First and Lasts

As I sat on the tailgate of my daughters truck with her last night, a lot of emotions surfaced. How did this amazing young lady sitting beside me , a senior in high school, get this old, how did I get this old? How did she go from being Super Why, a werewolf, a zombie cowboy and all the others to studying psychology while we are handing out candy ?

How did we go from dressing up and walking the neighborhood trick or treating to sitting on the back of a tailgate handing out candy to other kids that their parents think they have all the time in the world?

They don’t.

You blink and it’s gone. You go from first steps and first words and first trick or treats to probably her last Halloween at home. And soon it’ll be her last Thanksgiving and last Christmas and her last year of school that I get to see her everyday.

First day of kindergarten to first day of Senior Year, first race to last cross country race, first concerts to hopefully not last concerts but I am sure friends will replace me, first game at Wrigley Field to, well we do have one more summer before college and hopefully some summers in between college years, first College Game Day at Ohio Stadium to, well there is a big game coming up in a few weeks so maybe College Game Day will be there and we will have one more.

Her first college acceptance official letter came today. The email came a few days ago. Another email came today accepting her to another school. And I’m sure in the next few days or weeks, or blinks of an eye, she will get accepted to the other three or four she’s applied to. It’s nice to have choices.

But we almost know for sure where she will go. Far enough away to not see her often but close enough where she can still come back home on a weekend, if she wants too.

But more than likely she won’t be coming home to the same house she left, the house she grew up in.

A lot of changes are coming our way. Some good, some not so good. Some happy, some sad.

But like a book, life has its beginnings and its different chapters that somehow all come together to make a wonderful story. And as all stories end, new beginnings begin.

But for now there’s still a few more chapters to read in this book. Then it’ll go up on the shelf of memories and another book will be opened up.

I really have enjoyed being the dad in this book. I am thankful.

Kelsey’s Graduation and Natalie Grant/Jeremy Camp Concert

In my effort to try to still get caught up, here is a weekend we had in April.  Doesn’t seem that long ago but it has already been seven weeks.

Kelsey graduated from Ohio University in four years.  We are so proud of her and the young lady she is becoming. Soon, probably too soon, she will be heading out west to ,hopefully, start her own company with her boyfriend.



Then the next night we went and saw Natalie Grant and Jeremy Camp in concert. Jeremy is my wife’s favorite artist and every time we see him, we get to meet and talk to him. Sometimes it is meet and greet where we pay a little more, other times it is by staying after the show and waiting to see if he will come back and other times it is because of my wife the stalker that gets lucky and sees him in a dark alley….kidding, sort of.  It always amazes me how he remembers her. “Hey, how you doing, how was your last marathon.” That type of thing. He even had a first this time, Kim had him sign her Boston Marathon medal and he said he had never signed a marathon medal before. He is always gracious and a super nice guy.jereIMG_2738IMG_2754IMG_2744IMG_2751IMG_2769

Ohio University Fight Song – 

King Of The World by Natalie Grant – 

Clean by Natalie Grant – 

Christ In Me by Jeremy Camp – 

I’m Not Ashamed by Jeremy Camp – 

Living Word by Jeremy Camp –  

Graduation Song


May is graduation month. I wrote this a year ago.  Hope you like it.  Let’s turn it into a song-  contact me.

Graduation Song

Going off to college
Filling your head with knowledge
Don’t wish away your youth
Never forget God is the truth

Maybe college isn’t your thing

Maybe you have some other dream

Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars
Having a good character will take you far

When challenges face you
Ask what would Jesus do
When you are pressured
Remember in God you are treasured

Put your faith in Jesus
He is always with us
When you are up late at night
I pray you will do what is right

My child, going out on your own
Hard to believe how fast you’ve grown
I know in God’s arms you will be held
I put my trust in He who has never failed

Choose your friends wisely
Don’t follow them blindly
Call home more than you thought you would
Say I love you more than you think you should

Don’t forget where you come from
Remember when this life is done
You will account for your time on this earth
Did you live for what His dying was worth

Forgive as you have been forgiven
Be joyful in this life you are livin’
Smile and laugh, speak of Him often
His words are never to be forgotten

My child, going out on your own
Hard to believe how much you’ve grown
I know in God’s arms you will be held
I put my trust in He who has never failed

Our house will always be your home
It’s hard to believe how fast you’ve grown
Enjoy life, you won’t be alone in the big out there
God’s promises, our love, we will always care

My child, going out on your own
Hard to believe how much you’ve grown
I know in God’s arms you will be held
I put my trust in He who has never failed

I put my trust in He who has never failed

Keep In Mind by Locash Cowboys – 

Be Careful Out There by Regina Belle – 

Find Your Wings by Mark Harris – 

My Wish by Rascal Flatts – 

I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack – 

Graduation (Friends Forever) by Vitamin C –  

In These Halls by Madilyn Bailey – 

Now for those of us parents, here are a couple funny ones because we know what’s about to happen :

Graduation Song by Rhett & Link – 

High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup –