Gave You My Heart


I have posted this a couple times before.

I came home from work Friday night and Kim told me Deanna, one of her best friends and mentor, told her about a vision her daughter had. Her daughter just finished her freshman year of college and truly lives for Jesus.  Deanna said maybe Rob can turn her vision into a poem or a song. I took Kylie up to get her shower ready and sat down and this is what came out.

It is truly an inspiring vision and I hope my words do it justice.

Gave You My Heart

I gave you my heart and you walked away

You’re my dad, you were supposed to stay

I couldn’t keep it all together today

I grabbed what was left of my heart and walked to the beach

Walked far enough until your memory was out of reach

I screamed at you dad until I was too hoarse to speak

Then I saw a piece of sea glass so bright

It had such a mysterious light

It was like a piece of day in the darkest night

I bent down and dug with my free hand

There had to be more pieces under the sand

That’s when I felt the presence of another man

It was like a dream as my other hand held my heart

The one that you, dad, had ripped apart

Then I had a thought, this isn’t the end but a brand new start

I felt this man telling me to turn in his direction

But I couldn’t so I grabbed my sea glass collection

And I tried to hold a piece just right to see his reflection

I couldn’t turn around, I knew what he wanted me to do

I couldn’t give him my heart dad, I had given it to you

And I was scared he would walk away with it too

Then his hand touched my shoulder

My courage grew just a little bit bolder

My tears started to flow as I began to molder

I turned and as he reached for me I saw the scars on his hand

He looked at me and I knew he wasn’t just a man

That’s when I dropped my sea glass in the sand

I let him hold me for what seemed like an hour

I could feel his gentleness, as well as his power

I felt his love pour down on me like a summer shower

I whispered, “If I give you me heart will you walk away?”

He said “I’m your father. I’ve never left, I will always stay.”

I knew he was telling the truth so I gave my heart to him that day

(image credit: Kevin Carden Photography)

Busted Heart ( Hold On To Me) by For King and Country – 

Let Down Your Guard by JJ Heller – 

Every Beat Of My Broken Heart by Hawk Nelson – 

Take  A Broken Heart by V Rose – 

I Let My Heart Open by Charles Billinsgley –  


Here’s My Heart by Lauren Daigle – 

Friend Of A Wounded Heart by Point of Grace-  


Four Years Ago

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Four years of school seems to take so long

But I blinked and four years have gone

Seems like just the other night

The last time I held you tight

Seems like just yesterday

In my rear-view, you waved

I can hear the drums you played for me

You could play them all, George Strait to Bon Jovi

I get my work ethic from you

A piece of you in everything I do

If you could, ask God to give me a break

You know from fishing I don’t do well having to wait

Tell our loved ones hello

And that we miss them so

I had to laugh the other day

When I remembered something you would say

Funny how things like that pop in your brain

Life goes on but it’s not the same

Tomorrow I will watch the sun rise at dawn

Can’t believe it’s been four years since you’ve been gone


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My Old Man by Zac Brown Band – 

Not All Heroes Wear Capes by Owl City – 

The Other Side by Colton Dixon –  

You Should Be Here by Cole Swindell – 

From Where You Are by Lifehouse – 

I Remember…

I remember…

Going to the baseball all-star game in Cleveland

Gary Carter hit two home runs

The balls landed in the section beside us in the stands

I was hoping we would’ve caught one

I remember…

Going to see the Bengals play

Pete Johnson scored twice carrying the ball

But Earl Campbell ran all day

To the Houston Oilers the Bengals did fall

I remember…

Going to see the Big Red Machine

A doubleheader, two for the price of one

The Reds had one of the greatest teams

Dad, that was a lot of fun

I say these three things

Because as I’ve gotten older I realize

Sports weren’t your dream

But you took me because sports were big in my eyes

I remember….

Trying to take me fishing

Trying to have a conversation

All I was doing was wishing

So bored I was thinking of other temptations

I remember….

Teaching me how to change oil in the car

All the words that were spoken

My mind always drifting afar

Another ten minutes, you got to be joking

I remember….

The selfless acts you taught

The lessons you tried to teach

All the balls you caught

Times  you were there and I was just out of reach

I just wanted you to know

That all those things you said

All those words spoken so long ago

That I can still hear your voice in my head

I know I didn’t say it then

I’m sorry if I made you sad

I wish I had the time to spend with you again

I just wanted to say thank you dad

I remember….


Through My Prayers by The Avett Brothers – 

While He’s Still Around by Florida Georgia Line – 

I Remember Her by Ingrid Michaelson – 

Keep Breathing by The Isaacs – 

Dash Between The Dates by Austins Bridge – 

Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day. For some of us it is a day of celebrating and honoring our father, for some of us it is a day of sorrow and remembering our father, and for some others of us, it is a day of wishing they had a father or that their father was more involved in their lives.

My dad was a truck driver. He was home almost every weekend. To me, it’s just how it was. I didn’t envy my friends that had their fathers every day. Maybe that’s the introvert in me that’s ok with being alone. I know he worked hard and I have my work ethic from him. I wasn’t as close to him as I should’ve been but when he was gone all week and I didn’t talk when he was home I guess it was what it was. When he was home and wanted to teach me how to work on a car I wanted sports and girls. It didn’t affect the way I am as a father, except maybe I want to be home every day to be with my children. He was a great dad though and through all his good and bad it taught me valuable lessons on what to do and not do.

When I think about it, I know I never considered how hard it must have been for him. All the sporting events , all the little moments, and all the big moments he missed. The life of a truck driver back then was harder than it is now. Less truck stops, practically no healthy foods, no exercise (no 24 hour gyms).  All those things affected his mental and physical health. Not to mention the agent orange and Vietnam War he also dealt with.

He was also an awesome drummer who could play anything by ear. I could bring home Skillet or Bon Jovi or Luke Bryan and he could play right along without ever hearing the songs before. He played in bands and in bars since he was young so that didn’t help his health any either.

If I really think about it, he had 3 strikes against his health. (bands/bars, truck driving, Vietnam). I wish he would’ve taken better care of himself so he could still be here. I know he would be proud of me, he always said he was.

Call me weird but I have never felt the need to be accepted by anyone. Maybe I am lucky that way. Maybe I have just always felt accepted by my parents and by God. I know a lot of children live to be accepted by their fathers and when they are not, they try to find that acceptance elsewhere – which is always bad. Listen up dads, tell your children every day how much you love them, how much you are proud of them, how much you appreciate them and how much you accept them, even when they make mistakes. A spilled glass of milk cleans up easy in a few minutes, the harsh words you yell at your kids for making the mess will last a lifetime.

No matter what kind of dad you have, please believe you have a father that loves you and accepts you for who you are. Your Father in Heaven will always have his arms open for you, His words will always guide you, and His love for you will never fail. Trust in that and trust in Him.

However you are feeling about your father today I pray that you will be thankful for him. Without him you wouldn’t be here reading this today and without him you wouldn’t be able to make a difference in this world. You can make a difference.

If today is a struggle for you because your dad wasn’t there for you, maybe today can be a day of forgiveness and reconciliation for you.

Thank you dad for being the hard worker, teacher and example for me to follow. Thank you for loving me. Thank you Father for always being there for me, for accepting me for who I am and for waiting for me to come to you.

John 16:27  “No, the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.

1 John 3:1  How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!

2 Corinthians 1:3-4  I am also the Father who comforts you in all your troubles

John 17:23 I am your Father, and I love you even as I love my son, Jesus

Ephesians 3:14-15 I have always been Father, and will always be Father

John 1:12-13  My question is ~ Will you be my child?

Luke 15:11-32 I am waiting for you

Father’s Love Letter – 

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