Should I Continue?

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Every year at this time I start thinking if I should continue writing.

First, I wonder if I am making a difference.

I don’t get many new followers. I’ve tried doing what the “experts” say to do and that is to follow more people, comment and like what they write. I tried that for almost four months, spending hours reading and commenting and I only had two new followers. So, I guess that didn’t work for me.

I had one story, Shelly Swims Sideways, that I sent to a couple publishers/agents and received positive feedback and one wanted to move forward. Then she asked how many followers I have on social media and I told her and she said I did not have enough for them to pursue publishing it. I get it, but I wonder what writers did before social media happened. Word of mouth goes a long way. But I do understand the thought process behind if you have more followers, it might sell more.

Of course, then I start thinking that I’m not that good of a writer and my stories and poems and music aren’t worth reading or getting followers.

Secondly, my renewal fees were due in January and if I’m not making a difference and not getting any followers, is it worth keeping the website going by paying the renewal fee.

Well, I got busy in January and my automatic renewal went through before I realized it so I will give it another year and see what happens.

I then looked at my stats from last year and was pleasantly surprised. Maybe some sites get this many views in a week or a month but for someone who doesn’t have a lot of followers, I think these stats aren’t too bad.

Maybe I am making a difference. If I can help one person for the better or to heal or … and at least one person in 126 countries clicked on something I wrote last year. That’s 64% of the world. That’s crazy. And I actually had more views and visitors last year than in any other year previous.

The Story of a Snowflake is always my most viewed post every year. Maybe I should try to get it published.

Anyway, here’s to another year. New posts coming soon.

Miggy said, “maybe you can write a story about me.” And I said, “maybe I will Miggy, maybe I will.”

Pen To Paper


I start to put my pen to  paper

Before a word gets out I start to waiver

What if the darkness is too much for them to bear?

What if their reaction is they just don’t care?

No one will care, that’s what one voice shouts

No one cares what you are all about

Can I really let all the words go?

No, no, I can never let them know

I crumple it up and toss it away

Who really wants to hear what I have to say?

I will let the words vanish before I put pen to paper

Do they really want to hear my dreams?

Are they as impossible to reach as they seem?

I see the stars so far out of my reach

What words to toss, which to keep?

So many doubts controlling my thoughts

If I wrote a book would one copy be bought?

Throwing away more words in the trash

How long will I’m not good enough last?

How will my words make them feel?

Before I let the words become real

I will let the words vanish before I put pen to paper

I guess these words are coming from somewhere

Should I waste them by throwing them over there?

Here comes the truth, even though it may hurt

The voices in my head sometimes sound like a concert

One telling me this, one telling me that

One telling me to move forward, the other to go back

Twisted thoughts do battle with words of hope

Letting them all out is the only way I can cope

I look to God for a little inspiration

A few words of His He  gives me as a donation

I will let the words… No, no,  I will put pen to paper


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