I Am Not Who I Am

I am not who I am

I have setbacks and I have sin

I may lose and I may win

I am not my selfish ways

I am who You have made

I may be slow to forgive

I may forget how You want me to live

I may give joy, I may give pain

I may lose what I have to gain

Some days I follow, some days I fall

Some days are silent, some days I hear Your call

Sometimes I pray all night and all day

Sometimes I forget and I have nothing to say

Sometimes I scream and shout

Sometimes I wonder what this life is about

Sometimes I know You, sometimes I forget who You are

Sometimes You seem so close, sometimes You are so far

Help me to remember who You made me to be

Help me to remember it’s only You I seek to please

Help me to remember I am not who I am

Help me to remember You died so I can

Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray – 

Change It All by No Resolve – 

Honest To God by Devin Dawson – 

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