What Will You Look Like?

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I often wonder what you will look like

When I see you at the end of this life

Will you look like you did in the days before your last song was sung ?

Will you look like I remember you from when I was young?

Will there be lines on your face?

Will all the blemishes I loved be erased?

Will your legs be old and weak?

Will you be able to dance with me as we speak?

Will you be rocking with the musicians that are there?

Will you still be confined to your wheelchair?

Some of these things I don’t wonder as much

Like the wheelchair and the weak legs and such

I know in Heaven all things are made new

But sometimes I wonder if I will recognize you

Will you look like how my mind remembers?

When through those gates of pearls my soul enters

Will you jump for joy when you see my face?

How many hours could we sit and talk about God’s grace?

When I first see Jesus I wonder what I will do?

I wonder how many times He has sat down to talk with you?

Will the grass always be green and the flowers always in bloom?

I wonder if it will be years before I see you or if it will be soon?

Sometimes I wonder if all I do has even mattered

I know one day all my questions will all be answered

Today I will live with joy knowing I will see your face again

But I still miss you my love, my parent, my child, my friend 

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5 thoughts on “What Will You Look Like?

  1. That was great Robert. You know, I have a little brother who I believe I will meet in heaven…and spend a lot of time thinking about what he will be like. I mean, it was over 45 years ago when he died. Obviously I am much different.

    Thought provoking, thanks

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