New, Forgotten, Unknown 5/13/16 New Music Friday Part 2

Five new musician followers this week. Will split them up between the two posts. Please take a listen and find some new music to listen to.  Please feel free to share/purchase the song I wrote with Lily Messer and Ceylon Wise. I have many more songs I would like to get out there but can not financially afford to record them. If interested in teaming up together, feel free to contact me.

Off The Market by Stevie Jewell –  

Lifted by I Am Victim –  

Thanks for all the follows, musicians and non-musicians.

Some other music from non-followers I have listened to recently.  Pick out a few you haven’t heard and take a listen.


Right Here by Charles Billingsley –  

Set It On Fire by Citizen Way – 

Silhouette by Birdy – 

Sing My Blues Away by Cheap Trick – 

Sleep On The Floor by The Lumineers –  

Somebody Else by The 1975 – 

Stay Low by Rita Wilson – 

Still by Anthony Hamilton – 

Still Gone by Rita Wilson – 


Wake The Dead by Sam Riggs – 

Walk In My Shoes by Anthony Hamilton – 

Waves by Tonight Alive – 

The Way Of The Future by Black Stone Cherry – 

We Are by Tonight Alive –  

We Can’t Stand Each Other by Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots –  

What Am I Becoming by Pop Etc. – 

When I’m With You by Citizen Way – 

When Will The Next Blow Fall by Robin Trower –  


Words by Birdy – 

Wrong by Zayn – 


and our song:

I Question You by Lily Messer – 

On Itunes :


5 thoughts on “New, Forgotten, Unknown 5/13/16 New Music Friday Part 2

      1. marijo1245

        As did I in the days of endless data (before the truck) dog and I had the house to ourselves and would Vevo and YouTube videos til the sun came up! Thankful for your blog!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. marijo1245

            Ya, you and me both…I’m thinking that if ya open it outside the reader it might work…I have had some comments come through. I’m glad you read it though!!

            Liked by 1 person

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