So Small

I got this scar under my chin

Riding down Devil’s Hill on my Schwinn

Hands in the air, flying like the wind

Don’t remember how I ended up on the ground

It was always two weeks before Christmas Eve

When we’d go buy that eleven foot tree

Some things I thought I’d always believe

But I’m back in my hometown and I’m looking around

And I’m kinda confused

Cause everything looks so small

Devil’s Hill isn’t quite that big

And that tree couldn’t have been that tall

When our ceiling is only eight feet

My bedroom always felt big enough

My mom would yell down the hall

Money was tight but we had lots of love

But now it all looks so small

My friends would play ball in the yard

Now I’m out here under the stars

Wondering where they all are

And how did we ever play out here

When a blanket saved you from the monsters outside

When we were young and thought we’d never die

When my parents were bigger than life

And now I wipe away a tear

And I’m kinda confused

Cause everything looks so small

And we visit my dads grave

And my mom doesn’t stand as tall

And she isn’t as strong as she used to be

This house was always big enough

And mom’s voice doesn’t quite carry down the hall

Money’s no longer a problem but man, where is the love ?

And I hold my mom’s hand wondering how it all got so small

And I wonder if I would’ve stayed

Would time still have taken it all away?

Maybe I’ll see it all again through my children’s eyes

I look away before they see me cry as I start to realize

One day they will ask how did it all get so small

This ocean we fished in is only a lake

And did we really play ball in this yard?

And they realize not all monsters are fake

When a hundred channels wasn’t enough

And when their dad seemed so tall

And I hope they know they were loved

When they wonder how it all got so small

And remember when their dad was strong and tall


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