The Moon Keeps Chasing The Sun


I thought I knew where I was going with this but it might just be a lot of gibberish. Basic idea is trying to live this life without Jesus is like….

The moon keeps chasing the sun all the while it is waiting to be caught

A very smart friend said I could use her thought

So there, I used it before I forgot

That got me thinking about more lines

That maybe you could use from time to time

After all not using your brain isn’t a crime

Like a  dog chasin it’s tail

Like trying to slow dance with a snail

Like catching the horse in front of you on a carousel

Like the imagination of a child with a box of crayons

Like the singer dying but the band plays on

Like when the band stops but you march on

Like trying to throw darts in a hurricane

Like trying to convince you I am 100% sane

Like being caught red-handed but saying you aren’t to blame

Like being broke and but looking at all you just bought

Like going to school and forgetting what you were taught

Like  writing a book when you can’t think of the next thought

Like having the answers but forgetting the questions

Like a rooster saying its a hen

Like an elephant trying to fit in a rabbits den

Like writing a poem and saying its a book

Like thinking you’re not in trouble when your mom gives you that look

Like saying that’s a river when it’s only a brook

Like catching a touchdown pass when the quarterback still has the ball

Lie wiinning the Indy 500 but on  499 your car stalls

Like having a house with no walls

Like trying to finish before you started to begin

Like saying you are perfect because you don’t sin

Like being a Christian and saying Jesus isn’t your friend

Like trying to play a game when you don’t know the rules

Like thinking you’re the smartest when you’re actually the fool

Like being in first grade and thinking you should graduate school

Like trying to out run a train

Like being a passenger and trying to fly the plane

Like knowing who you are but forgetting your name

Like seeing an empty cross on a hill

Like  running when Simon says be still

Like trying to lose weight with some magic pill

Like trying to pitch a perfect game after you walked the first batter

Like trying to put the pieces of a mirror together after it shatters

Like trying to live this life like none of it matters

I don’t have to be an art critic to recognize a priceless piece of art

I don’t have the answers but that doesn’t mean I don’t start

How can I say no to someone who is chasing after my heart

There is a simple truth to be known

Three days later the tomb didn’t have a stone

Why live  in the darkness when His light has shown

Some things are deceptively easy to see

A captive saying he’s really free

I guess it all depends on what you believe

Have we all become mad or are we just blind

There was a time in the distant past when people were kind

Now it just seems like everyone takes selfies of their behind

Like spilling a glass of red wine on white carpet but not leaving a spot

Like me saying I’m going to heaven while watching my soul slowly rot

I’m chasing the SON but all the while He is there beside me waiting to be caught

Be still long enough to know He is there


Stars by Skillet –  

Never Stop by Urban Rescue –  

Be Still by Jeremy Camp –  

Chasing You by Bethel Music – 

Run To You by Lacey Sturm – 

Chasing After The Wind by Alan Powell – 


Run To You by Third Day – 

Run To You by Unspoken – 

Running To You by Newsboys – 

Running With Giants by Thousand Foot Krutch – 


3 thoughts on “The Moon Keeps Chasing The Sun

  1. marijo1245

    Like running in place and expecting to win the race…life without Jesus is an exercise in futility! Valid points are never gibberish…a life with out Christ is. I enjoyed this thought provoking (again with you) post! Catchy title BTW!

    Liked by 1 person

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