Kelsey’s Graduation and Natalie Grant/Jeremy Camp Concert

In my effort to try to still get caught up, here is a weekend we had in April.  Doesn’t seem that long ago but it has already been seven weeks.

Kelsey graduated from Ohio University in four years.  We are so proud of her and the young lady she is becoming. Soon, probably too soon, she will be heading out west to ,hopefully, start her own company with her boyfriend.



Then the next night we went and saw Natalie Grant and Jeremy Camp in concert. Jeremy is my wife’s favorite artist and every time we see him, we get to meet and talk to him. Sometimes it is meet and greet where we pay a little more, other times it is by staying after the show and waiting to see if he will come back and other times it is because of my wife the stalker that gets lucky and sees him in a dark alley….kidding, sort of.  It always amazes me how he remembers her. “Hey, how you doing, how was your last marathon.” That type of thing. He even had a first this time, Kim had him sign her Boston Marathon medal and he said he had never signed a marathon medal before. He is always gracious and a super nice guy.jereIMG_2738IMG_2754IMG_2744IMG_2751IMG_2769

Ohio University Fight Song – 

King Of The World by Natalie Grant – 

Clean by Natalie Grant – 

Christ In Me by Jeremy Camp – 

I’m Not Ashamed by Jeremy Camp – 

Living Word by Jeremy Camp –  

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