Happy 10 Year anniversary to my wife

I don’t think I can outdo the video I did last year so I will just repost this from last year. Happy 11 year anniversary. This past year has seen some dreams come true for you, and for us. Running NYC and Boston marathons and Kylie and I getting to explore the cities. Even though my dreams of getting my words published haven’t come true YET, at least they are out there for the world to see and not in the trash can. Let’s work on things we know we need to work on for this next year. Love you.

My God, My Music, My Life

What can I say? We have been through hell and back and here we are still fighting the good fight. I see God working in us more and more each day. I pray that as painful as our story was, that one day God will use it for His glory and we can help others.

You are an amazing mother, an awesome healthy cooking chef โ€“ just no orange chicken please, a great wife, and make me want to be better physically. Just donโ€™t ever ask me to do a workout with you because you know you kill me. I pray one day when I get back to where I was we can run together again and cross a finish line together. ( I know I will have to slow down to do that since I was so much faster than you ๐Ÿ™‚ )

I see the changes you haveโ€ฆ

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16 thoughts on “Happy 10 Year anniversary to my wife

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  2. Loved the video you made for Kim last year! Are all 4 girls yours, or are there friends/cousins in there too? (I’m nosy that way) Congratulations to you both and a very Happy Anniversary! Hope you guys have had a great weekend!

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    1. All four. Blended family. Two biological. And 3 grand babies from the oldest daughter. Two oldest are Kim’s, and therefore mine Then mine are Kayhla from previous marriage and who is 9 days younger than Kelsey. They were like twins after we met. Then of course u know Kylie who is both of ours.

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  3. marijo1245

    Happy Anniversary!! You are a man after God’s own heart and your wife is blessed to have you! So many prayers go up for you and your marriage. May God bless you beyond measure!

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