A Mother’s Gift

I did not know April was National Poetry Month.  I just read that the other day. In honor of that, this week I will share three poems I wrote a long time ago. Twenty one years or so. The only reason I still have them is because they were published. Yes, I paid $30, I think it was, to buy the book and they, in return, published the poems. All three have to do with a dream I had when Kayhla’s mom was pregnant. Here is the first called A Mother’s Gift :

All I have left in this world

Is you, yes you, my little girl

Your mommy left, yes she is gone

No, baby, it wasn’t anything you had done

Her smile would move Heaven and Earth

You know, she passed it to you at your birth

Her eyes sparkled just like yours

When she cried, my eyes  would also pour

She loved life and all its pleasures

She did so much but you’re her greatest treasure

Mommy couldn’t wait til the day you were born

There you were, I was happy, yet I mourned

I see her in everything you do

Sshh now baby, looks like you have her temper too

It’ll be hard, but you and I, we will survive

‘Cause mommy passed away to give you life

Mama’s Arms by Joshua Kadison –  

All The Way to Texas by Coffey Anderson –  

Mother I Miss You by John Tesh –  

Thank You by Johnny Reid – 

You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell – 


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