Unconditional Love

You watch me grab my keys and put on my coat

And you know it’s off to work I go

You walk me to the door

Silently saying I love you more

When I come home and the garage door goes up

You’re always there to greet me with nothing but love

And no matter what we went through that day

I know you will always be here to stay

I don’t know if I can love you like you love me

Because I don’t know if I can love that unconditionally

You’re always there when I want to talk

You never say no when I want to take a walk

You’re the best listener, never judging me

You’re my shotgun rider in the passenger seat

You kiss my tears when I’m sad

You snuggle beside me when I’m mad

You’re laying here beside me in my bed

I talk but will you remember the words I said

I wonder if you’ll remember that it’s nothing you did

When you’re looking around the house like I hid

And when I’m nowhere to be found

You’ll never give up, always looking around

I wonder if she knows how much she’s changed your life too

When you stare out the window waiting for me to come home to you