Miss You All, I’ll Be Home Soon

The two strangers left the room. She sensed they had been there before but could not remember who they were and when they had been there.

Strange, she thought, how the mind works. Some days it’s as clear as the blue sky above her right now. Other days it’s as if she’s in a hurricane. The dark clouds and the rain and wind pushing her memories here and there.

She started talking to “Tom” again. At least that’s what she thinks his name is. He seemed to be the only one who understood her anymore. Sometimes she didn’t speak a word but he would nod right along as if he could read her mind.

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The nurse walked in for her two hour check up. Has it been two hours already? Time doesn’t make much sense to her anymore. The only time she really remembers is day and night but being in this room with only a small window, sometimes she didn’t even know the difference.

“Who are you talking to Sam?” the nurse asked. Samantha just stared at her like she didn’t understand the question.

First she wondered who Sam was, her name was Samantha, then she wondered why the nurse asked such dumb questions all the time. Could she not see “Tom” sitting in the corner chair.

She just smiled at the nurse. Too tired for words. My God, when did she become so tired all the time? She remembers her youth when she was so active. Often walking two or three miles a day and swimming for an hour.

She loved the beach. She can still remember her kids so small. How they would spend all day on the beach eating bigger than your face slices of pizza and following that with eat it fast before it melts ice cream.

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She wondered where her kids are now. Shouldn’t she be making them lunch or dinner? What time is it anyway she thought?

She shuffled across the room to admire the flowers the strangers left. She loved flowers. So much so she often got in trouble for borrowing flowers from other tenants that lived on her same floor.

Oh yes, the strangers. Were they just here yesterday, or was that today? Would they be back?

She hoped they would be. She liked how they smiled at her and talked to her. They did her nails and they looked at old photographs with her. They kind of looked like how she thought her kids would look when they grew up.

(art courtesy of deviantart.com)

For the life of her she could not understand why they called her mom. But she liked hearing those words.

And for the life of her she could not understand why they told her they loved her and missed her. They said they would be back soon. Yes they did say that. She liked that. She couldn’t wait for them to come back.

Then she said to “Tom,” you know I like them two. They remind me of my young ones.

Then she looked out into the hallway and said I miss you all, I’ll be home soon.

(art courtesy of deviantart.com)

Tell Me Your Name (Diane’s Song) by Jason Michael Montgomery-

Help Me Remember by Hayes Carll-

Don’t Lose Heart by Steven Curtis Chapman-

Every Man Becomes A Boy At Times by Jon Lowry-

I Know Who He Is by William Michael Morgan-

I Will Remind You by Brian Asselin-

Afire Love by Ed Sheran-

She Misses Him by Tim Rushlow-

Will You Remember Who I Am?

Quotes about Alzheimer's (185 quotes)

For my wife and her mom, and for all the Alzheimer’s patients and their families who can not see each other in these challenging times.

It’s been so long since I saw your face

I wonder if you will remember who I am

I’m stuck here and you’re safe at your place

Questioning how this could be part of God’s plan

I’m kind of frustrated , kind of sad

That this virus has taken away days

Taken away minutes we could’ve had

All my colors have turned to grays

I wonder if you’re scared or lonely

I wonder if you’re happy or depressed

I wonder if you ask, why don’t they visit me?

I wonder if your disease is the same or regressed

I sit in my room and cry alone

Wishing I could have more time

Wondering if all my love I’ve shown

Up this mountain I continue to climb

I scream and I cry, I cry a lot

I punch and throw my pillow

I pray to God for time to stop

I cling to a little bit of hope

Yeah, I’m kind of sad, kind of angry

Wondering when I will see you again

Wondering if somewhere in your memory

Will you remember who I am?

When He Knows Me by Randall King –

Remember Me by Chris Mann –

Take Heart by Matthew West –

Your Hand To Hold

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Forgive me, I know I haven’t been myself

Sometimes I feel like I’m somebody else

I’m trying to do all I can

It’s nice just to hold your hand

I know we have had some good years

But the memories slowly disappear

When I forget where I am

It’s nice just to hold your hand

I know many times I ask you to repeat

I appreciate how you humor me

Now I don’t know God’s plan

But I sure am thankful He gave me your hand

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Thank you for remembering the foods I like

And for making my darkness so bright

Thank you for remembering who I am

I know I love holding your hand

One day my brain will forget to tell my heart to beat

I’ll be gone and you’ll no longer be with me

I’ll wait patiently in Heaven so grand

Until again I can hold your hand

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Remember For Me by Gordon Mote-

Throw Me A Party by Rita Wilson-

While He Still Knows Who I Am by Kenny Chesney –

Remember Me by Chris Mann-

Blank Stares by Jay Allen –


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I Remember


Growing up I always felt like I had a photographic memory. If not, I think it was pretty close. School was pretty easy for me and I hardly ever had to study because I could remember a lot. I know I didn’t have a true photographic memory because I did struggle in some classes, geometry for one. I did have a pretty good memory though.

I remember the one and only home run I ever gave up. It was in little league. I still remember how I felt. I knew as soon as it hit the bat it was going to go far. I think that 35 years later it is probably still be going. That’s how hard it was hit.

I remember the cold and snowy day my parents told my brother and me they weren’t going to get a divorce. I don’t remember knowing they were getting a divorce but I remember when they said they were staying together.

I’ve never been able to remember quotes from movies. I remember a lot of music though. I can’t memorize a bible verse. I know the gist of the verse and can look it up but to say Romans 1:8 or John 2:9 says this, I can’t do it. I can remember who my favorite athletes were growing up and most of their stats.

As I have gotten older, I still remember most things, except where I put my car keys. Strangely enough, I seem to forget a lot of things my wife asks me to do also. I catch myself forgetting some things though. I don’t think I would remember anyone’s birthday without Facebook. Phone numbers, forget it. I can barely remember mine but I blame that more on technology and not having to memorize them like we had to do when we were younger.

I worry about our younger generation. It doesn’t seem like they have to use their brains like we used to. Technology has let them not memorize things because they are stored in their devices. They can do an entire research paper from their laptop. When we had to go to library and get 3-4 books and read and translate it to paper and proofread it etc, our brains had to think. Now it’s copy and paste, proofreading is done for them – as long as the right word is used (red vs read, two vs too, etc.) There is not a computer that would correct that, it takes making your brain think about what you are writing.

The brain is a funny instrument. If you don’t use it, you can lose parts of it. Just like any other muscle in your body, it will deteriorate with time if you don’t use it. Challenge your brain, try memorizing phone numbers. Try doing brain game puzzles and thinking games. Keep alert.

I am writing this today because my wife is currently in Florida taking care of her mom who was recently diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. Her mom is having some depression because of it. Her mom passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease. Medicine and technology have came a long way since then but there is still no cure. Kim is also worried for her future since this seems to be hereditary. I pray that she cast her anxieties, worries and fears on you God.

I just can’t imagine what people with Alzheimer’s Disease go through. Forgetting how to do simple tasks, forgetting who your spouse, your children are, forgetting where you are or not remembering how to get home. I do know that God is always with you and He will never forget who you are. He knows what you are going through and I pray you will remember the peace that God can bring.

Dear God, I pray that You will comfort Pat as she begins this phase of her life. You know what she is going through and I pray that You will bring her comfort and peace in her times of confusion. I pray that she will find rest in Your arms. I pray for her husband Frank that You will give him strength and patience during this time. I pray for Kim and all her siblings that they know You are there and that You are walking beside their mom. I pray You are with all the grand-kids as they learn more and try to understand what is going on. In your name, amen.

I love you Meme.

For more information on Alzheimer’s Disease please visit alz.org or call the helpline 1-800-272-3900.

Could I Have This Dance by Anne Murray – Mom and Frank’s song 

Grandpa Tell Me About The Good Ole Days by The Judds – 

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