Patching Walls and Scrubbing Floors

A great country song title don’t you think? It turned out more like a poem but put in the right hands and with some reworking I think it would make a good country song.

This has been bouncing around in my head for 67 days and this weekend I think it all came together. Do any of you have 37 drafts like I do? I have some as old as 152 days that I hold on to. Sometimes I look at my drafts and say that was 83, or 41, or 152 days ago? Seems like just yesterday that thought was in my head.  Sometimes a  thought pops in my head, or a title and I write it down to finish later. Sometimes its a few lines and sometimes it’s a couple paragraphs but then it stops, waiting for God to finish it.

Let me know if you like it. Have a great Leap Day. What are you doing with the 24 extra hours this year?

Patching Walls And Scrubbing Floors

Patching walls and scrubbing floors

Replacing broken dishes, replacing doors

What happened to our love?


Yelling words that keep the neighbors awake

Slamming doors hard enough to cause a quake

Why is there so much bad blood?


You’re not the same and neither am I

We stare in disbelief and wonder why

How did we get to this place?


We keep playing these head games

I know we are both to blame

Can we have a heart to heart, face to face?

I pull my hair out, frustration sets in

Halfway through I wonder why did we begin

Are you still here?


Have you checked out, want to be anywhere else

We have our children, quit thinking of your self

This was my worst fear

Can we get to where we were before?

Instead of patching walls and scrubbing floors

Do we walk away or give it one more try?


Were all these years just a mistake?

Was our love for each other fake?

Do we talk it out or say one last goodbye?


Are we just actors in a movie, playing our role

On to the next scene, same ole same ole

I don’t want to be in this movie


I’m here, let’s take that first step

Look to the future and try to forget

Take a good look at you, a good look at me

There is only one way to heal, to make us better

We need to look to the One who brought us together

‘Cause I’m done fighting these wars

I’m done patching walls and scrubbing floors

If We’re Honest by Francesca Battestelli –  

House Divided by Josh Wilson – 

Restored by Matthew West – 

I Don’t Wanna Fight by Westlife – 

Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone by Cinderella – 

Until It’s Over by Oleander – 

Do I by Luke Bryan – 

Angry All The Time by Tim Mcgraw – 

Take It Back by Toni Braxton & Babyface- 

Fighting For Something by The Wrecking – 

Love Is Not A Fight by Warren Barfield – 

Tired of Fighting With You by Barenaked Ladies – 

Feel Again by Blue October – 

Losing Ground by Tyrone Wells – 

Fight For It by Estelle – 

What Are We Fighting For by John Berry – 

Exhale by Plumb – 







11 thoughts on “Patching Walls and Scrubbing Floors

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    1. Yes I wrote them. I have one song out there on iTunes ( and I put it at the end of my new music Friday posts that I wrote called I Question You). I have many but can’t afford to get them in studio and recorded. I was talking to Tate Olsen, cellist for Skillet, about one song but it didn’t get far. All in Gods time. Thanks for reading.

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