I’m Ready For Spring Break

Even though we have had a mild winter, little snow, lots of rain, I am ready for some warmer weather. I am ready for skies of blue, ground of sand, waves crashing over the land. Mr. Groundhog did not see his shadow so an early end to winter is coming. Mother Nature said I don’t think so and followed Groundhog Day with the coldest and snowiest ten days in a row we had all winter. We even had enough snow for Kylie to go sledding for the first time this winter. Go figure.

On the positive side it is light when I drive home from work now. There are shorts on sale in stores. Baseball has started spring training. Nascar is starting. There is hope for warmer weather.

Spring break has meant a lot to me over the years. When I was younger and going with my friends at the end of senior year high school where it was all about partying and celebrating. For the last eleven years though it has all been about family. Getting away from the cold and spending a week with the family. Having life slow down and spending time with each other. I am sure it is like that for most of us as we get older though. I can’t help but think of the commercial  where the kids say it’s a paid week off, spend it with us.

If you can’t take a Spring Break vacation I pray you will take some of that paid time off you have and spend it with your family before it’s too late. Before they are older and have their own lives where your schedules won’t always be able to match. Work to live, not live to work.

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Maybe you take days off just to go sledding or swimming. Memories that will last forever. I remember growing up a lot of our vacations were weekend getaways to Cedar Point or Kings Island.  Catch a Reds game. I remember those things my parents did for me and my brother. (and for themselves)

Or maybe you take a family mission trip somewhere and help out a village in need. Or do like we did last summer, and will do again this summer, take a week vacation to someplace like Gull Lake Ministries for  Christian fellowship in a fun environment. If you missed it here is the link:



Maybe its a staycation. Stay at home. Spend time with the kids. Get things done around the house.

Whatever it is I urge you to take the time off, refresh your mind, body and soul and build relationships with those closest to you.

Rather than thinking of time away as vacation, perhaps we should reclaim the term holiday from “holy day”. The emphasis should fall on spiritual reorientation and refreshment in order to tackle our work “as unto the Lord” when we return.

Spring Breakdown by Luke Bryan – 

Spring Is Coming by Steven Curtis Chapman – 

It’s A Good Day by Hilary Weeks – 

Island In The Sun by Weezer – 

Checking Out by Luke Bryan – 

Somewhere On A Beach by Dierks Bentley – 

Toes by Zac Brown Band – 

Roller Coaster  by Luke Bryan – 

Beautiful Life by 7eventh Time Down – 

Somewhere In The Sun by Kenny Chesney – 

Kokomo by The Beach Boys – 

Summertime by Lonestar – 

I’m On Vacation by Rhett and Link – funny song  

I Remember You by Skid Row – Memories of Spring Break ’88  




3 thoughts on “I’m Ready For Spring Break

  1. God definitely told you to write this for this Iguana woman in need of warm sunshine. It’s coming. Yes, longer days have already made things better. Brain function is returning and all moods lighten with added rays of sun. The Magpies have returned and the deer poke their noses in the snow going after those first blades of green grass. Hope. God bless you always, Rob.

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