Must Have Been The Wind

Suicide prevention and resources for Premera customers | Premera Voices

Two weeks ago last night

I was awoken from my sleep

I thought I heard a young lady weep

It did not sound like she was alright

I tossed and turned but could sleep no more

The crying coming from the apartment below

She seemed to be in so much sorrow

I walked the steps down, knocked on her door

She opened the door with a hoodie over her head

I told her I was sorry to knock this late at night

But I wanted to ask if she were all right

You see I heard crying and it got me out of bed

She said my ears must be playing tricks

Cause she was really just fine

Maybe I was dreaming this time

I said if she needed to talk I’m right above, in apartment six

She said okay but needed to go back in

She smiled and shut the door

I walked back to my floor

Thinking it must have been the wind

I may look strong on the outside, but inside I'm dying

One week ago last night

As I was sleeping deep

I knew I heard a lady weep

I woke up with quite a fright

I sat and listened, the moon my only  light

I knew it had to be coming from the apartment below

I went downstairs, knocked and said hello

Sorry to disturb you at this time of night

I thought for a minute on what to say

I hope I’m not overreacting

From my heart I’m only asking

Are you really sure you are okay?

She pulled her hoodie a little closer

With a smile she said I’m really fine

Thanks for checking on me another time

As she tried to keep her composure

Maybe you were dreaming or it was the tv

I said okay but if you ever need to talk

Or if you ever just want to take a walk

I’m in apartment six, just come see me

I’ll be here if you ever need a friend

She smiled and shut the door

I walked back to my floor

Thinking it must have been the wind

Petition · California Governor: Put a billboard sign for "suicide  awareness" next to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. ·

Then again, just last night

I heard her crying, then heard a loud crash

I ran downstairs in a mad dash

In my heart, I knew something wasn’t right

I pounded on the door

I begged her to answer, to say something

I yelled to hold on, help is coming

I ran back to my floor

Grabbed my phone and dialed 911

My heart was racing

Time I was chasing

Oh my God, what have you done?

Come on, you said you were fine

Open up so we can talk, please let’s talk

But I knew we would never take that walk

Please, please, it’s not your time

Open up, come on let me in

Tears rolled down my face

As the ambulance took her away

And I knew I would never see her again

Oh God, how I wish it only had been the wind

Suicide Prevention & What You Need To Know.

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