What Season Is It?


I sit here in shorts and a sweatshirt, in the middle of May. What the heck? One day it’s in the seventies and beautiful. The next day it’s in the forties. I have to think really hard the last time we had to turn the heat on in May.  That’s more for the cold blooded females that live here than for me but still…

I was excited in March when the three month forecast for April-June was above average temperatures and below normal precipitation. So far it has been the exact opposite.  I think the groundhog can predict the weather better with his shadow than the weather people can with all their fancy technology.

It wasn’t that long ago when it was freezing but here I am anxiously awaiting warm weather.  Warm that’s here to stay and not leave after just one day. I know it’s coming but I get frustrated when it seems to take so long. Longer than it should.  I remember running around with just shorts on this time of year not too long ago. I remember people laying out on the oval at The Ohio State University well before now.  We didn’t discuss global warming back then. Pools open in just two weeks but will it be warm enough to swim?


This brings to mind my walk with Jesus.

How some days are beautiful and nice and warm.  I feel His presence. My fears and worries are gone and I feel like I can conquer the world.

Then the very next day something happens and I’m like what the heck? Where did you go God?  Why is it so cold and rainy, or snowy, all of a sudden.  What changed? How can their be such a quick shift from warm and beautiful to cold and ugly ?

When I look back most of the time it’s because something I did. Something that His words have told me not to do. Some of the times it’s because of something someone else did and I let if affect me more than it should.  Their actions bring me down.

Even in those days I anxiously await the sun again.  I know they are temporary and that the Son is forever. I wait for His return. Whether it’s just in my life or if it’s the final judgement I wait. I wait for the better days because I know they are coming. I have to wait out the cold and ugly just a little longer. I have to persevere through the bad to fully enjoy the good.  If all I had were good days then how would I know they are good? I would want better.  The bad days make me realize that just an okay day can be a good day.

At least the sun is out. Cold and windy. Feels more like fall but the sun is out. There is hope. I cling to that hope like a life preserver.  It is my only chance to survive the cold bad days.

The rain will make the grass greener, the food we eat grow, and bring the reservoirs up to the levels they should be. Even in the cold rain there is good that is happening.

Persevere.  Push through it.

Putting it in terms I know from running and working out if you don’t push through the challenges, the tough days, if you don’t  try to run farther or lift more your body will never change. It will only change once it responds to the challenges and pushes through them.

So today I will put my sweatshirt on, umbrella up, and I might grumble a little but I will get through it.

Tomorrow will be a new day.

Thy Will by Hillary Scott – 

Press On by Mandisa – 

Press On by Building 429 – 

Tomorrow by Unspoken – 

Promise Of Tomorrow by Revive – 

Tomorrow Is My Turn by Rhiannon Giddens – 

When Tomorrow Comes by Pillar – 


4 thoughts on “What Season Is It?

  1. marijo1245

    Ps…the song “thy will” (which I had not heard) has now been added to my play list. Thanks for taking the time to add the music…it matters!

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  2. marijo1245

    Indeed…you nailed it…on both accounts! The last stop at home, I took my winter clothes off this bus. Today it snowed.

    I am guilty of letting one other turn my day gray. The only thing I have learned to do is (literally) plug my ears and focus on the glory of Christ and His tomorrow. Sometimes storm clouds last weeks or months. Sometimes it’s just a passing shower. Regardless, in the immortal words of Annie…The sun’ll come out tomorrow! Thank God that His future forecast is perfect!

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