The Story Of A Snowflake

One from last year. I will have some new material this week. Just had a crazy last week and a half. Hope you enjoy.

My God, My Music, My Life

This is a story of a snowflake. A unique and one of a kind snowflake. All snowflakes are  made that way by their creator.

The snowflake in our story was filled with joy. He loved being a one of a kind snowflake. He has his own personality and demeanor. He truly enjoyed being a snowflake.

When it was his time to go and fall to the ground he was ready. He remembered everything he had been taught. He remembered how much he was loved. The most important of these was to spread the word of love. To teach others what a true, sincere, and  unique kind of love looks like.

As he was falling to the ground he looked around at all of the other snowflakes. He could see they all were different than him, but they all had the same smile that he did. They were all so happy…

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5 thoughts on “The Story Of A Snowflake

  1. Oh you just touched upon something I was thinking about. I have a nasty habit of judging people based on their appearance (I know.. I know .. It’s just wrong). But today morning It just occurred to me that GOD being the creator, must look at each and everyone of us and think… how beautiful he created us. But we keep comparing ourselves and others, stuffing them into little boxes, compartmentalizing people. Thanks .. It was a great post

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