Standing In The Fire


I call myself one of the good people

But only praise God when I’m in the steeple

The devil drags me down, knocks me about

Fills my head with lies and doubts

Why do I believe all his crap

I’m always caught in his trap

I tell myself I don’t like a liar

I’m the one standing in my own fire

Do I trust in Your ways?

Is that how I live all my days

Do I love like You love?

Do I always rise above?

Do I forgive like You forgive?

Do I live like You want me to live?

Do I sell my soul to the highest buyer?

I’m the one standing in my own fire

Then I look outside my world to all those in need

All those that die, all those that bleed

Lives torn apart by earthquakes and wars

Will their world ever be like it was before?

They face persecution, starvation every day

How can I continue to look away?

Any minute of any day their lives could expire

And here I am standing outside the fire

How can I help? What can one person do

How do I even begin to live like You?

My world seems such a mess

I can see how truly I am blessed

When I look at those that suffer in your name

When I see those that hurt I know You are not to blame

What of my life would You require?

For me to no longer be standing outside the fire

I pray a prayer to You to set me ablaze

Give me your eyes so I can gaze

So I can see their pain, so I can feel the hurt You feel

I want to see their world, not as fantasy but as real

I know in the fire You are there

I feel Your presence everywhere

I want to help those whose situations are dire

Help me to be one who is standing in the fire

Help me to forget my hurt, my pain

Help me to spread the news of Your Name

I can not do this on my own, even when I try

The words don’t come, but I  can hear their cry

I can see them in my mind

I can see how I have been blind

Take me to where You want me to go

My body or just these words You sow

Help me to never tire

From standing inside the fire

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