sky by Jussie Smollett – 

Circles by Pierce The Veil – 

Color Purple by Da Truth – 

Drunk Girls Don’t Cry by Maren Morris – 

Drunk In Heels by Jennifer Nettles – 

Every Time I Hear That Song by Blake Shelton – 

Everybody Needs Love by Tim Bowman Jr. – 

Faith by Lacey Sturm – 

Fling Wide! Fling Wide! by Urban Rescue –  

Free Now by Sleeping With Sirens – 

Freedom by Beyonce –  

Get Myself To Saturday by Michael Franti – 


and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

On Itunes :

8 thoughts on “New, Forgotten, Unknown 6/17/16 New Music Friday

  1. marijo1245

    Faith, by Lacey…I love that song dearly! I’ve listened too many times to count! Plus, I’ll be adding gotta have you to my soundtrack…

    Thank God for Fridays! I love the music. Serious…thanks for going the extra mile for those of us who cant!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a great variety! Going from Zendaya to Tremonti… 2 totally different ends of the spectrum, great fun! However, I have to admit my favorites were Maren Morris and Jennifer Nettles… those songs put a huge smile on my face! 😀 Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks, I like a lot of different kinds of music. Maybe that’s why I have so many voices in my head lol. Now you aren’t kidding me, I know you like those two songs because they have drunk in them and I see your posts about stopping at pubs and breweries lol. Good luck tomorrow, stay strong.

      Liked by 2 people

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