The Ornament


I sit in a box all year

Waiting to share the Christmas cheer

When I was shiny and new

I was in the front, had the best view

Now that I am old and scratched

Another year of being in the back

IMG_0799 (1)

Oh how I long to be

Out front so I can see

The family, the presents, the shows

Frosty, Rudolph and all the snow

But here I am in the back again

Ah, the front. I remember when

The first time on the tree

The first time you looked at me

I know you remember too

your smile as you hold me so is true

The light in your eyes as you recollect

The memories of days gone by we accept


Ornament by Trans-Siberian Orchestra – 

Trim Up The Tree by The Whoville Choir, Boris Karloff – 

Christmas Lights by Coldplay – 

Christmas Wrapping by Kylie Minogue – 

The Christmas Tree Song by AJ Jenkins – 

Time To Decorate The Christmas Tree by ?? – 

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