I Give Her To You

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I wrote this one around the same time I wrote the one from yesterday. It’s when I gave up and gave her to God that is when things started to change. I felt at peace and God started to change Kim. It’s when I listened to God and let her go and gave her to Him.

Sometimes when your at your wit’s end and you keep trying to fix it yourself, you just need to stop and give it to God and let Him do the work.

In case you missed it, here is the post from yesterday:

It’s Not About You

I Give Her To You

Today I decided to quit

I gave you my heart

My words couldn’t get through

Now it’s time for Yours to start

Today I decided to pray

I know you can carry this boulder

I give it all to You to lead her

I give it to you to take off my shoulders

She’s left You, her family and friends

For something is leading her to sin

It’s her choice to make

It’s her soul at stake

Today, I give her to You

Today, I gave up

Today, I decided to walk away

Today, I decided to leave

Today, I heard You say stay

Today, I give her to You

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You say be still and let Me speak

It’s not for you to understand

Today she will hear My words

Today she will grab My hand

You say You waited for me not to do it myself

You say You waited for me to let You in

When things are a mess I am the only one you need

You say only You can lead her from her sin

Today, she turned back to you

Today, she cried until she heard your voice

Today, she gave up and gave it to You

Today, when I gave up, she made her choice

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